meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 10)

The episode continues where : Ranveer drops Ishani inside the washroom ,she says as to what is he doing , stop it and get out of the washroom . he clutches her hand and says ishani baby common , why shying awy from me , I’m your husband . she looks away and smiles , ranveer comes closer and takes her into his arms , she hesitates at first , but later gives in and comes closer to him . he moves his face toward her and gives her kiss on the lips . she says that is it , ranveer , she comes closer and kisses him , they share a long kiss . later ishani separates and gives him a jerk . he comes closer and smooches her neck , they have a long bath together sharing some romantic moments .

The doorbell rings and mala goes and opens the door , amba , ba and the rest of the family come in with their luggage . mala serves water , amba asks as to where is ishani , ranveer must have left for office . mala replies as to no , she has not seen both of them since yesterday night . parul says but masi I just talked to ishani bhabhi yesterday and she said she was at home . mala says that she was asleep , they must have returned late at night , but then nobody has come out of the room yet . she heard some voices in the kitchen but she was asleep . ba gets worried . krisha says not to worry , they must be in the room , spending some time together , I’ll just check .

Upstairs both ranveer ishani are shown getting ready , ishani raises her elbow but is unable to reach her back , ranveer asks as to what happened is it still aching , come I’ll help you , he comes from behind and ties the knot of her blouse .

Krisha comes upstairs calling ishani ‘s name , ishani gets alert at once and asks ranveer to move aback . she jerks him and goes to open the door to find krisha .

Precap : ishani and ranveer leave for office . at the office ishani’s saree pallu gets caught at the door , which leads to the saree all opening up .

credits : Meera


  1. IshuRV

    as always your ff was so good romantic hot s*xy and aur kya kahoon mein. just amazing . this is what we want to see in matsh . thanks . good going . keep rocking and post your ff daily .

  2. arham

    yaar no words to express it…how could u think lyk tat na..very very awsom….and i wish u have a bright future…

  3. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    my heart beat stoped when i strated reading ur ff u r beyond words i really say u hads off to u meera g when u post ur ff i really get more craziness to watch matsh…………

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