meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 24)

Recap : ranveer’s confession to Ishani about his meeting with neha and Ishani slapping him hard !

Hey people I’m here on your requests and seeing your comments I’m realy willing to continue my ff , but seriously , my exams round the corner , so I’m actually unable to update . you know I really couldn’t control myself , so I’m here with finally the last episode before my exams , next I’ll update only after 18th of march …. Hope u understand !

Ranveer looks at Ishani in disbelief , Ishani stares at him , awkwardly , and shouts at him , she asks him whether he has forgotten their relationship , that after so many hardships they are finally together , and he wants part ways again .”ranveer eh hamari asal zindagi hai , koi action movie nahi , jot um mujhse firse judaa hona chahte ho , aur kya pata hum is bar mile bhi ya nahi !” she starts crying . ranveer wipes her tears , he cups her face , and kisses herforehead , he says sorry Ishani , I promised you that thereafter we will never apart , and now I only am saying that .. I’m really sorry , but I promise I will not do anything like that ..

Hey guys I know this was needed but , these are one of my favourite monologues from matsh , and I really want to use it somehow , I’ve edited it a bit , soo here is it :

Ranveer : Ishani log kehte hai , ki unki zindagi tab shuru hoti hai , jab voh is dunia main aakar apni pehli saans lete hain , par meri zindagi tab shuru hui , jab mainay tumhe pehli bar dekha .. , aur tumne meri saansey leli ..

Ishani : (tears fall down her eyes .. ) logon ki jaan unke dil main basti hai , voh apni zindagi dil dhadakne pe shuru karte hain , par indagi tab shuru hui jab mere dil ne tumhara pyar mehsoos kiya , jab mujhe tumse pyar ho gaya ..

They both hug eachother ..

5 months later …

A hospital is shown ,where ranveer was waiting outside the operation theatre , tensed , amba arrives there and asks as to kya hua beta , achanak se yahan bula liya , Ishani theek to hai na ..

Ranveer hugs her , and sobs ,he asks whether nothing will happen to my Ishani , amba says no ranveer , nothing will happen to her , she must be alright by now . the doctor comes , and says : mr vaghela now your wife is all out of danger , u can meet her now ,once she has taken enough rest, u can take her home . ranveer smiles , and goes to the room . he sees pregnant Ishani with a bulging tummy lying on the bed unconscious , he goes to her waves his hand affectionately over her forehead and kisses her forehead , she wakes up at once at his touch , and calls ranveer .. she opens her eyes , and tries to get up .. ranveer says aram se , and helps her . she sits upright on the bed , and looks at him lovingly .. he asks her , if she is alright ? she nods , he says , aur hamara champ , she smiles and says voh bhi theek hai !! they both share an eyelock .. while amba comes , and asks Ishani beta theek ho na , aur mara deeka kaisa hai , acha hua kya tha ?

Ishani recalls the same morning , when both ranveer and Ishani were out in the car going to some office party , when their car was hit by a truck , nothing much happened as it was a short accident , but some time later because of the suuden push , Ishani started feeling the pain in her stomach , a while it was controllable , but some time later she started shouting with pain . ranveer got worried and took her to the hospital as soon as possible . when they arrived , the doctor took Ishani into the operation theatre , and said , we really can’t say anything , it can even result in a miscarriage ..

Well that is the reason ranveer was so freaked out when amba came ..

Later all of them reach home , ranveer takes Ishani to their room , he makes her sit comfortabely and says Ishani I’ve to discuss something really important .. see I know in this state , I should not really remind u about this .. but again it is about our future .. its about you .. ishani mai tumse bohut pyar karta hoon , aur aaj ke baad toh , I believe , that I shouldn’t leave u alone for a second as well , but Ishani , voh neha , tumhe yaad toh hai naa , if I don’t go to her , she can do something really bad to you ..

Ishani stops him , and says I know ranveer , today those five months are complete , and even if she does not do anything I as it is have to go away from you , to the jail , for that crime of mine , I’ve to pay the price for my sins . once this child is out , they will take me away from you and everyone ..

2 days later ..

ranveer is shown going to neha’s office ,he was on his way , when shikhar saw him , he asks as to where are u going , this office is closed , ranveer exclaims why ? what about the owner , neha arora , shikhar , looks at him with serious exressions and says , ranveer , newspaper , band kar diya hai , ya in paanch mahino ke liye exile pe chaley gaye they ? naha arora , how do u know her , she is a serial murderer and is arrested .. ranveer exclaims his joy , he says what , really ? shikhar looks at him and asks as to why is he so happy , what is the matter . I mean I know , it was me who was on an expedition , but tumse zyada , toh mujhe khabar hai duniya ki ! now tell me ..

at shikhar’s office

ranveer explains him the matter , shikhar seems joyfull , and says ranveer tumhara aadha case toh yahin solve ho gaya ,I mean neha is gone forever now , and ishani’s case , that I will handle .

2 weeks later

A court hearing is shown where 6 months pregnant ishani was standing in the box , and shikhar was proving her innocence . after a while , the decision was declared and ishani was proved innocent ..

precap : ranveer and Ishani return home , and are traditionally welcomed by amba , later they go to the room , where Ishani was about to fall while messing up with the curtains , ranveer catches her and they share some romantic moments ..

credits : Meera

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  1. It was nice.all the problem was solved now.feeling relief.
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  3. i will wait .Study well.Best of luck 4 u r exam.Meera, in which class r u studying?

  4. i will wait .Study well.Best of luck 4 u r exam.
    Meera, in which class r u studying?

    1. I am in 9 th standard !!!

  5. wow mam ur fanfic is very touchy. update it soon mam

  6. Nice dear & I understand you so keep focus on your study & after exams you writer the ff . & all the best for your exams

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    AND BEST OF LUCK TO YOU DEAR>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    1. Hey k Praveena I understand ur issues but do u know this dialog is one of my FAVOURITE so I just couldn’t resist !! I know it was not needed here but still !!! If u want I wil just translate it for u !!?

  10. Oh my gOd people thnx alOt ! For ur lovely comments and best wishes , I will try to update as soon possible on 18 th if march , the day my exams are getting over !! And surely Dhruva I m watching todays episode, hOw can I miss it ?? I m a crazzzyyy fAn of matsh , and am still recovering from the depression of matsh going off air !! But as we come back to the reality we realise that our matsh is actually ☹ going forever …. I am going to badly miss my aashiqui baby ?

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