Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever)season-2 epi-199


The episode starts with Ranveer gets to know.. He stands shocked.. Ishaani comes there and asks what happened? He tells nothing and. Cuts the call.. Vivian stands shocked.. He comes to shakthi and tells this.. Shakthi tells him not to fell anything to radhika.. Then she will feel bad! Radhika tells me? Shakthi and Vivian gets shocked.. She tells it is easy for me.. I think ranveer did not know who we are?

After 6months..

Ishaani in the ward.. Shouts in pain.. Ranveer stands outside praying God.. Doc calls him inside.. He stands near Ishaani and holds her hand tightly.. She shouts.. Baby comes out.. Doc tells she is daughter.. He gets teary eyes.doc tells we need to keep child in ink Petter! He agrees. Radhika, shakthi, Vivian and madhu comes there and sees him from far. They prays to God for their happiness!

Ishaani opens eyes and sees ranveer and smiles.. He tells her to take rest.. She asks then u will play with children? Then what about me???He tells first me then u! She tells this is not fair! Doc comes there and tells them not to fight.. They both smiles at each other..

Later.. Baby,ishaani and ranveer comes to house.. Neha and Arjun also comes there.. She apologize for her mistake.. Neha tells I won’t come in u r life at any cost.. Bolna plays.. They both dance for it.. Neha leaves with child.. After bidding bye.. Randhir,Joseph,Raghav and kalpi comes there and tells them today is u r last day!

They all smiles.. Ranveer tries to call police.. Raghav throws knife.. Which hurts his hand.. Kalpi comes and takes baby and laughs.. She tells this baby will be taken to Bihar for begging.. She brings our.. Radhika hits her with stick and takes child.. Radhika calls police. Reena comes there and takes madhu,Vivian.. In car.. Raghav stabs ranveer infront of Ishaani..she shouts ranveer name!!??????

Radhika takes her from there.. Ishaani shouts his name back to back.. Radhika brings her to airport and they all come to America.. Near mountain range!

Precap: New love story! Niagara falls is shown, American road,grass,agriculture etc. Is shown.. Inside farm.. One girl writes diary with teary eyes.. Her eye drops fell on diary! It is none other than Ishaani..

So from next epi.. New love track.. Anuj sachdeva role as sahil.. Will be Vivian and madhu son!

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  1. Siddhi

    Wow amazing episode and can u tell me how did u and reena combined?

    1. Narendran

      BOth created a common id.. We discussed ideas through whatsapp

  2. Amazing episode Naren dear it was interesting but what happened to ranveer pls reveal it soon ?

    1. Hi Neelam dear , how r u ? I replay to u dear plzz chek it.

  3. Narendran

    Sure neelam.. Thnx for commenting!!

  4. Hey bro loved it sooooooooooooooo much no words to express

    1. Narendran

      Thnx duva for the comment..!.. How r u??

      1. I super cool and how u bro

  5. Nice episode & emotional ending. waiting for their new story. How is ur study going on?

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx Mariya for the studies are going good!!

  6. Hy naren bro…. Your chap is amazing…precap seems interesting… What happened to ranveer… Hope everything turns out good…. Eagerly waiting for your next… I have replied to your comment bro…. Anyways i m Arivodhaya… Keep smiling…..

  7. Nandana

    Nice episode bro but feeling sad for ranveer . does ranveer is there in the new story . plz add him also if u can and other vise I will miss him badly 🙁

  8. No i want ishveer lovestory only that’s it ranaji bro

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