meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 31)


:Recap : ranveer sees ishani making with her hair , he comes and opens them up , ishani on complaining ,he decides to help her and makes her sit ..

Episode :

ishani gets seated on the bed , ranveer climbs on the bed , and takes a position besides her .. he takes her hair and twists them like squeezing a wet cloth , ishani looks at him , and asks as to “ yeh kya kar rahe ho ?, you actually know how to make hair right ?” ranveer nods his head , he then lets free her hair , and tries make a plat out of it , but he messes up again , and fails to do so .. ishani says “ranveer its okay , not everybody is perfect in everything , you are well of in you business , might not learn my business , and my hair ..” ranveer looks at her with an embarrassed expressioned , and says , rv dosent quit that easy , let me try .. he was trying to put her hair in a bun , when , ba while passing throught the corridor saw both of them laughing and giggling from the window of the room . she smiled, and went away ..

Next morning , ishani wakes up prior to ranveer (usually the opposite happens)..she finds herself into his arms , and his face near her arms , and his lips touching kissing her hand . she gets up and sits , she notices the fat bun on her head , and remembers yesterday , being dressed up by ranveer .. she smiles , and was about to get off the bed , when ranveer who already awke , got up , held her by shoulder , and helped her get up .. she looks at him ,and hugs him . her forehead lay on his chest , she kissed him on his chest , and he did that on her head . she said “ranveer tum mera kitna khayal rakhte ho na”, she holds him by his face , looks at him , and says “ I love you” , ranveer looks at her smiles and says , “ but I love even more than this !”

Precap: ishveer attend shikhar’s engagement , and share the dance floor on a romantic tune ..

Hey guys , I’m extremely sorry , firstly for a short update , and for the same precap .. and once again a big thnx to each and everyone of you , who are reading this , for supporting me to this extent , despite of my irregular behavior .. I promise to update as soon as possible , till the next week , until my holidays start , and I can start updating regularly ..

Credits: Meera

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  1. Very cute and romantic episode I loved it

  2. Marvelously fantastic sis…..waiting for next

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    So cute episode.loved it.

  4. Very nice epi meera dr.welcome back

  5. superb meera but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee try to update regular bcz I can’t wait for next

  6. Very cute epi

  7. Amazing episode!!!! Loved it Mariya dhi!!!!! Cant wait for next episode!!

  8. Mariya dhi.. Please dont think of ending this ff.. I saw ur comment on one of the other’s ff.. Your ff helped me when MATSH ended along with Naren bro’s.. It also pushed me to start an ff of my own.. Pls dont end this ff?????

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