meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 15)


i know guys this is sad , but all i can say that happy times come only after the bad ones .It was around 10 pm at night when rv was driving back home , he was thinking about the meeting , which did not go well , so he took a drink bottle out of his backseat and started drinking . while at home Ishani was tensed trying his number , he did not pick up .

After an hour Ishani received a call , It was frm the police station , asking her to come there fast , on arriving there , she found ranveer , arrested by the cops , when asked as to what is the matter , the inspector replied that rv had been drinking and driving , ishani pleads the inspector to leave rv . he tells her to sign some formalities and take his husband frm here .

Ishani and rv reach home , where Ishani places rv on the bed , she asks him as to why does he drink so much , what was the reason ? rv gets off the bed and stands with trembling legs , he was about to fall when Ishani hold him . rv pushes her in anger and blames her for the meeting , he says that because of her he got late and couldn’t reach office on time . he tries to sit on the bed , when he accidentally pushes Ishani ,and she gets a sudden pain, she fell on the floor , In pain .

In the morning ranveer wakes up to find the room empty , ishani was nowhere to be seen . he gets up and goes to the washroom , after coming back dressed up , he looks for Ishani , he goes out of the room , and find Ishani , lying on the floor of the corridor . he gets panicked and shouts Ishani …

He picks her up in arms and brings her to the room , he places her on the bed , and calls everyone . amba comes running to the room . she questions ranveer abt it and sprinkles some water on ishani’s face . Ishani wakes up , she is asked by amba as to what happened , how come she was in the corridor on the floor . she replies nothing , but says I don’t know , she said she needs to be left alone pls . so everyone exept rv went out of the room . ranveer came to her and asked as to wat happened Ishani ,tell me atleast , I’m ur frnd .

Ishani looks away and says she needs to be left alone , alone means alone , doesent he understand ?

Precap : Ishani shouts at ranveer , while abt to fall down and rv catches her in his arms . he takes her to the hospital , where Ishani lay on the bed .

credits : Meera

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  1. Mam please don’t make them to hate each other.

  2. so sad of ishu..and tat tym also she does not expose rv’s truth to others..this is a true aashiqi..plzz yaar we want only romanc btwn ishveer matsh they r seperate so we all r deppressedfor ishveer..once again we r not facing a depression ..plzz make it full of hot romnc yaar…..

    1. ya arham your right…

  3. yes I agree with u marry . we want hot romance between ishveer. no separation please…..

    1. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      yesssssssss 🙁 plzzzzzzzzzzz dont meera g.plz atleast not now……….we r already so sad………..and restless.plzz ur ff will give us hope of ishveer romance in matsh plzz……………

  4. Pls meera don’t show rv as drunken.and don’t make them hate another.but apart from this I like ur writing skill.u r really superb writer.

  5. Nice…epi

  6. yaar post soon.. and we have a big ff

  7. in kkb ff writers make a big ff u will also make a big ff yaar..and chang the profil picture in to hotty picture..this is a request …plzz make it in upcomming episodes

  8. ishveer alwayz roczzz na..

  9. meera r u from tamil nadu….i mean u know tamil na

    1. Umm nO , I belong to north India !!

      1. Which state ????

  10. yaar……..Meera you are awesome writer pls dont be like sonali……………pls dont let they hate each other…….

  11. Nahi guys I m not making them hate each other , I just want to make it a bit emotional , as when rv will come to abt ishani and her medical condition , he will really feel sorry , and then only will both unite . Don’t worry I’m not going to make this a long separation just one episode more . I really want u guys get sad and pity on ishani . Thatsit !!

    1. Oh sorry………but update it fast,

  12. Rookey Rookers

    hai , its so nice from 1st . always love will not be there a small sepration will bring more love , but whai happenrd to ishu ?

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