meri aashiqui tum se hi- a new love story…(intro and episode 1)


Hi guys it’s aditi….you know me I think…forced marriage. ..I could not write more ishveer parts…and I am here with new plot….actually ranveer is gonna play ranveer role but in place of ishani I thought to give a chance to New person …you guys know sonakshi bose right…she gonna play the time of riya in this’s more over a short story …I thought…so you guys support me ….comment if you like …then sure I will continue. ..

Characters …..

“His condition is very critical!” The doctor told Riya and she cried more for him. His eyes were closed but still some life was left in him.

He thought about how wonderful the day started with the cold breeze touching his cheeks. He was standing near a window enjoying the cold breeze with a cup of coffee in his hands. The flowers outside the window were giving a soothing, refreshing view. He closed his eyes and let the breeze touch his face. The person he loved the most came and kissed his cheeks, nose, eyes, chin, forehead then finally lips. He did not take a second to respond back. They both stood their feeling the cold breeze with her head on his shoulder. “Why this day is so frightening?” He asked. “It’s beautiful baby! Why do you feel it’s frightening?” She asked in a soft little voice. “Something is wrong!” He said as a tear escaped his eye but she was not able to see it as she was enjoying the view. “You were the one to tell me that if we are together than nothing is wrong.” She said and looked at him. “I think you are right.” He said and smiled she smiled back. “I love you ranveer.” She said placing her head back on his shoulder. “I love you too Riya.” He said intervening their hands.

Flashback Ends …
His body jumped up from the bed as he has been given electric shock. “We have 48 hours to determine whether he can live or not.” The doctor told riya and his family. He wanted to see riya for the last time. He was leaving her. He was breaking the promise he made to stay with her forever. He remembered the day he got noticed by riya.

It was riya’s birthday and he planned a surprise for her. Riya was the most popular girl in the college and she never noticed him still he planned to make her day. As soon as riya entered the auditorium hall’s lights went on and everyone started singing happy birthday for her. Riya looked shocked and ranveer was continuously staring at her. He was not able to take his eyes off his angel. As ranveer was about to make his way towards riya the crowd gathered around her and started congratulating her. He backed away in disappointment as he was again failed to get noticed by his angel. “Ranveer leave it! How many times you have tried but she never noticed you! I think you should move on!” His friend Rahul suggested. “I can’t stop myself from loving her.” He replied at the verge of crying. “Excuse me.” He heard the voice of his angel. He lookedup and saw her smiling. “You planned all this for me?” She asked looking at the arrangements and he nodded proudly . “Thank you so much.” She said and hugged him. They both felt aspark but riya shrugged it off. “I don’t even know you why you did all this for me?” She asked.”You can know me now. I am ranveer.”He said and forwarded his hand. She shook it and they both smiled at each other. There eyes were not ready to leave each other’s gaze but riya’s boyfriend took her away from there and ranveer felt heartbroken.

Flashback Ends

Credit to: aditi roy

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  1. How about writing about Ishveer -_-


    Hey Aditi……I appreciate urwriting skills but u know what we ishveerians even hate to see Neha with Shakti……so please no one else then Ishani……..No doubt Sonakshi’s character and looks are good but her pair only suits with Dev……..both couples are golden couples…..please don’t make this SS…..its a kind request I like ur story…..but will love when their will be Ishveer…….please do it…..

  3. Hey nice start post the 2nd epi

  4. Hey… Niz start aditi.. A different plot with different pair… Update next soon… Keep smiling…

  5. Nandana

    Very nice and I really liked it but misses ishani so badly .And update the next episode soon đŸ˜‰

  6. Its new thinking nice ?

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