meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 14)


Ranveer drops the doctor to the gate and comes upstairs to the room , he shuts the door and bolts it . he comes near Ishani and kisses her forehead , he says Ishani kya hua tumhe , tum pls jaldi se theek ho jao .he comes closer and is stopped at once he remembers what the doctor said (to change ishani’s clothes and then only let her sleep ). He moves towards her takes off the pin and unties the knot of her blouse . he goes to switch of the light and closes his eyes , he takes off the blouse , and then the whole saree !! he covers her with blanket and heads to leave the room , when he hears Ishani coughing . he gets alert and goes to her , he thinks of those medicines . he comes to her , and tries to wakes her up , she does and then gets up , when ranveer stops her and makes her have the medicine with his own hands . he makes her sleep and keeps the icepack on her forehead . he cares for her , looking after her the whole night . in the morning Ishani wakes up to find the room empty. she in a weak condition looks for ranveer , who was fast asleep on the ground with his head on her bed . she looks at him , and tries to wake him up . ranveer wakes up suddenly , shouting : Ishani are u ok ? Ishani gets him up and says ranveer I’m fine , chalo get up ,why r u sleeping on the ground ? u can catch fever, he gets up at once and says : ya ryt , well u already had fever !so now u get up aaaanddd (he hesitates) get yourumm cl-cl-cl-oo-th-es , she exclaims what ? she looks at herself , being clotheless , she doesn’t move and asks ranveer as to what happened last night , why don’t I remember anything ? he replies as , when nothing happened of that sort ,why will remember anything , meri jaan !! he sits beside her and asks if she is okay ?she had fainted yesterday , we need to go to the doctor and get the check up done .. Ishani ,hesitates and tries to get up , ranveer keeps his arms o her back and helps her . she wraps he blanket over her and goes to the washroom .

Later ranveer Ishani are shown going to the hospital, when they are stopped by some guests , lakshami comes to greet them , she says they are rahul’s parents, they have come to see parul for marriage with their son . Ishani greets them and asks them to sit , ranveer tries to stop Ishani ,who says ranveer , I’m fine , lets first entertain the guests ,then only we will go. In the meantime rv gets a call frm office, calling him for an urgent meeting . Ishani asks him to go ,as she is actually alright !

Precap : a drunk ranveer fights with ishani , while she gets a sudden pain and drops down on the floor .

credits :Meera

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  1. yaar…how i will express…i don”t know to how express…still i am freeze..u r such a awsom i feel to meet u yaar….whr will u collecting lyk this na….paaaaaaaa apdi iruku

  2. U r heartthrob writer mam. Just love to read ur ff

  3. wow…..very nice……

  4. U r awesome writer meera.just love to read ur ff.

  5. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    i agree with arham me to freeze……….OMG………….yaarrr wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  6. Really Rv caring ……. ishani it is suuperb…… Awesome…… i can imagine that ……

  7. yaar whr the nxt ff

  8. i can’t wait yaar…plz post sooon..only wid romnc..not fyt yaar

  9. i love itt…………..nothing else can express my feeling

  10. Thanx alOt guys !!

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