meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 25)


Recap : ranveer goes to neha’s office , he gets to know that she is imprisoned in charge of a murder , and therefore , he does not need to leave Ishani . he meets shikhar , who helps both ranveer and Ishani , out of the case , as Ishani is proved innocent .

Episode –

Ishani , and ranveer return home , where they are traditionally welcomed by amba , and ba , the rest of the family , awaits them . after a while , Ishani and ranveer come to their room . as they enter , parul comes and calls ranveer , she says amba needs to talk to him .ranveer goes with her . amba calla ranveer , in her room , ranveer asks her as to what is the matter ? amba asks him to sit and says ,that look ranveer , ishani is 6 months pregnant , and in some time, u will be blessed with ur child , but as of now , I can notice ,uneasiness on her face . she is not comfortable , and she is still trying to adjust mentally . as after this court case drama , I feel she need relaxation , and calmness . so be a bit mild with her , and treat her a bit extra , lovingly . ranveer replies as to , maa is this something to be said , of course , I understand , and I love Ishani , and will keep loving her .

Meanwhile , Ishani changes her clothes . (I just forgot to mention , as I took a six month leap , ishani’s dressing style has changed , and now she wears , long kurtas , and plasos , and sometimes short patiyala suits ). She was coming to the chair , as she messed up with the curtains . as she got free of them , she starts coughing , she notices too much of dust on the curtains . she thinks of cleaning it herself .she goes and brings the wall duster , and tries to reach the curtains with her hands ,as she was cleaning it , the rod of the curtains was about to fall , when ranveer came , noticed it , and caught hold of Ishani . Ishani fell into his arms , with curtains all over them . and they both stared at eachother with love and affection . they share an eyelock , as Ishani comes near him , ranveer also moves towards her , they both close their eyes , ranveer moves forward and kisses ishani on her lips , they share a liplock for quite a while . after a minute , Ishani straightens , and moves aback , she removes the curtains , and smiles shyly. Ranveer comes near her , and moves his hands , affectionately over her arms , as he was about to kiss her arms , he moves aback and realizes , and says , as to Ishani , baby r , u alright ? what were u doing , u should not do all this , in such a state , u want something , asks me . Ishani gets back into her senses , and says , ranveer , voh , mai … actually I was trying to clean those , curtains , they have got too much of dust into them .

ranveer keeps his hand on her shoulder , and says Ishani , u r not doing any such sort of stuff again , u need something , asks me . Ishani goes to the bed , and says ranveer , acha leave , this , and tell me what was ma saying , why did she call u . ranveer says nothing , she teaching me , how to love u ! but she does not really know , that I have inculcated this art of loving u since childhood , and by know , I have done masters , and PHD in it !

after a while , ranveer changes his clothes , and comes to sleep , Ishani was having her medicines , when she dropped it on the floor , ranveer came , picked them up for her , and offered it to her . he helped her lay on the bed , and covered her with a blanket . he then went and lay on his side of bed . Ishani moved forward towards him , ranveer also moved towards her , they both hugged eachother and slept .

precap : a month later , Ishani steps downwards , towards the hall , into the function , she looked gorgeous , she greeted everyone , and was congratulated by everyone .

credits : Meera

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  1. Aashiqui ayana

    Superb yaar….romantic caring episode…good going

  2. YAY!!! You are back! I missed your ff sooooo much!! I ❤️ It!!

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Me too yaar

  3. Post the next one plz

  4. Hel-llo people ! So as I promised u my ff after 18 th , here was it …
    And again thnx for all ur love and support ❤

  5. Superb meera so romantic &caring episode dr
    …i miss ur ff so much …
    Ishveer scenes r just magic dr…

    Pls post next episode soon …



  7. IshuRV(Pranjali loves Ishveer)

    oh…. too good…..after a long time……

  8. glad to see u back……how was ur xam?

  9. My exams went amazingly good ! Thank u all for ur best wishes ?

  10. Superb meera.heart touching episofe i love it

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