meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 3)


Ranveer comes out of the washroom and sees ishani lying on the bed thinking about something seriously . he jumps on the bed and takes her into his arms from behind and says ishani what happened what are you thinking about ? she says nothing ,holds him by his face and says ranveer don’t you worry I’ll get the cure for your desease. Ranveer says ishani you are with me right , why do need to worry ! ishani rests herself on his chest and lies into his arms , ranveer says ishani I just want you to be happy , don’t take so much of stress cause of me . he finds ishani asleep .

Its around 2 am in the morning when the gaurds knock n the door and inform ishani that there is some lady on the door eager to meet her . Ishani says she knows who is that , you may leave tell her I’m coming . ishani comes outside to find ritika waiting fo her.

Ishani : ritika finally I was just waiting for you

Ritika : what do you mean by that and what is all this huh ? you promised me you will do as I say and only then will you get this antidote ( shows the bottle to ishani )

Ishani : I know I know but what to do you know how much I love ranveer, I had to give it up for him .

Ritika : well fine then maybe you will have to give your ranveer’s life as well .

Ishani : lets see (walks backward towards ritika , throngs an injection into her back and as ritika falls ,she takes the antidote from her )

Ritika falls unconscious on the floor and ishani asks the guards to take he away from here . she heads back to the house and is shocked to see ranveer watching all the drama .

Precap : ishani pleads in front of ranveer and says she did all this for him . ranveer hugs her tight and kisses her forehead .

Credit to: Meera

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  1. Sruthi kasyap

    I like that s but don’t create much drama make it sweetly romantic bt don’t make them separate

  2. Superb meera and thanx 4 ur update.

  3. yaar god make a bright future for u….ur cretivity is awsom

  4. Superb..precap nice

  5. Nice meera.waiting for precap

  6. Nice ff.

  7. its fab…..Meera i just love your ff…..

  8. Thank you sO much people for motivating and keep me going ?

  9. Amazing Meera I just love the way u think and ur ff too

  10. Pls continue it’s just really great and I am waiting for ur next update so pls update fast.

  11. nice ff…a strong ishani working very intelligently . not like rondu ishani. tears…good going…. don’t make any leap OK …..

  12. Hi meera this is amudha from tamil nadu u know this is superb episode. Pls tell him sakthi do u have a fans in Chennai.

  13. Omg meeeraaa u killed it……..really awsome…….

  14. Your ff is really nice Meera plzz continue

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