meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 16)


Ranveer sadly goes out of the room and shuts the door . Ishani there sat by herself , she said how can ranveer do this to me , he asked me ryt , that how come this morning did I lay on the corridor , well he is only behind this , I don’t know what happened to him last night , he has never acted too strange with me , that too in such a condition , where the doctor says I’m weak , how can he do this to me ?

A flashback is shown of last night, where after Ishani fell on the floor in immense pain ,ranveer fell on the bed and fell asleep . whereas Ishani was trembling with pain , she thinks of taking the medicine which were lying on the dining table , she thought of calling someone , but found herself too weak to do so , she finally tried to reach the dining area by herself , but she could only reach the corridor , where she fainted of pain .

The present : ranveer was in the study room thinking of what happened last night , he doesn’t really remember anything , is it because of that , Ishani is behaving this way , ranveer thinks of how rudely Ishani talked to him ,this morning .he gets angry , and leaves the house in wrath .

Both ranveer and Ishani are shown really annoyed with each other .

Ishani tries to get up of the bed , but again gets the pain , she thinks of going to the hospital and get it checked up ,as weakness does not really lead to such kind of immense pain . ranveer on the other side , gets involved into an accident , he by mistake hits a passenger by his car . he takes him to the hospital , where he was waiting for the treatment , while he saw Ishani there . a nurse carrying a patient hits Ishani mistakenly , who was abt to fall , but is saved by ranveer , who catches her on time . Ishani gets a sudden pain and faints into his arms . he takes her to the doctor .

After some time

Ishani lay on the hospital bed , where doctor checked her up , meanwhile ranveer stood outside , waiting for the call. He was called inside and told that Ishani ‘s medical condition is not actually right , she is weak and needs to be taken care of , this sudden pain , should not really occur even in such condition , and if does , pls give the medicines . Ishani (who was awake by now ), gets up and goes outside , ranveer pays the doctor , and goes after Ishani . they both go outside , ranveer holds her hand and takes her to the car , he opens the car door for her , and she gets seated . ranveer gets inside the car and says Ishani I’m sorry , I really don’t know what happened yesterday night , but I do know , that I was drunk , I’m really ashamed , if I did hurt u , he hold her hand and says Ishani baby I really love u , and can’t really see u in pain ..

They reach home , and come to the room , Ishani was going to the washroom , when ranveer held her frm back , and said I’m sorryyy baby , common , I really care for u , and want u to be fine . ishani was abt say something when he stopped her and said , now u don’t say anything , I will take care of u , whatever u want, tell me , I ‘ll not let u work . ishani tries to move , ranveer hold her tight and says Ishani remember , when u locked the room and hid the keys , I got so irritated , I’m sure , u getting irritated the same waay ryt now. She says I need to go to the washroom ,vahan bhi mere sath chalo ge kya ?? ranveer replies as to “ tum kehti ho toh , chal leta hoon , ab tumse kaisi sharam “ .

Precap : Ishani peeps out of the washroom after having a bath , but is unable to find her saree ,she comes out in towel ,as she finds the room empty . ranveer catches her and says Ishani baby ,shame shame (he shows her the saree and the keys of her wardrobe ).

credits : Meera

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