meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 30)

Recap : kanchan comes to vaghela house to invite everybody for shikhar and shivanya’s engagement . ishani is agetated by ranveer , on comparing her with ritika . later as ranveer leaves for his office , he asks ishani to come along with him.

Episode : ranveer asks ishani to come along with him , as he was leaving for the office .

Ishani asked as to “why me ? go take ritika along with you !” Everyone stared at both of them . she looked at them with a fade smile . meanwhile ranveer said “I am not taking you to my office , you ned to come along with me to the hospital for your pregnancy routinely check up .. (remember .. ishani is eight months pregnant ..). she looks at him , and asks him to wait , she goes upstairs , getsher purse , and comes down , she was coming from the stairs , when she suddenly felt an attack of faintness , she got slight faints , and straightned up , when ranveer came to her , and held her by her shoulder, he asked if she is fine ? she nodded her head , he asked her to come along ..

Meanwhile in mehra house it is shown , preparations for shikhar’s engagement taking place (remember , he is getting married to shivanya ).

Now , in the hospital , the doctor was sitting along with mr and mrs vaghela, she said “ mr vaghela , I know you indeed are a good husband , but I suppose that your love is really not enough to fulfill your wives requirements at this stage , her eating habits need to be taken care of as well” , ranveer said “ but doctor, I guess a proper diet is taken by ishani , as when I am there I always ensure it” . the doctor said “ ya right, as its only when there , what about when you are not there , who is there to take care of her , and ensure her proper nutrition ?” ranveer was quite , he thought for a while , thanked the doctor and took leave ..

On reaching home , ranveer asked ishani to go upstairs and take some rest, he will be there in some time , meanwhile he went to amba’s room , and said that he wanted to talk to her . amba asked him to sit , she asked as to what was the matter ? ranveer asked that if she really doesn’t bear any responsibilities towards his child ? doesn’t she share any relationship with his child ? amba asked him to calm down , and asked as to what was the matter ? she told her about what the doctor said about ishani , that how when he is not there , there is no one to take care of her ..

Meanwhile in the room , ishani was tying her hair into a bun , when ranveer came , he saw her , came from behind , untied her hair , and hugged her from behind , ishani looked at him , and kissed him on his cheek , she said ranveer why did you untie these hair , do you know in this state what hatd work it really takes to tie my hair . ranveer looked at her lovinhly and said “bus itni si baat, come let me do your hair today .. “ ishani exclaimed “tum ?” ranveer said yes , why not me , maa ne mujhe allrounder banaya hai ! he made her sit and…..

Precap: ishani ranveer attend shikhar’s engagement , and share the dance floor on a romantic tune ..

credits : Meera



    At last my sis is back with one of my favorite stories… r u sis??? It took sooo long……i missed u sooo much sissy

  2. Hi dr the ff is awesome and one of my favourites plz try to update it regularly pizzazz and missed u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Julina

    Hey wow…. it’s sooooo good… it’s suuuperb…. pls update soon….. but I haven’t read ur ff before…. sooo sry for that…. but pls can u give me a short intro… if u have time…. but suuuperb job…

  4. Meera thats great u r back i missed ur fff so much i was waiting for it since a month. Where were u. I was a silent reader of your ff. This epi is superb.

  5. Meera

    Thank you darlings !!! Thnx alOt u know how much this means to me ❤ and surely I would try to update as soon as possible ♥

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