Hi guys..This is Saanvi..This is my new ff on SwaLak..

I have observed that many readers are writing fanfictions from the point where SwaLak marriage is stopped due to Ragini’s planned conspiracy..Writers made Ragini positive from there and have focused on RagSan or RagLak love story from that point but no one wrote about SwaLak love from that point..So dear readers I have a new concept which will focus on SwaLak love and their struggle to give their relation a name.

Durga Prasad Maheshwari and Annapurna Maheshwari- Parents of Adarsh and Laksh.
Adarsh Maheshwari- A depressed young man who follows his father’s words without even thinking about consequences.
Parineeta Maheshwari- Wife of Adarsh..A obedient daughter in-law of DP and AP.
Laksh Maheshwari- A young spoilt brat who has just completed his graduation and chilling out with friends. He doesn’t like to follow rules and regulations imposed on him.
Ram Prasad Maheshwari- Brother of Durga Prasad.
Sujatha Maheshwari- Wife of Ram Prasad.
Sanskar Maheshwari- Son of Ram and Sujatha
Ragini Gadodia- Silent and cute girl who obeys whatever her grandparents tell her.
Shekar Gadodia- Father of Ragini who lost his wife and loves his daughter a lot..He has a past which is hidden from Ragini..
Dayal and Parvathi Gadodia- Grandparents of Ragini
Swara Bose- A young and fun loving girl who lives life on her own terms..Loves her mother and grandmother a lot..
Sharmista Bose- Mother of Swara.
I’m not showing Uttara’s character because she isn’t included in my storyline.
This character introduction is for people to understand my story clearly who don’t watch Swaragini but are interested to read stories in tellyupdates..

Coming to the story:
Ragini and Swara are classmates in college..They are friends despite of the enmity their families share..Ragini’s marriage is fixed with Laksh Maheshwari to which Ragini says yes without even knowing about her would-be husband.
Laksh on the other side lives a modern life with a name of LUCKY..He hangs out with his friends and plays pranks on people thereby having fun in his life which he hides from his family as they are orthodox and strict.
Lucky hugs Swara on road saying he thought she was his girlfriend..Swara gets to know that was a prank and accuses him of teasing her and gets him beaten by the crowd..This way their tom and jerry fights go on..
One day Swara goes to Maheshwari house to know about Laksh Maheshwari-Ragini’s fiancée but gets slapped by Shekar for speaking before elders rudely as it was affecting Ragini’s alliance..
At this point it is revealed that Sharmista and Shekar were in love in past but got separated due to caste and language differences..
Sharmista informs Shekar that Swara is their child..Swara overhears their conversation..
Ragini also gets to know about this truth from Swara..
Meanwhile during RagLak engagement Swara exposes Laksh who lives a modern life as Lucky..She tries explaining how Laksh can never be a right choice for Ragini..Their engagement is called off..
Parvathi tries to create a wrong image of Swara and Sharmista in eyes of Ragini by telling that Sharmista killed her mother Janki..And now Swara following her mother’s footsteps is trying to separate Laksh from Ragini..
Ragini gets into her grandmother’s words and insults Swara badly..
On the other side Laksh is happy for breaking his engagement but is angry on Swara for making his family angry and against him..
So he plans with his best-friend Omi and kidnaps Swara..He thinks of releasing Swara after a day but some goons attack her and Swara falls in trouble..
Laksh comes and rescues Swara who was blindfolded all this while..She thinks goons were the kidnappers and Laksh saved her from this trouble..
SwaLak become friends from this point..
Later Shekar tells Ragini that it was due to Parvathi’s mistake Janki died..
Realizing her mistake Ragini patches up with Swara..
Parvathi somehow manages to again fix RagLak alliance..Now Ragini starts feeling for Laksh but Laksh tries to tell her that he doesn’t want to get married.
Swara knows that Laksh kidnapped her in past but on Laksh’s apology she forgives him and they become good friends..They become closer in several meetings and Laksh falls in love with Swara..
Shekar and Sharmista truth comes out..DP calls off RagLak engagement..
Ragini sides Sharmista and thinks of Shekar and Sharmista married with help of Swara..
Swara asks Laksh for help and the trio become friends..
They somehow manage to get their parents married..
At this point of time Sanskar enters the story like a mad person..

