meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart


Hi guys that’s my first fanfiction and I’ll be continuing from where Ranveer was evicted from the prison and ishani sees him from behind the walls.

Ranveer was talking to shikhar while ishani came from behind running and shouting ranveer….. she hugs him tight her hands clutch his clothes . she says ranveer I’m sorry for whatever I said but I really really lo…

Shikhar in the meantime interrupts and says ishani how come u r here and what was all that what u did in the court. Ishani explains to him by saying that how she was forced say all this as ritika wanted ranveer to hate ishani.

She says but ranveer now I’m yours nothing will happen to us and no one can harm us I’m always with u . he kisses her on her forehead and says ishani I lo..

Shikhar again interrupta and says chalo everything is fine now . let’s go home .

Ishani says no and tells them about what she did to ma baba and the whole family .

Ranveer is shocked on hearing this and says ishani …..

Shikhar again interrupts and says hurry we need to go right now and get them out of there . they go to the mental asylum finish the formalities and get ranveer’s parenys out frm there. Ranveer hugs them and narrates the whole story to them .they forgive ishani and the go home .

Credit to: Meera

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  1. Nice but why so speed?? You should make it to 3epi like first Ishaani meeting ranveer scenes and next she should tell the truth and atlast only they should come back but it is nice

  2. Its too good Meera….just love your ff…..

  3. Nyc track but some what matsh written learn from dis

  4. wow nice
    keep on writing

  5. Nice.

  6. it’s nice. kash matsh writers ese hi hote

  7. Nice meera.

  8. nice……….really

  9. Thank you all for you wishes ?

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