meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 19)

So guys , I’m nOt telling u wat was in the packet when Ishani opened it up !! though it was all by mistake , that it came there !

Ishani looks at it , and thinks about mala’s words , she goes to the washroom .

After some time , there is a shriek (from upstairs ), heard by amba and ba ,in the hall , they go rushing to ishani’s room , and find it empty . they realize she is in the washroom , she comes out , and is questioned , as to why did she shout ? Ishani gets nervous and says no-no-thing , she just saw a cockroach !! amba gets relaxed , and calms ba down , she says Ishani , beta , you are alright ? Ishani replies as to yes , they both leave .

After some time , rv returns from office , he goes straight upstairs to the room , he finds the door open and lights off , as he enters , the doors closes behind him . Ishani comes and switches the music player on , she slowly comes towards him and starts dancing around him (on the song ang laga de re ). She holds his hand and dances with him , she hugs him , rests her head on his chest , and dances , slowly and romantically . ranveer gets into the mood , Ishani lay on the chair , when ranveer comes and moves his hand over her waist . they both dance sensually , for a while , when rv gets a call frm the office , asking him ,if his wife is alright (as ranveer had left the office in hurry , after getting the call frm Ishani ).rv answers the phone , and then comes back to Ishani , he asks her , if she is fine , as she had only called him , asking to come early , ryt ? she answers as to yes , she is fine , actually , she had not been feeling well , and she had to talk about it only , she just wanted to tell him about this , actually ….

Parul knocks on the door calling them for dinner . rv says we r comng , Ishani goes with him unwillingly .

After the dinner , rv and Ishani come to their room , Ishani , hurriedly , shuts the door , and makes him sit down , she says she had to talk about this … when there is a phone call , its ishani’s phone , she gets a call frm shekhar’s mom , inviting them krisha’s godbharai . ( actually guys , in my ff , krisha is pregnant , and has gone to stay with her mother , for a while ). Ishani accepts the invitation and shuts the phone , by the time she reaches rv , he is asleep . Ishani gets annoyed .

Next morning , rv wakes up early , to find Ishani asleep , he is curious to know , about what she had to talk ,as yesterday , he had fallen asleep . he goes to the washroom to have a bath , meanwhile Ishani wakes up , to find ranveer missing . she gets irritated at once , and says to herself , that , she is eager to talk to ranveer , since yesterday , but he is not only interested .. ranveer comes out , dressed up , Ishani goes to him ,excitedly , and says ranveer , I’ve really got to say something . ranveer calms her down , and brings to sit down on bed , he says relax Ishani , I’m here , now tell me .. but unfortunately , there is again a knock on the door , ishani resits ranveer , but lakshami shouts as to “ no one responding “. Ranveer persists Ishani , and goes to open the door , lakshami says to get ready fast Ishani , we need to attend the function , remember , u only told me na . ranveer asks whose function , lakshami , says, it’s a ladies function , u r not invited , its krisha’s godbharai . Ishani gets highly irritated , she says , she is coming , and bangs the door of the bathroom . ranveer says I don’t know what is happened to this girl ! lakshami leaves , Ishani hears this , and says nothing is happened to me , mr vaghela , its u , who has changed , and doesn’t want to talk to me L .. ranveer realizes his fault, and goes to her , near the bathroom door (Ishani is inside the bathroom ,so they r talking parallel ) , rv says Ishani baby , sorry na , acha batao kya kehna chahti thi ?? Ishani says mujge tumse baat hi nahi karni ranveer , pls go and talk to your office clients , ma , parul , masi , and all sorts of nonsense people ! u don’t talk to me !

Sometime later , at the function : amba ,lakshami , ishani ,chaitali , krisha and her mom , were standing together . chaitali said oho finally hamare ghar to itne saaalon baad , nanha sa mehman ayega !! parekh khandan me sabse choti krisha hi toh hai , ab to finally usse bhi chota koi aayega ! amba gets agitated (on hearing parekh ) , chaitali realizes it and taunts her of vaghela family’s badluck , she says “ I mean aapki generation continue hogi bhi ya nahi !, ab iski toh Ishani hi malik hai !” amba goes way , annoyed , lakshami come after her and says waisi scah toh keh rahi thi voh ! Ishani also goes away …

Pracap : lakshami was talking to Ishani , some nonsense stuff about conceiving , ishani was not paying attention ,when ranveer came , she goes to him and hugs him and says ……

credits : Meera

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  1. Omg “!!!!!!! Now I know what’s gonna happen its just marvelous yaar you’re just fan writer keep it up like this only………

  2. Yaar..kya huva thum ko..if ishu is pregnant r not..plzz post the nxt ff soon na yaar…and today sepisod awsom na

    1. I think she is…….as chaitali and lakshmi taunted and ishani goes away and precap too soo I think she is pregnant !!!!!

  3. Wow is Very interesting.I can’t believe that u r in 9 std.what a skill dear.all the best for ur future.u r very brilliant.

  4. Tysm people ?

  5. u r an awesome writer mam

  6. Waiting for D next update!!! Please post it soon!!! ??

  7. Ishani not have baby

  8. Really nice ff.

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