meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 17)


It was midnight when Ishani woke up , feeling hungry she went into the kitchen , where ranveer followed her , she was taking out a cake frm the refrigerator , when ranveer caught her into his arms , she smilingly said ranveer , leave me , and u don’t even talk to me .. ranveer twisted her facing him and said , Ishani tumne itna bhao to bachpan me bhi nahi khaya !! he took a piece frm the cake and offered her , she had it , and hugged him . she said ranveer , mujhe neend aa rahi hai , chala bhi nahi jaa raha , ranveer picked her into his arms , carried her , he took her to the stairs , where she pausedand said thasit , I ll walk , but ranveer refused to let her down , and carried her to the room . he placed her on the bed , and was abt to climb on her , when she stopped him , and turned around , she said ranveer , jaan mujhe neend aa rahi hai , so just close the door and come to sleep .

In the morning , Ishani gets up to find the room empty , wandering as to where is ranveer , she takes out her clothes to be worn and was abt to go to the bathroom along with them , when she got a call frm outside , she opened the door , it was parul, she called her down for breakfast , Ishani replies as to she is coming after getting ready , she therefore goes to the bathroom with her clothes left outside on the bed .

After some time , ranveer enters the room and finds Ishani missing , he wanders as to Ishani might have gone to have bath , then he seen her saree , kept on the bed , he looks at it , mischievously !

Later , Ishani peeps out of the washroom , finding the room empty she comes out in a towel , she looks for her saree , but is unable to find it , wondering where must it have gone , she goes her wardrobe to get another one , she sees , the cupboard was locked . she is confused , for a while , until ranveer jumps from behind the bed , and says Ishani haaawww , baby , shame shame !! (he shows her the saree and the wardrobe keys ).

Precap : Ishani ( sizzling in hot red saree ) , welcomes ranveer , she (shyly ) asks him to sit down , she wants to talk to him ..

credits : Meera

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  1. marvelous ff mam

  2. yaar meera i don’t know about precap yaar.plzz any one tell me yaar.

    1. Ishani wants to talk about some personal health conditions of her to rv

      1. Hey Meera plz read my comment n reply

  3. and the stunning words to say about dat…paaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…waiting for nxt..plzz yaar share ur mind blowing ideas into sonali jaffar….e

  4. and thnx meera …bcoz u said tat in last episide…””arham the new cover is for u”’ ”..once again i will tell u …god gave u a bright future yaar..this is my small wish dr…

  5. which std r u study in dr…r u scl going studnt..r clg going studnt

    1. I am in 9 th standard and am a hUge fAn of mEri AasHiqui !!

      1. marry (i m big fan of ur ff)

        me to meera but i donot have any creative mind like u , u r marvlous………….i m ur fan really………..

      2. Me too Meera but not the thinkers of ff like hours…..

      3. But ya a die heart fan of MATSH

  6. and yaar one more proposal…plzz don’t end it soon yaar….i want 500 episodes more dr…r u accept my proposal dr.. bathaona

  7. Wow meera.really fascinating.

  8. Thanks yaar its awesome….and keep uploading faster….

  9. marry (i m big fan of ur ff)

    osm i loved it soooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,

  10. Meera what to write in captcha while uploading the fan friction on telly updates plz tell if you read this a humble request plz

    1. Actually I just post my ff through mail therefore they r always uploaded late !! So no idea !!

  11. .nice meera and precap is little bit confused,ishaani wanna tell something about her health means is there any problem for her?or else she is pregnent? Anyway waiting for next ff yaar

    1. sathya ur imagination is supr…..apdi irundha nallarku..paklam…

  12. gud evng guyzzz

  13. yaar meera today u hav postd the ff r not….and sujjestn is ”plzz post yaar”’ i don’t waiting for the precap..if ishu is pregnant ….i will be very happy for tat nws

  14. Me too arham then ishveer might never be separated….

  15. Hi meera ! I’m a great fan of your ff…your ff is fantabulos no words are made to explain it..but i have a request to you plzz dont add hindi words in between…i just cant understand those, breaking my head for that..pls dont add hindi words plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. hai arora..u don’t know this small hindi words..then how u manage yaar.. i mean epdi nee matsh pakra

    1. Hey arham, im a tamilian n dont watch it in just read those written updates n sme ff…so wat made tat request…seri ya

  17. yaar whr is the nxt ff it soon na yaar

  18. I’m also 9th std student. your ff was just amazing

  19. Meera pls update ur ff dr.l am restless to know whether ishani is pregnant .

  20. Guys u really need to wait .. Actually I’m just a bit busy Toda so will upload tomorrow!!

    1. it,s k yaar..but tmorow u will update in eairly motning yaar..

