meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 7)


Both ranveer and ishani talk about their past spent moments and remember how ishani used to bring samosa with sunny leone movies for ranveer . they laugh heartily and share an eyelock ( sun sathiya plays in bg ). In the meantime the manager comes and asks them to go for a romantic dance on the stage. They both agree and come to the stage ,where ranveer offers beautifull red roses to ishani , she takes them and ranveer picks her up in his arms . they keep gazing at each other . after a while the song starts to play and both ranveer and ishani have a sensual dance (on the song janam janam ).

After the dance both come of the stage and go to have the dinner . ranveer offers to feed ishani with his hands , he does so, when ishani gets a call from amba informing as to they have reached . ishani sees the time and asks ranveer to go back home as it is already 11 pm and u also need to go to office tomorrow .

They reach home and as ishani was going upstairs ranveer asks her to wait and brings a cloth to cover her eyes . ishani hesitates but ranveer asks her to trust hm and come along . they reach the room and ranveer unties the cloth from her eyes . ishani is surprised to see the room decorated with candles and flowers she hugs him and thanks him for such a lovely date , but ranveer stops her by saying no ishani the date is not over yet .

He goes to bolt the door , and comes to her , he slowly takes off her earrings first from one side then another . ishani feels shy , she moves aback , ranveer takes hold on her hand and pulls her towards him. He comes closer to her and takes off her neckpeace . ishani shies . he comes closer and unties the knot of her blouse . then he takes the safetypin off her saree and flings it in the air . he comes closer and closer ,ishani hesitates and runs away …

Precap : guys you actually need to wait …..

credits :meera

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  1. I loved serial .rshveer vm most lovable scene.Please meri aashiqui tum se hi serial excent time for one hours .radiga was so beautiful &ranveer loved him.

  2. love it Meera hope this date might get real in MATSH

  3. Can’t wait any more……..pls update this as soon as possible

  4. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    plzzzzzzzzzz dont make them far away i loved it plzzzzzzzzz cv,s alwayzz do but u not plzzzz i lov it so muchhhhhh


  6. wat a romantic ff…such a beautiful kahani…plzz yaar post the next ff as soon as….i can’t wait for tat momnt….plzz post the ff soon

  7. Nice meera u are superb

  8. Superb ff, meera.

  9. soo romantic meera i love it !

  10. i hope this actually comes true in matsh !!!
    btw meera its really gud

  11. thnx !!

  12. So romantic.superb.

  13. Love it.. Amazing Meera keep going on !!!

  14. nice meeraji!! excellent dear!! keep it up!!

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