meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 13)


Next morning , ishani gets up early and is shown getting ready for office , in the meantime ranveer wakes up to find her in the front of mirror , and says I wish mai bhi shisha hota to meri biwi mujhe subah sham neharti rehti . ishani exclaims aah uth gaye mahraj !! chalo now get up fast and go get ready ,office nahi jana , ranveer says acha fine , but we need to come back early as there is some party which needs to be attented . ishani asks as to which party , ranveer says ishani tum itne sawal kyon karti ho ? I ‘ll tell you only when we reach there , he goes to the washroom to get ready . ishani goes downstairs and wishes amba in the kitchen , she asks as to what is she cooking shall I help ? amba says no no don’t you need to go to office , u sit I’ll serve breakfast . ranveer comes down and sits at the dining table , he says ishani jaldi ,we need to go and comeback as well . ishani says no ranveer I’ll not be able to come , as I need to get ready , buy the gift and many other important stuff , u go . ranveer says ishani , I know , that you are the co-owner of the company but that doesn’t mean you will come and go as u wish , and this an order , not as a boss but as a husband , u need to come , or else ,I’ll get bored !

Ishani after the breakfast goes to drop him till the car , and says come fast , I’ll wait for you . He hugs her , kisses on her cheek and finally leaves for the office .

Later in the evening ,ranveer and ishani reach the party , where ishani was looking extremely gorgeous in her white and black saree ( remember the kind she wore on valentine day ) . They come in and greet the anniversary couple . all of them enjoy the party , and as they head to leave for home , there is heavy rain . rest of the crowd leaves immediately into their cars ,whereas , ishani runs away into the side built garden , ranveer follows her , she goes near a tree , ranveer comes and hugs her tight , he tries to kiss her , but she moves away .. ranveer goes after her , he catches her ,ishani moves towards him and kisses him , they share some intimate moments dancing in the rains . when suddenly ishani falls unconscious into ranveer’s arms . ranveer gets worried , he picks her up , gets her seated in the car and drives home . he hurriedly , carries ishani upstairs to the room . amba ,ba , parul , lakshami and krisha come along . later the doctor arrives , when asked as to what happened . she says as for now Mr. vaghela , I don’t know what to say , as u called me in a hurry , I couldn’t even bring my all equipments , , I feel she is weak for some reason , u can bring her to me tomorrow morning . she also advices ranveer to change ishani’s clothes and then only let her sleep , or else she can catch fever . ranveer thanks the doctor , as she leaves ..

Precap : ranveer slowly moves towards ishani and switches off the lights ..

credits : Meera

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  1. Very nice meera ,waiting for next episode

  2. awsom by day ur ff is very intrstng…waiting for the precap

  3. Nice meera .u are superb.

  4. Thunderous fanfic mam

  5. Awesome …. Meera….. ishveer is my life dr…..

  6. But mam ishani worn red saree on Valentine day,not white & black

    1. no prince it’s white saree dr…ang lada de song in bg..rv arranges a valentine nyt for ishu in his room…semma tamil tat scenes ate going on

  7. marry (i m big fan of ur ff)

    my favorite i love it………..awwwwwwwsome i m ur fig fan meera ………..u r awsome……i loved the episode………

  8. and yaar red saree is for date with ishu and rv family..and tat tym rhithika and sharman’s romanc is srarting…so don’t confused yaar

  9. Awesome it.

  10. Thank you sO verrrrry much guyZ , sO nice to see your comments again , I just hOpe u keep on enjoying ittt !!!

    1. Can u plz update the next episode?

  11. Kayathri (ranveer)

    nice meera

  12. O sorry arham

    1. it,s k yaar..even white saree r red saree..our ishu alwayz looking gorgeous na

  13. Love it yaar….Meera day by day it become more romantic and interesting…

  14. woohoo day by day your making this ff so romantic and interestig

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