  21. i dont know guys this news is true or not bot matsh is going to off air guys
    if u want to belive here is the link guys check it

    here is some comments which is posted on that website

    Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is d only show I watch on Indian Television. After I started watching MATSH i have tried other shows on Colors but couldn’t stick to any of them for more than a week. MATSH has a beautiful story line, best Star cast, best dialogue writer, n I just love d lead pair Shakti Arora n Radhika Madan.. their chemistry is amazing.. they put life into Ranveer n Ishaani with their brilliant acting skills. They r amazing actors n d best lead pairs on TV.

    If a show like this is going off air then it’s a shame to Ekta, her CV’s n TRP greedy channel Colors Raj Nayak.
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    3 member(s) Liked the above comment :
    Mcnaught, ShaktiLuvsRadhu, swtbaby

    Posted on: 1/17/2016 5:10:15 AMEchofades
    I hope this show does end. Its a complete crapfest that I can’t believe I liked this show once upon a time. Ranveer gunshot track and his first hate track was nice but now things are getting too lame with the same storyline repeating.
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    1 member(s) Disliked the above comment :

    Posted on: 1/17/2016 4:20:14 AMZeba-VDian
    I already stop watching when they entered Milne character. This serial shud off air, Bcoz in tat nothing remain interesting.all the time same boring track to separate ranveer ishani
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    1 member(s) Disliked the above comment :

    Posted on: 1/17/2016 3:35:11 AMAkashChaudhari
    Please Don’t Go To Off Air this Show. It’s The One N Only Best Show On Indian Television.. My Favorite One N Only Show.. this 1.
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    2 member(s) Liked the above comment :
    ShaktiLuvsRadhu, swtbaby

    Posted on: 1/16/2016 11:12:51 PMcrystaltwirl
    Not coming off as a shock really. It was such a good show, I stopped watching it cuz they are repeating the same track where Ranveer hates ishani, and she is again sacrificing for him. It’s becoming too repetitive.
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    1 member(s) Disliked the above comment :

    Posted on: 1/16/2016 12:13:10 PMjyothi_rao
    Just commenting for Asha Negi.. Missing you on TV screen, please comeback sooon…
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    Posted on: 1/16/2016 11:58:41 AMsspoorthy
    Thank god
    It is not bad news
    Actually it is a good news
    I seriously tired of watching ranveer loves ishani
    Ishani loves ranveer
    Ranveer leaves ishani
    Ranveer ishani loves each other
    Ishani leaves ranveer
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    Zeba-VDian, Deb07
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    Posted on: 1/16/2016 9:51:01 AMBloomfield
    If you are too keen in disliking the comments, thanks but no thanks, people. Shakti Arora and Radhika Madan are rocking as IshVeer which is way better than so many on-screen couples of tellydom. It can end, but not this way, definitely. When crap shows are still running successfully, you can expect still more from a show which has still not deviated from its original storyline.Recreating Wuthering Heights, one cannot expect them to be normal and lead a normal life. HF and Catherine led a terrible life, till the end. So you can only expect such twists in the show too as it is the recreation of WH. I agree, a few are OTT in the show but not more than what the other soaps show. Well, you cannot expect TRPs for an off-time slot show during winters. The channel needs to promote the channel.The leads have given so much of hardwork to master that *chemistry*. Don’t make it a waste. This show shouldn’t end on such a note. Barely a year and half old, it deserves to be in the TRP chart for another year.

    Those who want to purposely hit on the dislike button, you are not welcome here. We are not asking you to like. But don’t dislike. It is not like that we are being irked. It is that we too have our own sentiments.Like this show’s track may not be good now. But we have fallen for the OLD ISHVEER. We are now not willing to leave it. They(The leads) are our babies and we’ll take care of them as well as our show.
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    Mcnaught, ShaktiLuvsRadhu, mas123, Mahi_ve, nidhialapati

    Posted on: 1/16/2016 9:50:38 AMShaina_b
    The story has been long over as it is!!!!

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    Posted on: 1/15/2016 8:36:03 PMgomathi2
    let wait n see what happen , but shakti arora , u great talent actor , u have a great future n long way to go in ur life , keep rocking

  22. Hey Meera !!!!!! Why dont uploaded the next ff ????????? Pls yaar update it soon…………

  23. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    plzzz meera update next i m waiting…………

  24. I don’t know guys I’ve posted it long back, it’s just that they have not published it !!

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