Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever)season-2 epi-200


I am on cloud nine – extremely happy!!
So guys from this epi new love story gonna start.. Pls new readers.. Check epi atleast from now!!

6yrs leap

The episode starts with.. Americans dance.. OS shown.. Niagra falls is shown.. Grass. Road. Agricultural! Etc.. Is shown.. A farm house is shown.. Inside one girl writes diary with tear eyes.. She tells u left us this same days before 6yrs.. Her eye drops falls on diary.. It is none other than Ishaani.. Choti Ishaani.. Comes there running and hugs her.. Ishaani smiles and asks her why she is happy?

Now Ishaani child name is ishika(for few epi)..

Radhika comes there and asks Ishaani.. Why she is crying?? Ishaani tells nothing… Radhika tells I knew.. That today only ranveer died.. But today u r daughter birthday! Ishaani wipes tears and head towards Hall.. Reena comes there with candle and lights it.. Ishaani takes it and tells it will become poison and makes ishika stand near cake.. All sings song for her..????????????????????????????????????????????????.. She cuts the cake and feeds Ishaani.. She smiles and makes ishika ear.

??Ishika gets gifts and smiles.. She asks Ishaani u told today papa will come?? Where is he?? Ishaani tells he has Imp.. So he will come in next birthday! She agrees..radhika asks why she is telling lie?? Ishaani tells if she comes to know then she will be bad!

Reena distributes cake and chocolate to all
.ishika smiles.. Ishaani comes near her and dances with her.. Ishaani takes her out.. Ishika tells I need ice cream! Ishaani buys and gives it to her.. Ishika haves.. It.. They plan in rain.. They have fun time.. ????????

Sahil(Anuj sachdeva)comes there.. Ishika hugs him and asks how is he? He tells fine.. Ishika asks where is my gift? He gives to her.. She kisses on his cheeks.. He smiles and hugs him.. Ishaani asks why late? He tells I had work! Ishaani agrees.. Sahil plays with ishika and they all have fun time together…

Precap: One veiled lady takes big stick.. And beats one man.. It is none other than ranveer.. She tells him to work properly! Ishika gets cold.. Ishaani joins her and drinks kashyam.. Sahil also drinks with ishika.

Today I am happy+!so I starts new love story.. So atleast from now.. All try to comment..

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  4. Bro i thik ur going to be a successfull script writer in future

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      Me tooo think the same.. I will be happy.. With me matsh season-2 comes back means.. So I will try my best…

  5. Hey loved it sooooooooooooooo much keep it up bro and keep rocking

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      Thnx duva for the comment.. Third time commenting thnx thnx thnx thnx sister.. Luv u all soooo much??????????????????????????????????



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    1. Julina

      Just kidded dr… happy u came again… but very sad that u r not going to continue ur ff…. really feel bad… but if u hav time pls continue….

      1. I am also feeling very sad dear that I can’t write my ff. I am having some problems so sorry. But if I get the chance to write surely first of all I will write it. Take care dr

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  19. Hi Naren it was such a nice episode I really liked it very much eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

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  25. Ranaji u r writing horror story na so it will got end ? Or u will continue it. Really too good.

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      Mariya I got bored of writing it.. I am not getting comment.s… So i stopped it…

      1. No no ranaji that story is amazing awesome why u stopped it……. But really nice one . but now u started so many new ff na that’s superb. OK if u get time than update it but first concentrate on ur studies.

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