meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 8)

She goes near the wardrobe ranveer comes after her and turns her back toward him . He kisses her back and is about to kiss her neck when she turns around and comes near him . ishani tries to romance him by moving her finger on his face . ranveer stops her , lifts her into his arms and comes to the bed , he gazes at her with love and affection , then he gently places her on the bed . Then he himself removes his shirt and climbs on the bed . ishani moves back , ranveer moves towards her , and finally catches her. He turns toward her back and removes her saree . Then he climbs on her kisses her neck , ishani places her hands on his neck . ranveer grasps her waist and gets her over him . He slowly moves toward the lamp and switches off the lights . Ranveer and Ishani consummate their marriage.

Later at night , ishani wakes up at the phone’s ring , she finds ranveer asleep into her arms her , she smiles and kisses his forehead . she picks up the call , it is krisha and parul ,they ask if rv and ishani are back from the restaurant ? ishani replies as to yes , they ask if ranveer is asleep , as they wanted to talk to him . ishani says yes he is fast asleep and she can’t wake him up . they ask as to why , ishani says she can’t reply to this question she will talk to them tomorrow . parul and krisha tease them of thier honeymoon .

Ranveer wakes up and finds ishani awake and asks her if she is okay , why is she not able to sleep . ishani says nothing like that ranveer , parul had called , chalo now u better sleep , you need to wake up early tomorrow . he comes closer grasps her by her back and brings her over him , he says ishani I love you , he kisses her on cheek and sleeps with ishani into his arms . ishani says ranveer , I love you too and falls asleep into his arms .

Pracap : ranveer wakes up to find ishani fast asleep into his arms , he keeps gazing at her .

credits : Meera


  1. Dhruva

    It’s just……….uncommentable…….I’m just speechless…… it !!!! Meera you’re just awesome yaar.

  2. renu

    nice imagination meera ji!! excellent writing skill….u should b script writer instead of present writer of MATSH……itna mja aaya written update pdh k…..den think….agr iski pictorisation hoti to aadhe fan to mdhosh ho jate…. n honestly speaking….mujhpr bhi us mdhosi ka nsha bhut dino tk chhaya rhta…..superb script writting…..present writer ko apse bhut sari sikh leni chahiye

  3. yaar meera what is mean by TYSM ….
    and once again i will tell u suprb luv story and romantic story yaar..plzz post the nxt ff soon yaar…we will miss our ishveer funny joks’ and romances in MATSH

  4. IshuRV

    so romantic yar. can imagine their s*xy looks of honeymoon. if this happens in real matsh than definitely the trp will be 5.68 and much more.

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