Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever)season-2 epi-197


The episode starts with Ishaani leans against wall.. Ranveer sleeps on her lap.. She sings aararoo song!! He smiled.. At her and tells u am not child!She tells but for me!! Allah warriyan plays. He sleeps.. She also sleeps. Veiled lady comes there and slowly takes his hand finger print and pic of him.. Ranveer feels disgusted and sees veiled lady..He catches her and asks her what she wants?? He licks mobile and his finger print paper.. She runs away… He thinks why she took this?? Ishaani gets up.. She asks what happened? He tells nothing and sleeps..

Next day… Ranveer brings her to room and makes her sit on bed and comes to kitchen and cuts onion.. He cries.. she comes there and laughs.. She tells u r bug business man but doing this small thing!! He tells so what? I can even change me into dog for my wife!! She smiles.. She tells I love so much.. He tells I love u so so so much!! They both smiles at each other.. He makes soup and tells I will feed.

Ishaani tells I am not baby! He tells so what? For me!! Sanam re plays.. She tells I used this yesterday and u today?he tells so what? I can’t copy from my wife? He smiles.. She tells sure sir! He feeds her.. She tells it is ????????She tells it superb!! He tells it is did my me!! He tells wait I will taste.. Ishaani tells noooo I will itself drink!! He tells no I will!! He drinks and spits it.. He tells but soo bad.. He asks her then why u said it is nice? She tells I did not see the taste.. I saw the love which u put inside the soup!! Tum hi ho plays..

She smiles.. He tells OK.. He keeps it inside.. He tells now it is walking time… He holds her hand and walks on corridor.. She asks him what u gonna make u r child? He tells I won’t put my dreams inside him and torture him.. He can become whatever he want! He has full rights..

She smiles.. She asks him did u watch Appa movie? He smiles and tells yes..!.. They both smiles at each other..

Precap:Neha and Arjun comes to ranveer house.. Veiled lady attacks radhika,Shakthi, Vivian and madhu with knife.. They all where admitted in American hospital! Ishaani and ranveer gets this news!!

So next epi.. All old cast will be back..

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode bro waiting for the next 🙂 😉

    1. Narendran

      Thnx nandana for the comment..

  2. Hi ranaji , & all family members ? Ranaji awesome very lovely episode but didn’t know past episodes but I will read it later but this so lovely & caring episode.
    hope I am the fist from so many days.
    & Eid mubarak to all my sweet lovely family members. Keep smiling always & be happy.

    1. OMG!!!! Ranaji u reached 197 episodes I am very very happy to see this . really many many congregations to u ?. May god bless u with happiness & joy & give success that u reach more & more episodes & ur future success also.
      Very very sorry Ranaji in this period of time that u reach that highest episodes I didn’t with u & support u . but all my support & good wishes is also with u & our family members if I am with u or not or if I am not here. So plzz forgive me Ranaji & all my family members plzzzzzzz it’s request.????.

      How r u all my family members I miss u so baldly.

      1. Narendran

        I am fine Mariya Akka.. What about u?? Very long time!! Misses u r comments.. Be patient.. All will comment on 200th epi! So don’t worry.. Now I don’t know.. But 200th epi.. Payal,raji,keerthi,vyshu,Sathya,prince,nandana,dhruva and all.. Will comment. 100%! Sure.. Now take care Akka!!

      2. Narendran

        Thnx Mariya.. If possible.. Click my name and go inside my profile and send me a message.. If possible send mobile no.. So that payal will add u in grp!! So I can have chit chat always!

      3. Hi Mariya where were u dear I missed u so much and I am missing ur ff aslo pls reply

      4. Ya ranaji sure I will massage u in telly update.
        Ya Neelam dear I also miss u so much.I remember u dear Cz I know r my regular ff reader. & thanx u remembered my ff & me also. due to some problems I didn’t come to this page from so many days.

  3. Hey bro loved it sooooooooooooooo much and keep rocking and sry bro I am not in what’s app as my phone is lost and I love today’s epi and keep rocking sry for not chatting and how r u

    1. Narendran

      Thnx duva for the comment..!!..

  4. Hy bro. The epi is nice.. Waiting for your next

    1. Narendran

      Thnx Maya Shelly for the comment!!???????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Very nice episode Naren waiting for the next ?

    1. Narendran

      Thnx neelam for the comment.. I will post next epi soon!!?????

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