meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 32)


Okay so people here as I was requested by many of you , are the links to the first seven episodes of my ff

Recap : IshVeer share a cute romantic moment with ranveer trying to make ishani’s hair . in the morning as ishani wakes up , she tries to get off the bed , and ranveer helps her , they share a passionate hug .

Episode : Later in the morning , the living room is shown , where ishani helped mala get the breakfast to the dining table , when amba came , and objected , she asked ishani to take rest , she will handle all this. From behind came lakshmi , who said no , ishani don’t take rest , instead get ready for shikhar and shivanya’s engagement , it has been proponed , from tonight to evening . ishani noded and went upstairs to get ready . as she entered her room , she went straight to her almira in order to decide what to wear , when ranveer called from the washroom, “ishani are u there , ya can I pls get a towel, ishaniiii”. As ishani took the towel from the almira , she went to hand it over to ranveer , at the door of the washroom . she knocked at the door , and said “ ranveer , here , your towel” . As ranveer let open the door , he pulled ishani inside ,into the washroom . (now , to be clear with it , ranveer was in a towel and shirtless). Ishani was in his arms , ranveer tried to kiss her on the cheek , when ishani distanced , she exclaimed as to “ranveer u had a towel , and u troubled me” ranveer came close to her , and said “ so what , ishaniiii after such a long time , I caught hold of you, and on top of that , there is hardly a month left to this child , coming to this world , after that I’m sure you are going to be super busy , with him only , isn’t it?” ishani smiled , and said : okay ranveer , now get ready , you need to go the office , the come back early and attend shikhar’s engagement , which has been preponed , and we need to reach there in the evening , so now get out, and leave me .” ranveer kissed her hardddd on the cheek , took the towel from her hand , and went outside , ishani touched her cheek with her hands , and felt cheeks gone wet with his kiss , she smiled shyingly , and went out ..

Later in the evening , ranveer is shown getting ready in front of the mirror , when ishani comes , straightens his collar, and closes his coats button . she says “ u look beete with buttons closed” . she then goes , takes a comb and starts making her hair , when ranveer comes and says , “last time ki tarah , iss baar bhi help karoon?”ishani looked at him , and smiled in a sarcastic manner . ranveer smiled back .

Precap : ishani and ranveer attend shikhar’s engagement party .

Credits: Meera

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  1. very cute episode sis….by the way sissy how r u???

  2. So so so so cute I loved it it was awesome and keep the good work sorry awesome work going

  3. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    nice epi, dear . how r u ? sry. for not com. here after i will com. only on sundays , but dont worry , i will read all the ffs and ur com. daily . my ff will be posted only on sundays as i am in 12th . hope u will excuse me . sry . frnds , i will miss u all and pls dont scold me as i cant able to reply back … sry dears ….

  4. Nice meera dhi!! I really liked it.. I request u to make a long update.. Waiting for next epi.. BTW hw r u Dr??

  5. Amazing episode Meera dhi! Can’t wait for the next one!

  6. thank you everyone.. thnxxxxxxx alOt ! love u guys
    thank u so very much for your lovely comments and wishes , i will try to update regularly..
    and here a special note : for those having an account on instagram , if u r a die hard fan of ishveer or shadhika , follow these two very amazing account: @ishveerforever and @shakti_fangirl

  7. Meera di the episode was awesome. You are a very good writer. I am silent reader of ur ff . I am commenting for the first time on this page. Keep writing tis way meera di. I love your story?????

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