Meri Aashiqui tum se hi…Reprise [FF] EPISODE 5


RV comes out of the room and is searching for Ishani. Ishani hides behind the sofa.RV keeps on searching nd Ishani enjoys seeing him like this.Suddenly she doesnt see RV anywhere and starts searching.She enters the kitchen and calls out him.He comes from behind and catches her.She gets scared.RV says
“I am the winner,Iam the winner”.Ishani says “no u cheated”.RV u challenged me nd i won “Ranveer Vaghela is a born champion nd now give me my prize”.
She asks”What prize?”RV says for my success.Ishani ignores and goes.RV says u hav to.Ishani agrees nd asks “wat do u want”.Rv says “DDDDDANNCEEE”

Ishani says”WAT?”RV says u must .He says lets get ready.Both enter each room and comes out dressed funnily.{THINK OF ANY DRESS}.RV switches on the
radio and starts dancing heavily…..Suddenly tum hi ho starts playing and they both hold eachother closely and start dancing…..Ishani is half sleepy nd RV is
in his own world

Ishani’s hand mistakenly pushes the radio and it falls nd breaks.Still they din stop dancing..RV slips hitting the broken radio and falls on the sofa nd
Ishani falls over him.RV asks her to get up but she doesnt respond nd he notices that she has slept hugging him nd he too hugs her nd both go to sleep……………

Rishi is still walkin in the dark and gets unconscious.Some village people notices him and takes him to their home.Amba,Baa nd others are in the temple
and they pray for Ishveer to be together forever.Parul and Manas are standing adjacent to each other.Someone pushes Parul ND Manas holds her.Seeing this Dishagets irritated.Pratik stands in the queue to get prasad.Dewarsh comes there nd takes the prasad nd gives it to Krisha saying I stood in the queue for a long time nbrought tis for u.Pratik comes there nd snatches it saying i brought tis for me.Pratik,Dewarsh nd Krisha ,the TRIO share a fun moment.
Its morning,Ishveer wake and r surprised seeing each other close…….

PRECAP: Ishani says to RV that she has headache “What did u give to me!!!!”….RV stood there confused


Credit to: Lakshana

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  1. Superb, aswsome, romantic epi. Plz continue it.

  2. wow lakshana . yeh sab to vesa hain jesa pehele matsh mein hota tha . ishveer love. thanks lakshana U are Amazing

  3. Its just awesome Lakshana l thought ekta mam should put like this track for trps your ff is just superb. Love it…..♥♥♥

  4. Nice Lakshana.u are superb.continue never stop writing plz

  5. wow super just hoping to be happens on matsh in future.
    keep writing like this we will support u for sure

  6. Ya just let them consummate na

    1. sry im not old enough to write lik tat ah!!!! just love scenes…….

  7. Wow superb.ishveer rockz..

  8. rookey rookers

    hai . . . I agree with dhruva . its super . finally after a long time u wrote this , waiting for it a long time . how u done ur exam friend ? is it easy ?

    1. mat,bot,zoo,che,tamil ,english were easy but physics was tough…….hope i ll get good marks…………………

  9. Wow it.


  11. Jo rv ki company ka associate hota hai n on ishveer’s reception he accuses sharman of doing fraud in company by showing fake papers

  12. Which prove that sharman has done the fraud in company n later on he helps Chirag also in his evil plans so that he also take revenge from rv

  13. Awesome fan fictions

  14. guys i am new to this ff.but i am a great fan of matsh.and it is nice than the original track. lakshana great writing.congrates

  15. Please Lakshana………..update it fast na………can’t wait………

    1. I’ve updated it but don’t know when it wil be published…..sry for the delay guyssssssssss…

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