He feels secured in presence of Ragini..So unwillingly for his brother’s health and speedy recovery Laksh agrees to marry Ragini..
But on the day of engagement he calls it off saying he loves Swara and can’t give her place to Ragini..
This shatters Ragini and she commits a suicide attempt however she is saved at the right time..
Swara gets angry with Laksh for breaking her sister Ragini’s heart..
However in a drama sequence Ragini makes Swara realize her feelings for Laksh and unites SwaLak..
Both Swara and Laksh’s parents agree for their wedding..
During this process Ragini tries to prove Swara bad in-front of Laksh..She wears modern outfit just to impress Laksh..
But Laksh’s love is true and wasn’t attraction for Swara so he doesn’t believe in any misunderstandings created by Ragini and just continues loving Swara..
Later it is known that Sanskar helped Ragini in all these evil plans to take revenge on Maheshwari family, specially Laksh for destroying his love for Kavita who was a Bengali.
Ragini and Sanskar drug Swara in her sangeet and Swara behaves weirdly shocking everyone..DP calls off the relation but Laksh sides Swara and supports her saying someone wants to break their relation but he won’t let that happen.

Swara gets to know Sanskar is just acting to be mad.. In a face off Sanskar reveals the truth to Swara..
Swara makes Sanskar understand that Laksh wasn’t involved in separating Kavita and Sanskar..Infact Laksh always cared and worried for Sanskar..
This brings a change of mind in Sanskar and he thinks of making everything good between SwaLak..
Sanskar speaks to Ragini and tells her to forget Laksh..He explains her that SwaLak love is pure but to his disappointment Ragini doesn’t agree to it..
Next day Ragini takes Swara to temple and pushes her into river..
She comes back and sends a video from Swara’s phone where Swara herself tells that she doesn’t love Laksh and is running away just to escape this marriage..
Sanskar realizes that Ragini drugged Swara and made her speak all this..He goes to reveal this truth to Laksh but Ragini plays another trick and says Sanskar came to take revenge..
Everyone get angry with Sanskar and throw him out of the house..
Sanskar goes in search of Swara and finds her on the banks of the river..He immediately brings her to a hospital for treatment…
Here Ragini’s truth is out by Swara’s grandmother who was in coma because Ragini tried to kill her.
None believe in this truth because of Ragini’s innocent face..Now Ragini acts to commit suicide saying after this accusation no one will marry her..
On the other side Sanskar tries to bring Swara to the wedding place..

What will happen now? Will SwaLak get married or will Laksh become prey of Ragini’s evil trap?

For that check out for next episode 😉

Please comment if you liked this..I put so much of effort in writing this!!

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  1. Anisha

    Saanu!! Love Ya… ??
    I hope I’m the 1st here!!..
    Waise you have new tastes always!!..
    I was a SwaLak fan once upon a time ??
    Even now that’s there! Therefore I have 2 swalak ff’s… ??
    SwaLak romance??
    Waiting for the next part ??
    Hope to see you soon…
    I have seen your os’s bit do you write ff’s on SwaSan??
    Keep writing ??

    1. Mica

      aaarrgghh i want become the first ! any swalak ff without ragsan An?

      1. Saanvi

        It doesn’t matter first or second…I’m happy to see you both here?

    2. Hi anisha I read ur fiction yesterday only…it really superb…. I will comment there….

    3. Anisha

      Thank you paru!! ??
      Micz! ???
      Loser! Micz! ??

    4. Saanvi

      Hey Anisha? It’s a pleasant surprise to see your comment here☺️
      You are the first here? Congo?
      Thank you so much for the complement dear?
      May I know which two SwaLak ff’s you are writing?
      I didn’t start a ff on SwaSan but will write on SwaSan as soon as I finish my present 2ff’s…
      Sure dear?

    5. Anisha

      It isn’t completely swalak ??
      But SwaLak’s there. . . As a pair…
      Mr. Stalker and I & A Piece of silence season 2

  2. Mica

    if only i got to know Swaragini since its first episode, i will fall to swalak for sure 😀 , they cute together, moreover, they had cute, naughty, witty bonding, rite ?
    but i heart beat only Swasan and the sad one is, many swalak ff with ragsan as pair which i can’t bear. i don’t hate it, but they never become pair in reel, and even ragini ever betrayed Sanskar and accused Sanskar for molest her.. i can’t never accept that.
    ahahhahah, huft i blabbering here…
    eh btw, Laksh had no wrong at all those time, he married Ragini as Ragini acted to suicide, even Swara didn’t tell him about Sanskar’s deed, Laksh just victim of that trio, he had know nothing when the trio knew about everything.

    1. Mica…what u comment here is exactly same in my case…actually I started to watch SR after Raglak marriage…lucky me..he he so its obvious fall in love with swasan…. But now a days I love swalak also watched their previous epi….cute together
      But can’t bear rag…San as pair can’t digest.. Its like he is pairing with uttara and park.. …if it Kavitha and sanskar I have no
      pblm…I read meher and anisha fiction…
      Saanvi…I love to read ur OS Raglak swasan… They r extra ordinary…..

