Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi…Reprise [FF] EPISODE 2


The episode starts with Disha and Manas being confused and are tensed as they think that Parul as eloped from the house along with krish.Manas receives a phone call from an unknown. He cuts it,he receives the call repeatedly and finally attends the call.He is shocked to hear Parul.She asks him to come to City Hospital ASAP.Allarrive there.Disha slaps her and interogates about her son.Parul clears the misunderstanding that krish was not well so i took him to the hospital and Doc said to admit him in the hospital,i tried to contact but noone received.Everyone except Disha appologise to her.

Finally its the day of hearing in the court.Ranveer arrives and sees Ishani there nd smiles.The session starts and Shikar submits the proof he
had collected .But the judge says these proofs are not enough to proove RV’s innocence.RV says he dinkill Sharman.the judge asks then who did this.Someone enters and says “I KILLED SHARMAN NOT RV”.Everyone turn towards him
and r shoced to see “MILAN” standing there.Yes “M” is none other than “Milan”.He sumbits the suitcase having all the documents proving he is the look alike….the twin bro of RV
.He also confesses that he killed Sharman.Now the judge gives his judgement tat Milan shuld get admitted in a rehab .When RV and Ishani go to
meet Milan ,he says that I have a gift for u Ranveer my brother….its the cure for Ranveer’s infection.He says that though my intentions were wrong before
now my intensions are correct …..He adds that ive realised what is love…….seeing Ishani.He removes his pendant and gives it to Ishani.She opens nd sees the picture of her and RV.She smiles.
He also says that “I WAS MILAN THE VILLAIN AND WILL ALWAYS BE”.But not for my brother and bhabhi nd leaves.

Everyone is happy and reach home.Baa welcomes them bydoing aarti.IshVeer go to their room.Ranveer starts to say something…..but Ishani stops him says “I know that what u wanna thank me but u don have to I can do anything

even die for u”.RV says he won’t be able to live without her.They hug each other.Tears fell down both of their eyes nd they wipe off each others’ face.Ishani gives him the
medicine and says it will take one week to get cured.

PRECAP:- AFTER ONE WEEK……..RV’s infection has now been cured.

Credit to: Lakshana

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