meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 2)


All of them reach home , ishani cries on finding an empty house and blames herself . ranveer consoles her and promises to get her family back . he calls mitesh kaka and asks as to where are they ? he gets to know that they are in the railway station heading to leave the city , he requests them to wait for him . ranveer rushes to the station , he narrates to them the whole story as to why ishani did all this and pleads them to return to the house .

Finally ishani is joyed to see them back and goes to greet them . meanwhile ranveer was helping kaka with the luggage but all the bags just fell on his hand , he hurt himself badly , chaitali exclaimed “ lagta hai hamare parivaar ki khushion pe kisi ki nazar lag gayi hai “…

Ishani brings the first aid and bandages ranveer . later amba asks everyone to take rest as all must have been tired because of all the court case drama , she calls ishani to talk to her .

Amba in her room asks ishani about ranveer ‘s illness how will it be cured ? ishani asks amba to relax as now she knows how to get the antitode for ranveer .

Later ishani comes to her room and finds ranveer struggling with his shirt (remember his hand is bandaged) . she comes from behind and hugs him , she says sorry ranveer all this happened because of me … ranveer says no ishani , meanwhile ishani gets hold on his buttons and opens them up . ranveer says oh now I understand matlabyeh natak mere pas an eke liye kiya jar aha hai ..

Ishani takes off the tucked shirt and gets it down the sleves . ranveer hugs her and says ishani baby love you . ishani seperates takes of the whole shirt and says ranveer stop it !! she gives him his nightsuit and sends him to the washroom to change .

Credit to: Meera

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  1. Oh my gOd lOve u Meera u r an amazing writer.

  2. Love ishveer romance ?

  3. Thnx all for your lovely comments , hope you keep on reading

  4. You write really well meera Pl keep on writing

  5. super

  6. Superb Meera , great effort ?

  7. Superb

  8. Aarthy saravanan

    That’s really fabulous meera congrats?

  9. Ooo wow !!!!! Meera you are just awesome writer…..I love it…..can’t wait for next update pls do it sooner….

  10. nyc yaar how sweet of ur ff

  11. Nice ritika. Amazing job.

  12. We want to suppout every ff writter. And meera it’s really nice.

  13. Rookey Rookers

    good but dont use hindi words as we cant understand it , i know u did it for more reality , but still pls.

  14. Wow meera.I like it.

  15. OMG……………….u super meera what a thinkingg…………..all ff,s r going awsome…………love u all………meera well well well welldone……….

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  17. Really it awesome plz continue dear ..

  18. Thnx alOt guyz for all your comments !!

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