Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever)season-2 epi-198

The episode starts with Veiled lady comes to airport and tells I have taken his finger print and she smiles and leaves in flight. Ranveer asks Ishaani did u have tablet? She tells no it is bitter! He tells so what? Think about me.. And baby! She asks then me? ???He tells this is for u! He closes her nose and puts tablet inside and makes her drink water! She smiles..they share an eyelock!

Veiled lady comes to America! She comes near radhika house… She knocks the door.. Reena comes out and asks who is she? She takes knife.. Reena gets shocked and throws sand on her face and calls them out.. Radhika,vivian, drashti, shakthi comes out and gets shocked after seeing her.. Radhika asks how did. U come here?? It is none other than Kalpi! Kalpi tells this time I came here to kill u! Radhika takes gun and aims at her.. Vivian calls police.

Kalpi smiles and tells u think this time I came alone? Radhika and other search.. Kalpi pulls them and takes gun and pulls trigger.. She tells if u want to shoot just! Finish and u should not talk waste! She smiles.. She shoots on their legs.. All shouts in pain. Kalpi leaves from there.. Police and ambulance comes there and takes them!

Radhika tells shakthi let is tell atleast now to ranveer that we are alive! He agrees.. Radhika calls but he does not picks it. She calls again and again but fails.. Doc takes care of them.. Ranveer sees unknown number and calls back. Vivian attends and tells all,!!he stands shocked.

Precap:Radhika,Vivian, shakthi and madhu comes back to India. With veiled lady! Raghav,randhir,masked man,ritika,Joseph.. All comes to ranveer house.. Randhir stabs ranveer with knife!! Ishaani shouts ranveer!! During baby shower it happens.. Before that.. Neha and Arjun dance… Radhika,madhu takes Ishaani with them! To America!

So 200th epi onwards new love will start.. Pls don’t scold me.. Becoz I need to bring new characters. Also. So only! Ishaani and ranveer will be soon united.


  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi ♥♥♥

    Nice episode bro.sorry for not commenting.I don’t have enough time to comment here.Soo sorry…..don’t scold me pls….

  2. maya shelly

    Niz epi naren bro… Return of the old characters…but about ur precap??? Waiting for ur next… Keep smiling…

    • Narendran


      Thnx Mariya Akka.. Don’t worry all will reply on 200th epi!! Sizzling love story, and matsh..! Love can be measured? Enjoy the life! That is it.. Enjoy the life name will be diff but I am only writing it.

  3. Mariya

    Hi my sweet lovely matsh family, how r u all sathya di , arham dear , ranaji , Prince bro , sana dear ,Neelam dear, reena dear ,dhurva dear , keerthi di,vyshu dear , payal dear, praveena dear, IshuRv. Sorry if I forgot any name of ishveer lovers.
    Love u all may god bless u & keep smiling always missing u my family members.

  4. Mariya

    Ranaji I registered in telly update & they said that they will confirm it by sending mail on my email address in 24 hours. & if I didn’t receive it from there side than contact to them so I contact to them hope soon they will send me another email or regarding it.

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi ♥♥♥

    I am fine mariya dii.what about u? I missed u Soo much..god bless u dii.take u…

  6. sathyav (shakti weds radz )

    Hi mariya dr how r u after long time i visit tis page bcoz of u only.sana dr told abt ur visit via whatsapp.we r all connect in whatsapp pls visit ur mail .i send one mail .i really really miss u sooooooooo much.i dnt wanna loose u so pls chk ur mail

      • Mariya

        don’t worry bro we all r always with u ur so naughty . but don’t tell that Cz we all care for u & love to bro. don’t cry . u r our sweet bro na.

    • Mariya

      Hi sathya di , I am fine & how r u di & jijju ? Woww ur so sweet di & thank u so that ur coming here for me thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. di u know what in my life no one told me that I didn’t wanna lose u even not my real sis , mom , dad…etc. but u told it & I am first time hear this for me. U r my above than my real sister . & I am feeling very especial & blessed to having u in my life. Thank u soooooooo muchhhhhh di. & I also missssssssssssssss u soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Love u soooooo muchhhhhh. Ya di I chek my mail soon & replay to u di. Keep smiling always di.god bless u . see u soon di.

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