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Coming to the story:
Scene 1:
Conversation of Swara and Sanskar on phone
Swara- No Sanskar I can’t join in Maheshwari industries.
Sanskar- But you agreed to work and get busy in life!
Swara- That was when you offered me a job in your own company, not in Maheshwari Industries.
Sanskar- You have problem with the firm or with Laksh?
Swara- Yes I have problem to work with Laksh..Knowing everything how can you tell me to face Laksh..Each and every second our memories would flash before my eyes..How can I forget him..
Sanskar in mind- That is what I want..Neither you nor Laksh should forget the feelings you have for each other.
Swara- Hello Sanskar..Are you there?
Sanskar- Yes..
Swara- Please don’t force me for this job..I can’t come!!
Sanskar- Okay then I will also forget my promise of not letting Laksh know the truth about Ragini..
Swara- So mean Sanskar..How can you blackmail your friend?
Sanskar- What to do then..My friend is very stubborn..
Swara- Okay I will come but will work under your guidance and not with Laksh..Is that fine?
Sanskar- Okay!!

Scene 2:
Laksh reaches his room and throws all his belongings on the floor and rests on the couch.
Ragini comes in and sees the room state and looks at Laksh.
Ragini- What is this Laksh?
Laksh- Sorry Ragini..Wait I’ll set everything..
Saying so he bends down to pick up his things and Ragini notices a pink mark on his shirt.
Ragini- Laksh what is this? (Pointing to the mark on his shirt)
Laksh recollects the moment when Swara fell on him on the road and how accidently her lips made a mark on his shirt. He remembers her hot breath on his face and the cute eyelock they shared.. Laksh gets so lost in the moment that he unknowingly smiles.
Ragini- I’m asking you something and you are smiling..
Laksh- It happened accidently.
Ragini- Accidently how can a kiss mark come on your shirt Laksh?
Laksh (loudly)- It wasn’t a kiss..
Ragini- I can see that clearly Laksh..
Laksh holds her hand and says- I married you as there was no option left for me..But don’t imagine yourself as my wife and show rights on me.
Saying so Laksh picks his t-shirt from the cupboard and leaves for washroom.

Scene 3:
Sanskar comes there listening to Laksh’s louder tone. He looks at Ragini crying and feels sad but composes himself and comes towards her.
Sanskar: Jis par tumhara hakk nahi hai..Usko haasil karne ki koshish math karo!! (Don’t try to conquer something on which you don’t have a right)
Ragini gets miffed and turns around to leave.
Sanskar: Sach kadvi hothi hai Ragini (Truth is bitter Ragini)
Ragini turns and says- Don’t interfere in my personal matters.
Sanskar- When you can involve into someone’s personal life then why not me (smiles sarcastically)
Ragini leaves the place angrily.

Scene 4:
Ragini is in the kitchen and murmurs to herself- If Laksh doesn’t want to share his heart I’ll make him share his soul.
Saying so Ragini mixes some powder in a glass of milk.
She places the glass in tray and moves towards the stairs.
She starts climbing and slips and falls down when she is on second step..
Ragini shouts ‘Maa’ in pain.
Everyone listen to her voice and rush towards the hall.
AP- What happened Ragini?
Ragini (winces in pain)- Maa I fell down.
Sanskar- Can’t you see and walk?
Ragini- There is oil on the floor..
Sujatha- Who would have thrown oil on the floor?
Ragini- Sanskar!!
Everyone look at Sanskar with a shocked expression.
Laksh gets angry and holds Sanskar’s collar.
Sanskar- Listen to me Lucky!
Laksh- Why are you always behind Ragini..Just because she brought your truth out, will you harm her this way?
Ragini smiles seeing Laksh’s care for her while a servant comes from inside and says- Sorry madam..It’s my mistake.
Laksh- You do not need to cover up someone’s mistake.
Servant- No sir..Actually AP madam wanted a foot massage for that I was taking warm oil from kitchen but that fell on ground by mistake.
AP: How can you be so careless?
Servant: Sorry madam!
Ragini- Will your sorry make my wound less..See my back and toe is injured!!
Sanskar- Ragini you are known to be generous and kind..Can’t you forgive a mere mistake? (He gives a evil smile looking into her eyes)
He turns towards Laksh and says- Not every time mistake will be mine..Waise mai bhi kisko batha raha hu..(Whom I’m telling to?)
The one who judges people without even listening to them..Anyways this is your old habit of accusing people by believing someone else’s words!!
Everyone leave to their respective rooms.
Scene 5:
Laksh takes Ragini to her room by lifting her in his arms..She feels happy for Laksh being close to her.
After reaching room Laksh says- From now on watch and walk and don’t yell at people for your mistakes.
Ragini gets shocked at his rude behavior.
Laksh lays on the couch and gets thinking remembering Sanskar’s words..
Laksh POV:
What was Sanskar indicating to? This is the first time I misjudged him..But he is telling I misjudge everyone.. Was he talking about Swara? How can Swara be innocent..She broke my heart and never bothered to explain.. Wait..She tried to explain but I never listened to her…
Should I speak to her..No no!! How can I get into Sanskar’s words..I think it is new Sanskar’s plan to again break me.. But my Swara never lies to me.. Uff I’m getting mad..What to believe and what not to!!

