Meri Aashiqui tum se hi…Reprise [FF] EPISODE 6


Its morning.Ishveer wake up and r surprised seeing each other close.Ishani gets up and says to RV “What did u give to me!!!! my head is paining”.
RV remembers that when he was searching for water for Ishani he mistakenly took alcohol.Ishani says “what!!!u made me drink!!!”.RV says “If u drink lime
water u’ll get better”Ishani is angry with RV and leaves without saying anything.RV says “I messed up again”…..God help me…!!!

RV gets ready for office.When Ishani enters he asks “R u not coming for the office”.Ishani angrily says “U spoiled my day ,how could i work now!”
RV keeps mum.RV receives call frm the office nd goes near the door nd says “I’ll reach office in 20min”Ishani stares at him angrily and when she leaves she
slips and RV holds her.They have an eyelock.Ishani releives herself nd leaves saying “Don’t forget to take ur breakfast”.RV thinks “She still cares for me”.

Its late afternoon nd Ishani is sitting in the sofa and thinks whether RV has eaten his lunch nd thinks of calling him but stops saying “Why
shuld I”RV in the office too thinks of the same nd he too stops himself saying not now I’ll surprise Ishani when I reach home.

Its 12 am nd Ishani is waiting for RV as he has not reached home nd sleeps in the sofa waiting for him.RV is driving the car and says”I thoughtof surprising Ishani by going for date at night in the beach but bcos of this work load I messed it up again !”.He reaches home.When he enters the hall he sees Ishani sleepin in the sofa .He sits near her and says “MERI AASHIQUI TUM SE HE” nd kisses her forehead.He carries her in his arms to their room.He gently puts her in the bed nd covers her with a blanket like caring a child.When he leaves Ishani holds his little finger in sleep.RV removes it nd kisses her
in the cheek nd leaves.

He goes to the dining table ns sees food kept open in a plate nd realises that Ishani has not eaten nd he too leaves without eating.

PRECAP:Ishani wakes up at midnight nd sees RV sleeping.She feels hungry……….

Credit to: Lakshana

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  1. So romantic ff. And ranvi care ishani like a child. I just imagine it will be happen in matsh show then i feel very happy. And lakshana where r u gone. I eager to waits ur ff. Plz update ur ff in daily.

    1. Ya I agree…..

    2. i was busy with my studies….nd will be…….so ill not be able to post updates daily but will try my best to update u ………….

      1. i agree with k,parveena………

  2. I just love your ff Lakshana…….can’t wait for next episode sooo pls update it fast…..

  3. Nice Lakshana.yaa I agree to K.praveena.plz update ur ff daily.

  4. Kaash matsh mein same aapke ff jo aaj aapne likha hai waisa ho jaaye after ending nirbhay’s and ritika’s character from the show

  5. ya yaar plz update the ff daily and waiting for next epi

  6. It was awesome Lakshana.pls keep writing.

  7. Just update your ff fast can’t wait…………..for next episode…….

  8. And I also want ur ff daily.

  9. So sweet..ishveer rockz

  10. I loved it…

  11. really it’s awesome. guys tum log amazing ho . lakshana , ranaji and all agar matsh ke writers esi soch rakhe to matsh dekhne mein maja a jaye.

  12. really it’s awesome. guys tum log amazing ho . lakshana , ranaji and all agar matsh ke writers esi soch rakhe to matsh dekhne mein maja a jayega.

  13. suuperb … Lakshana ..

    Really this happen in serial Iam very happy ..

    Still iam laughing ..

    Thank U so much .. wounderful , amazing .

    Please continue lakshana .. i cant wait for nxt epi ..

  14. wow its just super just keep writing n how romantic our hero rv kaash ye matsh mein hota

  15. I just lOve u for you ff lakshana super amazingly romantic

  16. Rookey Rookers

    so . . so . . super . pls . update soon . i am waiting , cant wait for the next episode .i just love it . matsh the best always , keep rocking . .

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