meri aashiqui tumse hi remake : into my heart (part 21)

Later Ishani pushes ranveer out of the washroom , and says ranveer thodi sharam kar liya karo please tum baap banne wali ho , ranveer replies as to Ishani baby , baaap banne se thodi meri umar badi ho jati hai .

After some time , ranveer is shown in the office working , when he gets a call as to Ishani has had an immediate car accident , and the person , she hit is worsely injured , she can even be prisoned for commiting such a crime . ranveer freaks out at once , and leaves the office , he takes the car , and drives to the hospital . on the way , his car gets hit to another car , the lady driving the car , comes out , and stares at ranveer . she says ranveer vaghela , rushing to the hospital , isn’t she your wife , who has just murdered someone by an accident . ranveer gets tensed , he says no my Ishani can’t take anyone’s life. You are wrong , cause you were always wrong , iknow what u r trying to do , but just get that into your head , that “you can’t replace my Ishani , my love , my life , my wife !!”he jerks her sits in the car , and drives to the hospital .

He arrives at the hospital and goes to ishani’s room , and sees amba and ba standing beside Ishani , who was lying there in the bed , he comes to her , and asks if she is alright , what happened to her . how come this accident ? she gets up in the bed , and says she is fine , it was just a small accident , the doctor’s come and say that your wife is alright and your child as well . ranveer rejoices , and hugs Ishani . later the cops come , to speak to him , he goes outside , and asks a sto what happened ? they say that your wife is fine , but the one she had the accident with is not fine at all . he is in a very bad state and remember , if he dies , your wife can be imprisoned , and even hanged for her sins . ranveer says nO , this is not possible , pls my wife is pregnant , and u can’t take her under arrest in this state. The cops say well , in that case only the court can decide ur case .

After 2 weeks

The person Ishani had hit with the car was proved to be dead .

Ranveer was sitting in his study room , with shikhar , he asked as to if he has thought of something , how to get Ishani out of this case , Ishani ryt now is with us but only , because in this state they cant arrest her . but I know Ishani is innocent , she is pregnant , in this condition , she might have got hyper , and drove rashly , but she can’t murder someone , knowingly ! shikhar gets a call , frm the court , and says that they have the court assembly tomorrow in the morning , and the case against them is taken by miss arora .

The next day , the court assembly is shown where Ishani is standing in the square box , and ranveer in the other one , shikhar and ranveer try their best to prove Ishani innocent , but the female lawyer , miss arora , who handled the case against them , managed to get Ishani an imprisonment of 5 yrs since ,she was pregnant , and her health conditions contributed to the crime . therefore the final decision taken by the judge was to let Ishani stay with her family for the timebeing of her pregnancy and then they will take her under arrest . ranveer , Ishani and shikhar were n their way back home , ranveer stoped and asked bothof them to lat them ahead as w will be back within half an hour . ishani asks as to where is he going , he says he will be back early . he leaves .

Ranveer is shown going to meet the lady lawyer miss arora .

Preacap : ranveer arrives at her office , and enters her cabin , he asks as to what does she want , why is she back into his life ?

Guys I’m sO very sorry for the lAte update , but you know , I am so busy nder the exam pressure , so here is the article , hope u r enjoying it , as frm now I would not be able to update daily , because of the upcoming exams , and here is a hint “ the lady lawyer , is related to ranveer’s past life !” .

credits :Meera

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  1. Okay its just full of suspence just love it…..hope Ishani would be proven innocent soon!”!!!
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  3. Its fine that u not update early because u should not spoil ur studies ok study well
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  4. Nice episode meera and all the best for ur exams.

  5. Nice meera u are superb n best of luck for your exams

  6. Nice episode. It is fine if u dont update ff early.keep focus on you’re study & all the best for you’re exam. & please ho saky to ishani ko jail hony se bachalo

  7. nice mam. but MATSH is going off air. this makes me cry all the time

  8. Thank you sO very mUch gUys fOr your bEst wishes !! Wish u the same , I hope your exams also might have been arriving !!?

  9. Yes meera my exams are starts from 9 its difficult to comment me but I will try to comment bcoz without ishveer a whole day is so boring .& we are not fine or satisfy without ishveer.

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