Meri Aashiqui tum se hi…Reprise [FF] EPISODE 10


Parul says to IshVeer “I’M going for an interview bhaiyya,bhabhi wish me luck”.IshVeer stood with silence nd finally open up to smile nd they hug Parul
giving her their best wishes.She leaves.She asks the driver to take the car nd finds him tensed nd asks him the reason for his tension.He says that his son met with an accident
nd has been admitted in the hospital nd he has to go.Parul says “OK..u come only after ur son is fine.He leaves.Parul calls him back and gives him some money.He thanks her
and leaves.Parul sees Rishi outside nd goes to him.She asks him to get lost nd this would be the last time seeing him.He begs her to listen to him but she doesn’t nd leaves
saying the watchmen not to let him meet RV.She leaves saying “I’m late because of him”.She herself drives car in a hurry.

The driver comes to someone nd says “YOUR WORK IS DONE NOW GIVE ME MY PAYMENT”.The man says “Take ur money,leave the city nd dont come this side for 2-3 months.The driver says ok nd leaves.The MAN is not shown.

IshVeer reach the office.Ishani feels that something wrong is gonna happen in the family nd stood still nd tensed.Ranveer asks her “JUNGLEE BILLI,WHAT
R U THINKING ABOUT!!!!” nd laughs.She comes back to her senses nd says “WHATTT,,,am i a wild cat” nd runs behind him.While running her foot slams against the table nd falls down but RV catches hold of her.

Parul is driving the car in a haste as she is late for the interview nd hits sumone.She comes out of the car nd helps him in standing up.She keeps on saying
sorry.He says its okay nd i can manage.She says “NO,you r bleeding nd i’ll drop u home,tell me your address.” He remains silent nd says “I’m new to the city and i don’t have a home nd im looking for one.Parul says “OK, then i’ll accompany you”.He says “I think u r in a hurry to go somewhere.” She says “YES i have an interview to attend.” He says then u can leave as u r already late.Parul compels him to come along nd wait till she attends her interview nd they will go to her home.He says “OKAY”.

Ishani bleeds badly nd is in pain.RV feels her pain nd is teary eyed.He lifts her nd lays her in the sofa in his cabin.He holdsher foot nd sees the blood constantly
comin out.He gets the first aid box nd cleans blood with cotten,applies ointment nd plasters the cotton over her wound.RV says “IT HAPPENED BCOS OF ME…I SHOULD HAVE NOT TEASED U” nd feels really bad.Ishani hugs him and says “U CAN NEVER HURT ME RANVEER”holdinghis face. Both wipe off their tears.He kisses her forehead nd leaves giving her tablet nd says “I’ll cum wid the doc”.

PRECAP: Parul is late for the interview.Its her turn nd Parul is tensed as she is late and thinks that she’ll be rejected.

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