meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 4,5)


PART – 4

Ranveer is shocked to see ishani over there and questions her as to what is all this ? ishani comes to him running and says ranveer no its nothing like what you are thinking . I just want you to be happy and your disease to be cured as soon as possible . she pleads in front of him and says god forbid her for whatever sins she has committed . ranveer says no ishani don’t say that, I know you love me and did thia all for me . it is okay , now come and sleep .

Next morning ishani wakes up early and was putting her earrings , when ranveer came from behind and hugged her , she exclaimed , ranveer you woke up . ranveer sees his face in the mirror in front and moves aback he hides his face and tries to run away but ishani holds him and says ranveer , you don’t need to run away from me , I’m your wife . she wipes his tears and says “ chalo now get ready we need to go to the doctor and get your face back to normal “.

Downstairs , Amba was preparing the food by herself , when she saw ranveer and ishani coming down . they inform her that they going to the doctor , they will come back and have their food.

At the hospital three of them stood in the room after the check up , and the doctor said , fine , he will be okay in a week or two . you need to come to me twice a week and take the injections . both of them head to leave after saying thanks doctor .

PART – 5

After 2 weeks …..

At the hospital …

Ranveer’s operation was over and ishani was waiting for him , when the doctor came out with ranveer all bandaged up and exclaimed maam your husbands ‘s face is all right now . ishani jumped with joy and came near . the doctor said this indeed was a painful disease, which your husband has fought with patience . he opened up ranveer’s bandages , ishani hugged him , ranveer said no doctor this could not have been possible without ishani’s support and care .

Later both ranveer and ishani reach home and are welcomed religiously by all the elders waiting for them at the door . amba exclaims “ finally my son’s face is back “. chaitali calls them both inside . Ishani says ranveer chalo have your food then you need to take your medicines . all of them have the dinnertogether , ranveer ishani head to their room .

Ishani comes in and gives he medicines to ranveer , ranveer first haves the medicine and says ishani why do you care for me so much ? ishani says ranveer not because I’m your wife but because I love you .. she hugs him .

Precap : ranveer ishani go for a dinner date and share some romantic moments after coming back.

Credit to: Meera

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