meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 18)

Ishani runs after Ranveer as to give him the keys , he runs behind the curtains and then over the bed , Ishani climbs on the bed ( remember she is in a towel ), and jumps on ranveer ,as to get the keys . ranveer hides them behind his back , Ishani gets over him to snatch it , when amba sees them from the window in the corridor , she smiles and goes away . Ishani unable to get the keys , gets off from the bed on noticing how ranveer , was enjoying with her , she tries to look for the saree ranveer had hidden , she gives a final warning to ranveer , as to dekho ranveer , saree dedo , mai bohut busy hoon , I’ve other works to do as well . he gets up and says fine , but for that I need my payment , Ishani looks at hi , confused, and says what payments ? ranveer takes her into his arms and says , just a kiss , Ishani tired of running , agrees to it ,and says fine a once ( a bit hesitantly , though ) , she comes near him ,about to kiss him ,when there is a knock at the door , ranveer gets away , Ishani takes the keys from him and goes to the wardrobe , to get her saree , and then rushes to the bathroom ( to change ).

Later in the evening : ranveer was in the office , busy with work , when he got a call from Ishani , as to when is he coming back , she is felling restless , and very uncomfortable without him , she doesn’t know why ? he gets tensed and replies as to he wil coming within half an hour . Ishani was in the room , she goes to the kitchen , to find mala , cooking , she (mala ) asks as to why is Ishani looking so worried , is there some problem ? Ishani says she is not feeling well , she feels nauseated , mala jokes if there is some good news on the way , she should check it out . Ishani at first fools about it , but eventually starts getting concerned . she goes to the room , but is interrupted by amba , she (amba ) asks why she appears to be weak , is she well ? Ishani replies as to yes , she gets really tensed and rushes to her room , amba looks at her in confusion . Ishani calls the medical store and asks for some medicines , to be delivered at home , as soon as possible .

Later , the guy from the store comes with a packets , lakshami opens the door and asks as to who had ordered these , Ishani comes rushing and says , these are the medicines she had ordered for her , she is not feeling well . lakshami asks if she is alright, Ishani says , haan haan , masi ,its just a headache . ishani goes to the room and opens the packet to find something , shocking , in there , she complains to herself as to she had ordered the medicines , and not this !!

Precap : ranveer welcomes ranveer ( in a hot sizzling saree ) , she asks him to sit , as she needs to talk to him .

I’m sO sorry guys , first of all for the late update and then the repeat of the preacp , but actually do u know what , it will only happen in the next episode (the pracap ) . so u just need to wait ??.

credits : Meera


  1. sana

    So wait till next update.its k yaa.super epsd and there is a mistake in is ishani welcomes ranveer.

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