Meri Aashiqui tum se hi…Reprise [FF] EPISODE 7

Its 2:00 am in the morning Ishani wakes up nd watches RV sleeping beside her.She feel hungry nd gets up without making noise as she doesn’t wannadisturb RV.She goes to the dining hall nd sees the food not eaten by RV too.She thinks of not eating as RV too din’t have his dinner.When she starts leaving,RV
holds her hand frm behind nd makes her sit in the chair.He makes her eat with his hands…… with MATSH title track(music)playing.She too makes him eat.

Ishaveer go to their room.Both start saying something but stops.Again they start saying but stop.Finally ISHVEER say”SORRY” to eachother and they
hug eachother.They then go off to sleep having a smile on their face.Its morning and the whole family is back in the house.Ishani comes down nd smiles seeing them.
She hugs Baa nd takes blessings frm Amba nd Baa.Ishani says she missed her brothers alot.Dewarsh says “Do u really miss us!!!”.Ishani says”ofcourse,Why not!!”.
Dewarsh says “I thought u’ll not be having time to think about us ….romancing with RV huh!!”.Everyone laugh.Ishani says “Nothing like that !!!”and runs
away frm there.

RV and Ishani leave for office.In the car Rv asks Ishani “Where do u want to go”.Ishani says “Why r u asking like this suddenly!”.RV says “Just tell”.
Ishani says “Wherever u want”.Raveer says”OK!!I’ll inform u later about the place”.They reach the office.RV nd Ishani get down the car.They reach the cabin
nd RV says “We have a lot of work to do”Ishani says “OK LETS START”.

In the house Baa nd Amba have a talk about Parul.They are worried for her future.Rishi becomes fit nd fine, leaves the village thanking the people for
taking care of him.He thinks “I WILL START A FRESH LIFE”.

PRECAP: RV is working in his laptop nd sees Ishani working seriously.He stares at her smiling lovingly….When she takes a file RV holds her close to him.

Credit to: Lakshana


  1. Dhruva

    Lakshana where are you yaar…..pls update it soon…..l just can’t see current track so feel happy by reading the ff so pls yaar update it soon

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