Hello my dear readers..This is Saanvi..Thanks for the tremendous support..I didn’t expect so much of response for a SwaLak story!!
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Story begins:
Swara reaches the baadi with Sanskar to stop the marriage but to her disappointment she witnesses Laksh filling Ragini’s forehead.
Swara breaks down into tears..Sanskar holds her and looks at Ragini angrily..
Sanskar yells loudly: Do you know what have you done Laksh?
Laksh comes forward and says: I don’t think I should answer a cheater like you..
Sanskar: But you need to answer your love..How did you forget Swara so easily?
Laksh (strict tone): I didn’t forget anything..I remember each and every lie you told me and each and every betrayal this girl gave me(pointing towards Swara)
Swara looks up with teary eyes..
Laksh gets touched looking at her..They share a sad eyelock..

This trance is broken by Ragini..
Ragini: Swara you came back..Why did you go leaving us? You know how much Laksh cried..
Swara just looks on hopelessly at Ragini while Sanskar yells again..
Sanskar: You very well know where did she go..Don’t act smart..
Ragini: I’m not speaking to you..I’m speaking to my sister..
Sanskar: Sister?? Have some shame Ragini..The one who tried killing her sister is talking to her so sweetly..

Laksh comes forward and says: Don’t dare to accuse my wife with false statements..
Sanskar: Listen to me Laksh..This lady is fraud..(Pointing towards Ragini)
Laksh: You have forgotten the value of relations..But I didn’t..I’m sparing you as my brother but that doesn’t mean you test my patience..
Parvathi comes in between and says: Leave also this..Let’s get ready for bidaai..
She completes all rituals and happily does arrangements for Ragini to leave for Maheshwari Mansion..
All the time Swara looking at RagLak while Laksh giving angry glares to Swara and Ragini being afraid that Swara might blurt out truth at any moment..

RagLak move towards car..
Swara calls out ‘Laksh’
Laksh turns back and looks for Swara with all love in his eyes while Ragini shivers in fear..
Swara: Congratulations Laksh..I wish you all happiness in your married life!!
Laksh gets more angry by her statement while tears start continuously flowing from Swara’s eyes..
Ragini and Sanskar look on shocked while all other family members get irritated by Swara..

RagLak leave while Swara falls down crying a lot..
Sanskar comes and places a hand on her shoulder..
Swara holds him and cries: I lost him Sanskar..I lost my first and only love-My Laksh!!
Sanskar: But Swara why did you stay silent?
Swara: If I speak truth also Laksh isn’t in a position to believe me..Ragini is bluffing everyone with her innocence..All I can do now is wish happiness for my Laksh..
She wipes her tears and says- Sorry..Laksh-My sister’s husband..
Sanskar: Don’t say like that Swara..We can still try..I know how much Laksh loves you..He will definitely listen to you..

Swara: What if he listens also..When engagement broke Ragini committed suicide..What will happen if this marriage breaks? I want her to be alive Sanskar!!
Sanskar: You are wishing happiness for that person who tried to take your life..
Ragini: It’s her stubbornness to have Laksh which resulted in that drastic act of hers but not to kill me..I know her..
Sanskar: How will you live without Laksh?
Swara: It would be difficult but I have no other option..I have to live without Laksh..

Here Laksh is seen shedding tears silently..
Ragini gives him a handkerchief to wipe his tears but he pushes her hand away..
Laksh: I know whatever Swara did was mistake but I didn’t expect this from you Ragini..You almost blackmailed me to marry you..
Ragini (with fake tears in her yes): It’s not like that Laksh..
Laksh: It is like that…My mother forced me to marry you just for the sake of your life.. But don’t forget one thing Ragini..I can never love you..
Ragini: I know it is difficult but we can be friends right?
Laksh: Hmm…

Laksh’s POV:
You would have spoken to me Swara..I would have postponed this marriage but you eloped and broke my heart into million pieces..
I thought I would never see you so it would be easy for me to forget you but why did you come back?
Seeing you in hurt my heart was paining..But still you didn’t feel like speaking to me? Why didn’t you trust me and my love?

If you said one word that it was all someone else’s conspiracy I would leave everything behind and come back to you but you stayed silent..
Your silence is a proof of the mistake you committed..
I know Ragini can never do anything to her sister..But why is Sanskar speaking like that? May be it is because Ragini exposed his truth before everyone..
If whatever Sanskar said was true then Swara would have confronted her but nothing like that happened…

I hate my life..My brother and my love left me when I trusted them the most..I can never forgive you for what you have done to our love Swara..Sorry my love..Swara were never in love right!!

