meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 29)


Recap : the godbharai function gets over, Ishani hurts her hand , and is unable to change her clothes , for which ranveer helps her .

Episode :

1 month leap

In the morning , ranveer woke up , he looked at Ishani lovingly , and smiled at her . he then slowly raised her head , and took off his hand from below it (over which Ishani laid her head ). He then got up , and went to the washroom .

After a while , when ranveer came back , he saw Ishani still sleeping , so he decided to get the breakfast for her , here only . he went downstairs , wished everyone , and asked mala for Ishani’s breakfast to be served upstairs . amba asked as to why , ranveer said , that she has not woke up yet , so he didn’t really want to disturb her . As mala was taking the plate for Ishani upstairs , ranveer stopped her , and asked for the plate , he said he himself will serve Ishani . As he went upstairs , a voice from behind came , “ranveer Ishani ka kitna khayal rakhta hai na !” it was kanchan (shikhar’s mom ). She was welcomed inside by everyone, krisha saw her and hugged her . she came and sat , amba asked , you , here so early in the morning . she said yes , i’m here to invite you to shikhar’s engagement . krisha said , ma really , bahi getting married , and I’m coming to know now ! kanchan said , ya actually all this happened in such a hurry , that I couldn’t really inform anyone . amba asked to by the way who is it , the one who is getting married to shikhar . kanchan answered as to shivanya ,remember the one , who had come to the godbharai ..

In the room (upstairs): ranveer came in and saw Ishani , awake , he wished her goodmorning , sat and served her breakfast . Ishani asked as to ranveer , why did u get it here , what would everyone think of me , as ranveer sat near her , she kissed him on his cheek and said anyway thanks .. she said “ranveer tum mera kitna khyal rakhte ho na , in these 8 months I’ve made my servant , now just one month and finally , I’ll be back into my normal figure . ranveer feeded her with his hand , and said , Ishani , I serve u because I love u , and remember u only said , “ ki jahan pyar hota hai , wahin toh khyal hota hai !” (remember in which episode , did Ishani actually say that ?) .. ranveer said , but do you know what , after your delivery also , na not much much of difference is going to be noticed in your figure , I mean its almost the same . Ishani nudged him , and said ya right , now u just wait and let me show u . ranveer said , Ishani , remember , when ritika had her miscarriage , she had suddenly become so thin and good looking , but I don’t think , it will be the same with u ! Ishani pushed him , from the bed and said , what do u mean , ritika mujhse zyada sundar hai , ya patli ? if such was the matter , then why did u marry me ? u should have married ritika only , that witch . ranveer said , no Ishani , darling I just – –

In the meantime parul came , and called them downstairs , she said as to kanchal kaki has come . Ishani went to the washroom , and said I’ll be there in some time, meanwhile , ranveer went downstairs .

After a while , Ishani came downstairs in a green long kurta and peach colored plaso , she wished everyone , and went to greet kanchal ,who blessed her . as Ishani got to know of shikhar and shivanya’s engagement , she got exited , and happy for them .

After some as kanchal left , ranveer was leaving for the office , when he asked Ishani to come along . Ishani asked why did he want her to come with him to office , he better take ritika along . everyone looked at them . when ranveer broke the silence and said , Ishani , I don’t want to take u to my office , but hospital , remember today is ur routinely check up , u better come with me ..

Precap : ranveer proposes to Ishani in front of everyone , and they share the stage on a romantic song .

credits : Meera

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  1. Superb meera,i love that ish possesivenes over ranve .nice epi

  2. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    meera dear love u love u love u suuuuuupppppeeerrrr no words to xpress . just just mind blowing . sry for the late com. but i read all the epi dear u r a professional writer dear.

  3. ur ff is dangerously fantastic sis……love it so much

  4. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    meera dr i hav some doubt
    1.krisha married whom
    2.and she also pregnant na…and she is in rv’s mansion na yaar..

    3..rhitika married whom..and she also she has child na..then she live in with whose house..

    4..rv know abt ishu shikar’s ex affair na dr…

    5..then last one is rhithika and rv’s r ex luvrs na dr…

    plzz rply my questions dr..i am littl bit confused

    1. See I’ve not changed the originality of the show , as in I’ve kept the characters what they originally were ..
      1.So krisha is devarsh’s wife
      2.whole of ishani’s family stays with ranveer’s family , so obviouslyeven devarsh krisha and their child stays with them ritika is in jail , and ranveer here is talking about the times when ritika was pregnant with Chirag’s kid and was staying with ranveer and family
      4.yes ranverr knows , that ishkar were about to get Married
      5.ritika cant love anyone , but she used to be known as ranveer’s wife , remember when ishani was in jail ..

  5. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    hii rookey sis.. wats up yaar..y u didn’t commnt in ranaji ff page..

  6. IshuRV(bindasst Goa)

    its to good…I have same confusion arham.

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