meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 22)

He arrives at her office , and enters her cabin in wrath , he bangs his hand on the table , and asks her as to what does she want now , why has she called him here , why is she back into his life ? the lady was backseated , she turned around , to look at him , and stood up , she said , mr vaghela , such a pleasure to meet u again , remember what I said on our last meeting “ki hum dobara zaroor milenge !” , and see , u are here , just for me , ryt ? ranveer looks at her with rage and anger, the lady comes near him , gets him seated forcibly , and goes behind his chair , she asks him as to whether he remembers their past , or not ?

A flashback is shown : this is the time when the parekh family had send ranveer and his family to jail , and two yrs later he emerged as a businessman , in the period of these two yrs when ranveer was still flourishing as a businessman , his mother was looking for a girl for his marriage , when someone had suggested to her the daughter of aroras .ranveer unwillingly with his family went to meet the girl to her house , the aroras mansion , the girl was introduced to them as Neha arora , their families met , and confirmed their marriage , in their 3-4 meeting when they suggested rv to talk to neha , both of them were left alone , neha , had fallen in love with him in the first sight , but as rv approached neha , he told her about his past life , and said , that he is still in love with Ishani , its been hardly a year or two since that happened to us , and I’m not able to forget Ishani , although neha didn’t mind marring him ,even after knowing this , but ranveer refused for the marriage . he said he would not like to spoil her life like this , I’m sorry .neha was left disheartened , and they both never met till that day (remember last episode , rv hits that gir’s car , who came out and stared at him : that girl was neha ). However neha always kept a track of his present life : his marriage with Ishani , their divorce , then separation , then marriage with ritika , then again meeting Ishani , and now Ishani was pregnant , meaning that rv was settled , she better re-enter into his life .

At present : neha says as to ranveer darling mujhe , mujhe kya chahiye ! yeh toh tumhe kuch saalon pekle hi pata chal gaya tha na ! well I’m here to help u out with ur wife ishani’s case , I know that at present she is with u , but once ur kid is out , she will be imprisoned , and I have so much power that I can even get her hanged for this crime of hers . so now to save her , u better listen to me and follow me . do as I say . ranveer asks her as to what can she do , she says has he not seen , what all can she do , as it is , do u even know who her father is , he is the judge of supreme court . sO, she can do a lot with his wife , if u know what I mean . ranveer jerks aback , he gets shattered , he pleads her not to do any of that sort , what have I done to u , why r u after me . neha walks to the other corner to the calendar , and shows him 31st jan marked on it , she asks him as to whether he remembers this date , this is the date when u rejected me , and refused to marry me , cause of ur Ishani , and today , I’m here exactly after 5 yrs , I want my revenge frm u ranveer vaghela .

Ranveer falls to her feet and pleads her for ishani’s life , she gently , brings him up to herself, and says no , no ranveer husbands never fall to wife’s feet . ranveer is taken aback ,and says what , she says yes , you are pleading to me for what , ur wife’s life , ryt ? well then , ummm let me think , I want life instead of life , I want ur life , ranveer , ranveer gets shocked , he looks at her in disbelief , she says okay then , do as I say , go and abandon ur Ishani , and come to me , live ur entire life with me as my husband ranveer tries to leave ,he goes to the door and is about to leave when neha says : do u know ranveer , these five yrs , why didn’t I get married , well , I was waiting , waiting not for u , but for this day . and u cant spoil this day of mine , u can’t refuse me . I have waited five yrs and can wait five months more so go , u do care for Ishani ,fine go stay with her , these five months . u know I am a woman , really am concerned for another woman , but do come back to me after five months!

Precap : ranveer comes back home , sees ishani sitting worried , he looks at her in pity , and hugs her , he sleeps , with her into his arms . Ishani kisses him on his cheek , and asks as to where was he ?

credits : Meera

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  1. arham(soul of ishveer)

    Wow precap amazing…and neha track too..she is witch in ur ff na..then god plzz in shadikas’s lyf too..onc it will happnthen i am a big surpricer and jhappy in the world.

  2. meera nice..

  3. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Wow yaar just get teary my eyes just love it Meera

  4. Nice meera.

  5. Tysm guys!!

    1. Please update next episode! Meera.

  6. Keep going until it’s into my heart too.nice thought

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