meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 9)

The episode starts with ranveer waking up to find ishani asleep in his arms , he gazes at her for a moment then gets back into senses, and tries to slowly get up . he lifts her up and gently keeps her on the bed and lets her sleep , in the meantime he goes to the washroom to change , he comes out shirtless in whiteb shorts and goes down to the kitchen . after a while ishani wakes up and looks for ranveer , she finds herself clotheless and looks at her clothes kept aside on chair . she shouts ranveer’s name , ho doesen’t respond so she tries to get with the blanket draped around her . in the meantime ranveer comes and finds ishani trying to fiddle with blanket , he wishes her goodmorning and hugs her from behind , she smilingly says ranveer to stop it . ranveer asks as to what happened why is playing with this blanket , she replies as to no she is laying , her shoulders are aching and she is not able get up . he offers to help her , she says no at once (as of cource she is not wearing anything apart from the blanket ). She wraps herself completely in the blanket , when ranveer picks her up in his arms , she shies away , ranveer asks her as to where does she want to go ? ishani says that her legs her fine , it just her shoulder that is aching !! she says anyway , ranveer baby drop me to the washroom . he does so , goes downstairs .

ishani comes out in the bathrobe . and goes to the wardrobe to get her clothes . she was doing so when ranveer came from behind and called her name . she stopped at once shied away . she says ranveer to get out as she needs to change , he says no as he is her husband now , she can even change in front of him . ishani says nooooo ranveer “ bhale hi tum me sharam laj nahi hogi , mujhme to hai “. He says acha fine but first have our breakfast, ishani exclaims breakfast , where did that come from ? ranveer replies as to he cooked for her “ tumne to kabhie kuch banaya nahi mere liye , mene socha me hi tumhe aaj khush kar doon “ ishani hugs him , and says a big thankyou for such a lovely date !!

ranveer hugs her back and they both have the breakfast together .. ishani says okay ranveer now I’m going I need to have a bath . ranveer doesn’t reply but after a few minutes when ishani was in ,having a bath , ranveer shouted aaaaahhh ,ishani came running out in a towel and said ranveer are u ok ? he said no baby how can I be fine without you ! he hugs her lifts her in his arms and takes her inside the washroom .

precap : amba and ba arrive at home and find it empty .

credits : Meera

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  1. Even words can’t describe your talent. This ff is so marvelous that i read it all the time

  2. No words’s sooooooooo romantic.

  3. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    oooooooooooooo its sizzlinggggg and hot totalyyyyyyyyy why not we all plan to muder sonali jaffer and make u all ff,s writers to b a real matsh writer agreee guyzzzzz???? after this ff…….bcoz sonali is totally a major reason bhind matsh unsuccessive episodes and trps…….u r mindblowingggg

  4. Woah…!!!! Just speechless love it yaar……
    I just was waiting for your ff……
    Meera you’re just awesome…

  5. yaar no words to express it…u r a awsom ff writer na.

  6. Superb romantic, aswsome, fantastic etc etc ff meera. Superb superb, superb,superb. Aswsome ff.

  7. meera your just amazing . I have a suggestion please don’t make any unbelievable twist in this ff . just add more and more sizzling hot s*xy scenes we just love it and want matsh like this . we can imagine that scenes . its too hot …. too s*xy just sizzling hot……..

  8. ya ishurv i agree wid u dr..we want more hot scenes between ishveer roczz

  9. Awesome meera….

  10. Nice meets.u are superb IshuRv I agree with u .n meera aap ko toh matsh ka writer hona chahiye aap matsh k director se milke thori unhe akal de do kaash woh bhi aise matsh k seens bnana shuru kr de

  11. Thank you sO veRy mUch guys for All your gOod wIshes and cOmments !!!!

  12. yaar y u will not post the nxt comments

  13. meera plzz post soon yaar..we will waiting 4r ur ff

  14. waiting for the next update….hey meera are you on it…..interest create kar k band mat karna…

  15. Lol !! Yeah eagerly waiting for next update ?

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