Precap: Slight romance of SwaLak..New beginning of their lives

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  1. Mica

    damn!!! my heart almost cheated me when i read swasan convo! my heart yelling.. i want swasan.. i want swasan aaarrgghh! 😀 😀 😀
    lucky me, my mind scolded my heart.. it is Swalak FF ! moron! 😀 😀
    luv it soo much Saanviiii…. continue soon.
    Laksh doubted Swara those time, since Swara always rejected him for her sister’s sake, that why he believe that Swara eloped those time.

    1. Saanvi

      Hehe 😀
      Yes dear..But in this ff Laksh is more mature and true lover compared to the serial..
      So bear with me as I would be focusing more on Laksh than Sanskar 😛
      Thanks for the lovely comment Mica 🙂

    2. Haha Mica true….heart unknowingly go to swasan….

      1. Mica

        aww Paru! we are indeed twin 😀

  2. Reyaa

    hmm seems to be interesting but i hope no SwaSan happen

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you Reyaa 😀
      It is 100% a SwaLak ff..So don’t worry SwaSan won’t happen 😉

  3. Loved it sanvi so much…it was rlly awesome…hoping fr best part of swalak ff…continue soon…

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much dear 🙂
      I assure love story of SwaLak 😀

  4. Radhika..

    awesome part di all the scenes and the emotions are beautifully described swara and laksh pov is really justified everything is beautiful laksh mom make him marry forcefully with ragini thats not fair he is believing ragini and not swara but somewhere knowing that she is true di u portray the same story in a new way with differences of thought and much more its really amazing part waiting for everything to sort out and swara nature can never be change she is now also thinking of her sister love the part di love ur writting skill di and love u di????????loved it

    1. Saanvi

      CV’s ney Laksh ko bura bana diya uske baad SwaSan ko ek karke usko aur negative uske baad depressed bana diya..Kahi pe bhi uski zindagi achi nahi thi serial mey..So I’m putting colours to his character in my ff 😉 😀
      Kya karru Swara acha bachi hai isliye usko achi dikha rahi hu 😛
      Thanks for loving my ff Radhu 🙂

  5. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Ahhhhh, you made me emotional, not by chappy, by your writing skill…You are a amazing no no great writer…So, keep writing… About chappy, it’s awsm… I am loving it…. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling?
    BTW, what’s your age??

    1. Saanvi

      That’s a huge compliment to me dear 😀 You made my day 🙂
      Thank you so much for liking my ff 🙂
      My age is 21years..
      Keep smiling..Takecare 😀

  6. Awesome….such atrue love….pls unite swalak pls…..begining to live swalak more…..such a matured lovely couple in ur ff….

    1. Saanvi

      Definitely SwaLak will be united but will take few episodes to do that..But I assure you SwaLak journey till they get united will be worth reading?
      Thanks a lot for the lovely comment Sherin?❤️

  7. Raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan

    Dear thank uuuuuu soooooo much??????????.I didn’t read the story…firstly I came to comment. Bcoz I know u wrote ff awesome…….hoo swalak ,sholuck…. I going to read ….very excited…once again big thanks to uu saanvi ??

    1. Saanvi

      You are welcome dear??
      Awww..That’s a lovely compliment to me?
      Pleasure is mine on writing for SwaLak❤️☺️

  8. Wonderful

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you Tani??

  9. Raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan

    Superb…………..???? …pls don’t make ragini villain..swalak…….

    1. Saanvi

      She will stay as villian for few episodes but will change later into a positive character..Sorry?
      Thank you so much dear??

  10. Awesome episode di

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you dear??

  11. awesome dear. I hope soon ragini’s truth come out.swalak unite.Please write romantic scene between swalak.

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Ritu?
      Very soon the truth will come out ?till then SwaLak romance will be there in every episode??

  12. AMkideewani

    Awesome I love Swalak, can I call you Saanvi di❤️

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you dear?
      Surely you can call me di❤️?

      1. AMkideewani

        Thanks di❤️?

  13. Awsome…

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you dear?

  14. […] Link of my previous episode: Episode 1 […]

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you hema??

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