Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi…Reprise [FF] EPISODE 1


Hi guys!!!
I’m here with a new fan fiction of MERI AASHIQUI TUM SE HI.
the story will proceed frm RV in the jail,Shikar’s rentry,IshKar trying
to get RV out of jail…..nd no RITHIKA…….

HOPE U GUYS R GONNA ENJOY READIN MY UPDATES…..will try my best to entertain u all….
The episode starts with Shikar and Ishani investigating the lab assisstant who gave Milan that injection.

He reveals everything about it when Shikar holds a gun at his forehead nd asking him to say the truth .The lab man says that there was only one bottle of medicine to cure the injected person.
Both Shikar and Ishani ask for it and the man says that a man came two three hours before and bought it for more amount than you can give.
Shikar asks how much for which he replies as one lakh.When Shikar asks for his appearance he says that he doesn’t remember much nd adds that he wore unique pendent .
Actually Shikar has recorded everything,finally the gun turns out to be a duplicate one nd they leave.
A man is shown in the dark.A suitcase which is locked is shown nearbyhim.He is wearing a pendent same as what the lab assisstant told about.

A man comes and says ur lunch is ready “M” nd informs him something which is not heard. The man wearing that unique kind of pendant is walking along the roadside.

Its late night now and Ranveer peeps through the exhaust hole in his jailroom.Suddenly a raindrop falls on his forehead and he remembers the day when Ishani
asked him to teacher her dance and both getting wet.On the otherside Ishani sees raining outside and goes outside having a smile on her face.She closes her eyes and opens
to see Ranveer opposite her smiling.He kneels down and asks for her hand,she forwards it.He holds her right hand with his right hand and gets up.He takes her left hand
and keeps it in his shoulder and his left hand around her waist……..with tum hi ho song playing in the background.They share an eyelock nd begin to dance.Raveer swings
Ishani and gets closer to her and Ishani closes her eyes and when she opens she realises that it was only her imagination.She leaves for her room.

The man wearing the pendant is all wet and heads towards a tree where some goons arrive and kidnap him.Still his face is not shown.The man is tied to a
chair nd its dark but there is an exhaust hole in the sidewall through which light rays come.He gets the idea of escaping through that hole but is unable to do so.He is
struggling with the ropes and there comes a man who is wearing the same pendant and call himself as “M”,both the faces are still not shown.”M” calls the other man as “Rishi”and finally his face is shown.He is none other than the old fraud who once accused Sharman and made Disha pregnant.”M” asks for the curing medicine but Rishi denies saying it is my last chance to become good in the eyes of RV.”M” somehow manages to snatch the cure from him.”M”is still not shown.”M” leaves
Rishi in the dark room.

PRECAP : Finally its the day of hearing in the court.Ranveer arrives and sees Ishani there nd smiles.

Credit to: Lakshana

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  1. So nice Lakshana.nice episode.precap seems to be interesting.waiting for next episode.

  2. yes i just love these ff since these type of ff started i forget all the real story of matsh………..thankz lakshana………i realy realy realy love the 1st episode……………..

  3. thanks Lakshana for this ff epi . there is no rits in this ff . well done

    1. ur welcum………..none of us wants ritika to cum inbetweeen ishveer so i did this

  4. thanks Lakshana for this ff epi . there is no rits in your ff . well done

  5. marvelous epi I loved it

  6. Superb epi. Lots of matsh fans want this in daily telecasted matsh epi. and lakshana u r correctly catch that. Ranvi arrives and seering ishani that is correct time tum hi ho plays in bg. And already see ur comment and u says i want to show real aashiqui in ff. Now i accepted this real aashiqui. My hearty congrts 4 ur ff.

  7. wonderful lakshana.While reading the updates,if there r any love or senti scenes,I always watch d episode & while I was reading ur update I CLICKED—–>…………..THEN MUJHE YAAD AAYA KI..OOOOOOOO……..VERY NICE STORY

  8. Ur first episode was awesome. In the original serial so sad story is going on. Yank u for writing a ff on this story track. As I had thought after this story ishveer will unite. But nothing like that is going to happen in the serial. But plz unite ishveer soon in ur ff.

  9. I loved this episode very much.thank u Lakshana

  10. nice episode ……way to go

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