meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 28)


As the party gets over , ranveer and Ishani wish everyone and head to there room , as ba stops Ishani , and says ki hamare mai kuch rasam hain jo puri karni baki hai , except the males everyone else may stop here , ranveer asks as to ba , why not me , amba says , beta such a rasam is only for ladies , chalo now go proceed for your room .

Later , as the all rituals are over , Ishani finally heads for the room , where she sees ranveer , thinking about something seriously , she comes in and bolts the door , she comes and sits near him . she gently puts her hand on his face and asks him , asks to what is the matter ranveer ? what are you thinking about ? ranveer holds her hand , and was about to say something , when he notices some medicin applied on her hand , he aska as to Ishani , what happened to ur hand , she says , no first u tell what happened to you ? he takes her hand into hers and says Ishani , don’t make me tensed , please tell me what happened ?she says nothing ranveer , , sctually while completing some rituals , one my bangles broke , therefore bleeding took place . ranveer looks at her hand with guilt , and says Ishani , why such carelessness ? u should asks me na ! she takes her hand back , and says , ranveer kuch nahi hai , halka sa scratch hi toh hai ! she gets up , and says chalo leave my hand , I need to go and change .. she goes to the washroom , with her night clothes ( people I just forgot to mention , that as I took a six month leap , and ishani’s dressing style changed , her night clothes also changed from, top and pajamas to ladies gown,remember the ones ritika used to wear in her pregnancy )

However as Ishani came out from the washroom ,ranveer saw her , and she still hadn’t changed , as ranveer questioned her of her clothes , she said , ranveer I am not able to really change into my gown , it is hurting .

As Ishani was still struggling , with her clothes , ranveer came from behind , held her back , and offered help , Ishani hesitated , but ranveer took her to the bed , and made her sit . he slipped her hair to the front , slowly took of the jwelery and kept it on the side table , he then took of her bangles , and dupatta . he then started to unpin her kurta from the back , as she closed her eyes , he did the same . as he started slowly taking off the kurta from the shoulders , the lights went off , both of them looked at eachother , and Ishani hugged him tightly , she clutched him from the back , he hugged her back . (meri aashiqui tune played as bgm)

After a while , ranveer separated , and and stood up , he went to the almira , and took off ishani’s gown from there . he then went to her , and slowly and gently helped her remove her kurta , and made her wear the gown . as he finally buttoned up her gown , he called Ishani , and noticed her fallen asleep into his arms , standing . he slowly ,bought her to the bed , and made her lie down , and covered her with a blanket . as lights came back , the room lit up . ranveer then climbed up the bed , laid back , and switched off the lights . Ishani then , turned to him , laid her head on his chest , and slept clamly . the both felt peace into one another’s arms .

Precap : 1 month leap , ishveer’s dinner date , and shikhar’s engagement .

credits :Meera

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  1. IshuRV(bindasst Goa)

    nice+hot one….which pregnancy month is going on 7th or 8th of ishani ????

    1. in this episode , it was the 7th month , however next episode ,as i take a leap , it will be the 8th month.. actually i dont want to straight away jump to the delivery time , what i could have done , in the sixth month , but i want really show , how ranveer cares for ishani during the pregnancy , as he did to ritika ..

  2. wooooooo……sooo romantic ISHVEER sis

  3. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    wow meera di..fantablous romnc..u hav to go ur stry lin in a wsm path sis…i really don’t know abt pregnancy tym romanc..but here i first reading it..really it mak me very happy…keep rocking sis..may allah bless u..

  4. thank you sO very much guys for you support and encouraging comments !

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