Meri Aashiqui tum se hi…Reprise [FF] EPISODE 11

The episode starts with Ranveer bringing the doc to the cabin .The doc checks the wound nd says “Its a deep cut nd to avoid from bacterial infection I will give u an injection “.Ishani shouts “NOOOO….not injection..u can give me tablet”.The doc says “No tablets won’t work only injection will work.” RV too agrees nd says “Ishani do u remember that day !!!!”. ishani asks “which day !!!” .RV says “when we were going to school nd u slipped a stone…..”..nd diverts her thought .Ishani is mesmerised in his talk nd RV gives signal to the doc.HE gives injection nd ishani doesn’t feel it.The doc says “Its over”nd leaves giving meicines list.RV says “U din know”.Ishani smiles.

Parul is late for the interview.Its her turn nd Parul is tensed as she is late and thinks that she’ll be rejected.She is called.She knocks the door.The boss (young) sayscome in.She takes her seat. (His name is Ritik Agarwal.He is a soft person.) The interview starts. AFTER INTERVIEW: He says “Parul ji,I went through ur file nd i know that u have no xperience but i loved ur ideas so u can leave now nd u’ll get ur call.She is confused nd leaves.Parul thinks “OH GOD !!! I FORGOT THAT MAN ND LEAVES FAST”.He is waiting in Parul’s car.She comes there nd says “I’m really sorry for making u wait”.He says “Its ok”.She asks his name.He says “Vinay Alawat”.She says “FIRST WE’LL VISIT THE HOSPITAL ND THEN WE’LL GO HOME”.He agrees.

Its night nd IshVeer leave the office.In the car Ishani feel sleepy due to the medicine nd sleeps in the car.RV is speaking thinking she is listening nd finds her sleeping.He smiles seeing her.They reach home.RV gets down the car nd opens the door for Ishani.He thinks of waking up her but doesn’t.He lifts her in his arms without disturbing her sleep nd carries her like a flower.When he enters everyone is in the hall.Pratik shouts “BOTH REACHED HOME.” Ranveer says “SSSSHHHHH!!!!!!”.He leaves saying we ate in the office’s canteen nd u all can carry on ur dinner.He carries her upstairs nd lays her in the bed nd covers her with a blanket.She holds in sleeep his hand while he leaves.He takes her hand nd keeps it in the bed nd gives her a goodnit kiss.He changes his dress nd goes off to sleep.

Parul comes home along with Vinay.Lakshmi is shocked seeing her with a man latenight nd scolds her .Everyone come in the hall.Amba says “First let her say, dont scold her.” Parul then explains the situation.Amba says to Vishal “Beta, u can stay in the guest room till u get a house to stay in.He agrees smiling nd thinks “THIS FAMILY IS VERY NICE.”


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  1. Oh! What a fanfic

  2. Yaar lakshana..i had big doubt..who r vishal and vinay..parul’s boss is ritik agarwal…then those men r who..

  3. nice ff . want ishveer romance

  4. very good . I liked it . I want romance .

  5. Love to read ur ff lakshana.really superb.waiting for next update.

  6. Rookey Rookers

    ranvi care 4 ish , super . i love it . keep rock lakshu . . .

  7. very nice epi

  8. Ranvi lifting ish scene was really awesome superb

  9. Superb ff.

  10. fantastic ff lakshana pls continue

  11. i love you ishveer ?????????????

  12. guys anyone tell me how to write fan fiction in matsh my frnd had created a story .its fantastic .we dont knw how to update .pls tell the way or any website .
    plss guyssss help .its gud story of ishveer…………..

  13. What channel was this on because 822 Colours and rishtey TV have not been showing matsh for the last 2 days?

  14. Nice lakshana.

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