      1. Mica

        waaa….are we twin ? 😀 , omg, even you put period on word rag,,,,,,san 😀
        same here, i can read kavsan also..
        i came to watch swaragini for swasan only, i read wikipedia, when it came to the story “fake marriage”, i started to watch it…

      2. Saanvi

        Thank you so much Paru?
        I’m glad that you are reading my works?

    2. Saanvi

      Yes Mica..They were a lovely couple to watch onscreen?
      Even I’m bit tired of RagSan in every SwaLak ff so brought a new concept through this ff?
      Laksh was a victim in serial but in my ff he is a hero☺️
      Keep reading dear?
      Nice to see your comment..I thank you for that?

  3. Anshupriya

    Lovely Saanvi
    Upload nxt part ASAP
    So nice

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Anshupriya??
      Sure dear?

  4. awesome episode. Please upload next part soon Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Please don’t stop writing this ff. I also love swalak.

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Ritu for liking this concept?
      I would definitely continue writing this ff when there are lovely readers like you??

  5. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Yapiee, a new ff…. Plz continue soon…. Bcz I am big fan of swalak..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you Dear?
      Keep smiling and do read my next episodes??

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you?

  6. Pathan

    Wow my sister came with new story it’s nice and good plot
    I know you will be highly shocked to See Me in comment box but your ff is showing in my lappy by recent updates so my eyes fell on your name so I came here and got to know it is you only who is writing this ff
    Wow it’s cool and nice concept
    Keep going well
    You are really correct because I just can think of swalak because I saw there romance in story and they made correct and good pair also but for me swasan is best but swalak also really makes too too good pairs but really I hate ragsan from core of my heart because I can’t think this pairs because they really looks like brothers and sisters and ragini don’t suit with sanky really
    It’s OK leave it
    But really it is good ff and it will really help the swalak fans to read this ff
    And they will feel good because ragsan will not be paired in this story
    OK bye Di
    I will pray for your good journey of this story

    Keep going well it’s my wish
    Take care

    1. Saanvi

      Irfan…Well I’m really shocked to see you here? But at the same time I’m surprised? and happy too seeing your comment here?
      I have to thank tellyupdates then..for showing my episode in recent updates so that my dear brother could read that out of curiosity?
      Thank you so much for liking this concept?
      Thanks for the wishes too?
      Takecare..Keep smiling?

  7. Inu

    nice episode.i am waiting to what will happen next.

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Inu?

  8. Thanks fr swalak…..I love them…..pls after wards only focus on swalak…..waiting for next

    1. Saanvi

      Pleasure is mine dear?
      Thanks for the comment?
      Yes this story will focus on SwaLak only…So continue reading?

  9. AWesome……thanks for swalak…i am a crazyy fan of them

    1. Saanvi

      Thanks Sherin?
      Pleasure is mine dear for writing on SwaLak for readers like you’ll?

  10. Radhika..

    di u wrote it amazing start allthe episode in one go as a summary now what will happen and all and u make it end on the very correct time where the suspence is more and u know what di i was thinking that u r going to write new ff that u r going to write that story which i am waiting for but than ur tis idea came and it is also awesome means i have to wait for that story but i will make u write that one early in the coming future as many secrets are still in that story but i can’t make u write now when u will be free i will make u write than because that story was most awaited one by me so make u write and about this one many things i think going to happen and a new turn the story is going to take and di whoever say u to write thisi will thank him or her to make this request and with a busy schedule than also u write its really good and waiting forthis story to continue and the pairs i don’t think affect but many don’t like ragsan so decide ragsan as pair by thinking about them also di as many don’t read story because of couple only u know it well than me and swalak pair is must so waiting for it to continue love u di for writting one more ff for us ??????

    1. Saanvi

      Hehe? What to do Radhu..People read ff’s only when they are interested..So I created interest in them towards my ff by creating a little suspense at the end?
      Wow..You are thinking of concepts..That great to hear my little sister..Will surely text you when I’m free in this week and will get to know your creative side?
      Yes the story will have a twist for sure?
      I have a busy schedule dear..You only understand that fact but I’m a writer who cannot disappoint fans..So I had to start this ff handling pressure..
      I’m not pairing RagSan here..It is only SwaLak ff?
      Love you too for reading one more ff???

  11. AMkideewani

    Awesome dear thanks for Swalak, cause I’m crazy about them❤️❤️❤️

    1. Saanvi

      Pleasure is mine in writing for SwaLak?
      Thanks for the comment?

  12. isn’t this mostly the actual story of swaragini?? or r u going to continue from this point here where Ragini doesn’t marry Lakshya???

    1. Saanvi

      Teja I just gave a overview of the story so that people will understand when I would continue the plot from there?
      Ragini would marry Lakshya but even then it is a SwaLak love story written in a very nice way?

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