meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 26)


Recap : Ishani and ranveer return home and later share some intimate moments.

Now : one month later :

In the morning Ishani woke up , to find ranveer in her arms . she smiled lovingly looking at him and got up . she gently removed ranveer’s hand from her shoulder and placed it on her bedside . she later got up and went into the washroom . meanwhile ranveer woke up , on the hearing a call , he picked it up and answered as to , ya I will get ready soon , the hall is ready right ? I will be there ..

Later Ishani came back from the washroom , wearing a suit (similar to the one she wore in 3rd oct 2014 episode, check it out , I lOve that look of hers, but here she looks a bit different , as of course she is seven months pregnant .. ). She looked for ranveer , who came from behind , as she was keeping her clothes in the cupboard . he closed her eyes with his hands , and said good morning baby , Ishani said ranveer kya kar rahe ho . he took her to the bed ,with her eyes closed , and made her sit down , he showed her a present asked her to open it and tell him how is it ? Ishani opened the present , and was delighted to see a beautiful heavy work long kurta in it . she said as to its beautifull , but is it for me , and if it is , why today ? ranveer said Ishani tum sawal bohut karti ho ! chalo go and change into this , then I will tell u why ! Ishani went into the washroom to change.

Meanwhile it was shown downstairs , amba and ba helping the decorators preparing for some function . parul comes and offers help , amba tells her to go and get everyone ready , the guests are about to come , parul asked and what about bhabhi ? ba said arrey , tu uski chinta mat kar , ranveer usssey ready kar ke ley ayega !

Then after a while , guests started coming , and the entire family was busy greeting them . meanwhile krisha with her child in her arms was standing with parul and asked her as to where is the one for whom this function is held , Ishani ? ( here as I took a seven month leap I forgot to mention of krisha’s eight month old baby boy , remember she was pregnant ). Parul looked ahead and saw Ishani coming downstairs along with ranveer , she said there she is .. Ishani looked amazingly gorgeous , in her blue outfit and heavy jewelry with neatly , side braided hair ..

Parul announced her arrival , and everybody had a glance at her , she came downstairs , and greeting everyone . she was about to touch amba’s feet , when amba denied it , and hugged her , she blessed her loads of happiness . other guests also came , greeted , and congratulated her .

Now , the flashback : when Ishani came out of the washroom , all decorated , she asked ranveer as to why did he ask her to wear this ? ranveer hugged her congratulated her , and said Ishani because today is your godbharai , Ishani seemed pleasantly surprised , ranveer said yes Ishani , I mean , I had prepared for this a month ago only , but I couldn’t really execute it , as , because of the court case drama , u did not seem pleasant . and now I really want to celebrate our first child’s birth . so come . Ishani says but ranveer ,why all celebrations , I mean , a godbharai function is held before the sixth month and now its late , also that its not a very important event , not all celebrate it , then why all this , so suddenly ? ranveer holds her by shoulder and says Ishani , you’re the one and only wife of the one and only son of this house , and this is not only our first child , but also , the first one from our generation of vaghelas , then why not celebrate . As it is why do u think ,when I can keep this function for ritika’s child , then why not my own , now common , everybody is waiting for us downstairs !

Precap : ranveer and Ishani welcome the mehras , shikhar also comes with a girl . later ranveer hears some ladies talking ill of their child , he then goes to confront them . then all the rituals of the functions are completed .

credits : Meera

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    Wow Meera really was waiting for ishani’s godbharai ……and ya dear I just imagine ishu in that outfit and I just thought how beautiful she might look……really loved it….

  2. Love u meera and ur ff too ❤ good to see u after so lOng ? pls keep updating fast ?

  3. Aashiqui ayana

    Superb…awesome…loved it to the core…sentimental…

  4. Superb Meera ! U write amazingly , I am such a great fan of urs !! Pls update asap ! ?

  5. Good meera , u write well !

  6. Thnx everybody, for ur lovely comments!! ?

  7. wow sis u r a brilliant story writer……..very amazing story

  8. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb meera.

  9. Superb dr..update next dr

  10. Meera just an amazing ishveer scenes ….

  11. Superb meera.i just imagine that ourfit wit radz nice

  12. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    ohh baby..really nys to c u onc again..hw r u yaar…and the epi really owsm..u r a owsm writtr..from starting to till now..keep roockzz yaar..may god bless u

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