Meri Aashiqui tum se hi…Reprise [FF] EPISODE 4


Amba and Baa are discussing about leaving IshVeer alone in home as they can spend sumtime together and we all can go out of city.Suddenly Ishani
enters and asks”Where r u going Baa”.Baa and Amba stammers and finally say that they all r leaving for Vaishnavidevi temple for peace in the family.Ishani
says “Wow tats a good idea I’ll start packing”.Baa and Amba together say”NOOOO”.Ishani asks “Why”.They give the reason as Ishveer shuld take care of
the home etc etc”.Ishani thinks tat this is the chance to make up my mistake to RV.Ishani saya”OK We will stay”.Baa n Amba tease her and she leaves
saying”Nothing like tat.”

Everyone bid goodbye and leave.Ishani now goes to her room and thinks of many ideas but is not satisfied.She then sits in the bed and keeps thinking
and falls asleep.Meanwhile RV is in the office nd says “today will be ours”….nd smiles thinking of his memories made with Ishani frm the chilhood till now.

Ishani wakes up hearing a noise.When she comes out of her room the power goes off.She comes down the stairs holding her mangalsutra tightly.She hears
footsteps and opens the main door to see no one there.When she closes the door she feels that sumone is there nd turns but there is no one behind.She heads to the
kitchen and someone comes frm behind ,shuts her mouth and blindfolds her.

He takes Ishani towards the hall with his hands on Ishani’s mouth.Ishani recognises that it is RV nd acts like fainting.RV gets worried and carries her
in his harms to their room nd goes down to get water.Meanwhile Ishani manages to go out of the room.RV comes to the room with water in a glass and notices
Ishani missing.He keeps the glass on the table aside nd calls out Ishani.She grabs his hand and takes him to the corner and says”Only you can play with me ah!
I can too!” nd she comes closer to RV nd goes to kiss him and again says “Mr.Ranveer Vaghela,have patience”.She drinks half of the water which RV brought
and says”IF U CAN,COME AND CATCH MEEE” and runs away.Ranveer thinks “I CAN” and drinks the remaining water nd runs out of the room.

PRECAP : Ishani and Ranveer get dressed up and switches on the radio nd dance lunatically.


Credit to: Lakshana

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