Scene 6:
Laksh has gone for morning walk and Sanskar comes to see Ragini..
Sanskar- How are you Ragini?
Ragini- Better!! Sorry to accuse you..I thought..
Before she could complete Sanskar says- You tried to get intimate with Laksh and I can’t let Swara’s love become yours..So I had to (He gives a evil smile)
Ragini- It means you were the one to pour oil on floor?
Sanskar- Correction!! I told servant to pour the oil on floor (He gives a sheepish smile)
Ragini- How dare you Sanskar? (Points her index finger towards him)
Sanskar- When will you understand Ragini..Love brings two souls together that is when intimacy occurs.. Consummation doesn’t make a relation official or bring love between two people..
Ragini- I don’t need your lectures..
Sanskar- I just hope you realize few things before it is too late..
Saying so he leaves the place.

Scene 7:
Laksh is jogging and Swara is coming running from other side. Both clash and fall down.
Swara- Ouch!!
Laksh gets up while Swara is still on the floor.
Laksh- Why are you running like that? Can’t you see people in front of you..
Swara- Sorry wo..
Laksh- Galthi karro aur sorry bolo..Aadat bann gayi tumhari (attitude tone)
(Make a mistake and say sorry..It has become your habit)
Swara feels sad..She tries to get up but falls again as her leg slips.
Laksh laughs seeing Swara’s cute antics trying to get up.
Swara makes a cute pout faking to be angry.
Laksh- Tumse nahi hoga..Give me your hand!!
Saying so he forwards his hand for help and Swara holds it..Laksh pulls Swara..In this process SwaLak come close in standing position and share a lovely eyelock.
This is disturbed by some chai waala (tea-seller)
SwaLak compose themselves and Swara tries to leave.
Laksh- By the way why were you running?
Swara- Wo I was in deep sleep and didn’t listen that doodhwaala (milk-seller) knocked twice. I missed taking the milk..As you know dida’s morning won’t start without a tea..So I’m running to the shop so that I reach home before dida wakes up.
Laksh starts laughing more loudly while Swara doesn’t understand anything.
Laksh- Tumhara naam shona nahi sona rakhna tha..Humesha sothi rahti ho (Your name should be sleep instead of gold {rhyming words sona and shone}…Because you always sleep)
Swara (angrily)- Nothing like that!!
Laksh (teasingly)- It is like that!
Swara- You always tease me..
Laksh- Obviously yes (and shows his tongue to her-a way of teasing)
Swara- Laksh!! (she makes a sad innocent face)
Laksh- Acha baba sorry..We tease the one whom we love a lot and you know na how much I…
SwaLak realize they forgot the past for a second and behaved so normal. Laksh feels embarrassed and the same time angry on himself for forgetting Swara’s betrayal..
SwaLak leave the place and go to their respective houses.

Precap: Ragini’s drama…SwaLak romance 😀

Credits: To all those liking and commenting on my ff 

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