Meri Aashiqui tum se hi…Reprise [FF] EPISODE 8


SRY guys for the late update………….busy with my studies…………..Belated happy new year and happy pongal…..

Ishani is working seriously while RV smiles seeing her.She goes to take a file from the draw.RV holds her from back.Ishani jerks nd the file falls.He turns
her towards him.RV asks “Do u want to say sumthing”.Ishani trembles and says”Ranveer….I….I….me…mm……He holds her too close to him….RV says “ssshhh”
nd Ishani closes her eyes.RV is about to kiss her…..opens his eyes nd smiles seeing Ishani nervous nd then kisses her nose.He starts laughing nd says “Ishani, did
u see ur face!!!”.Ishani says “wat do u wanna say”.He says “U were as nervous as a child in the exam hall “.Ishani says “Nothing lik that”. RV says then “Then
proove it”.Ishani says “OK,CHALLENGE ACCEPTED”.Ranveer thinks that “Even if i lose in this small challenge i’ll be happy for u becos i don wanna see u

stressed out,Enough of watever u hav tolerated or gone through….for me…Hereafter i wont let anything bad happen to u”.Ishani sees him mesmerised nd asks
“Ranveer r u alright!”.RV says yes mam i am.And they go back to work.Rv is happy seeing Ishani doing her work happily.

Parul is busy in reading the newspaper.Her mom (Lakshmi) comes and asks her what is she doing.Parul says that she was searching for a good job in
mumbai so that she can stay away from the issues about her marriage.Lakshmi says “haai haai….marriage is the most important part in a woman’s life not work”
Parul replies “NO ma, a woman is not only born to marry but also to aachieve something in her life”.Lakshmi says “Then why don’t u get married nd then go
for work”.She says “Yes,but i don’t think that no man would allow his wife to go for work after marriage”.Lakshmi replies “But RV does so.”Parul says “Not everyone in mumbai is RV”.Lakshmi says “There is Manas too”.Parul becomes silent.Lakshmi asks for apology for talking about Manas.Parul says “NO ma,don be sorry,there was nothing between us nd there won’t be nothing between us in the future too.We r just gud frnds.” She goes into a deep thought.

IshVeer reach home.They get freshen up.Ishani is folding her washed clothes.RV walks behind her slowly nd silently to hug her.She sees him coming
behind her in the mirror nd bends.RV falls down nd Ishani laughs.She says 1 POINT for me nd 0 for u.RV says “U may have won this time not the next
time”.She says “Lets see” nd they go for dinner.

Rishi reaches VAGHELA MANSION (RV’s home).He calls the watchman and says “I want to meet Mr.RV”.The watchman replies that “SRY,
Its too late at night,u can meet him tomorrow morning.Rishi leaves.

PRECAP: In the morning RV pulls Ishani towards him.RV gets closer nd asks “R u not nervous.” Ishani stumbles nd says “Nnnnn…nnnooo”

Credit to: Lakshana

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  1. hai lakshana how r u yaar…. precap was awsom…

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  3. Wow very cute episode lakshana

  4. Hahahahaha Ranveer teases Ishani…….just love it…

  5. Superb lakshana.waiting for next .pls update soon.

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