meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 11)

Ishani is surprised to find krisha at the door , she hugs her and asks as to are they back so early , krisha says why , can’t we ? she calls ishani and ranveer downstairs as everyone is waiting for them . both come down to find the rest of the family waiting for them , ranveer asks as to they are back soo early , they were to return within a week , right ? ba says that there was a fire in their hotel , which caused a cerfew in that area , they somehow escaped from there . ishani asks as to are they all fine now ? amba says you leave that and first tell us about your wherebeings !!

Where were you both , and you have not come out of the room since yesterday night , beta its 12 noon . ishani hesitates and mutters something by herself , ba says arrey amba , u let them spend some time together , they must have been enjoying . ranveer in a hurried tone says okay ma , I’m leaving for office , ishani says ya even I’m too bored here at home , i want to do something constructive , I’m also leaving for office , she runs away…

Ranveer was in the car about to leave when ishani came from behind and asked to stop the car , she said even I’m coming with you , he asked you , why ? kuch kaam nahi tumhe ghar pe ? she sat in the car and said I just can’t be at home right now , what if parul and krisha ask me stupid questions and tease me , and what if ma comes to about it . noo I can’t stay at home . ranveer says but ishani this is all very normal in a husband – wife relationship , you shouldn’t hesitate . ishani says nothing and they drive away to office .

Ranveer enters the cabin and ishani comes behind him , but as she does her saree (which was tied in a hurry this morning ) got stuck at the door , and opened up . ranveer looks at her in shame , and says ishani yeh office hai , I know u love me , but yeh sab pls bedroom mai !! ishani tells him to shut up and go out of here as she needs to tie her saree back . he refuses to do so and offers to help her , ishani says no , but as her shoulder’s were aching and she shrieked aah in pain , ranveer went to the door , bolted it ,and came to ishani . he took the saree and tied it neatly , he made the plates and tucked them in , when ishani shied ..

Precap : parul and krisha tease ishani of her love bytes on the neck

Credits : Meera


  1. Tina

    Hey Meera , once again well done
    But where were u why updating soooo late
    Ya I really wait for ur ff
    Pls just try to update regularly!

  2. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    i reaalyyyyy love u meera g…………u r superb u just make us so much happy to post ur ff……i 4get evrything i just say u r beyond wordzzzzzz…….hads off to u………..

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