Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever)season-2 epi-196


The episode starts with Ranveer kisses on her forehead.. She keeps head on his lap.. He asks what name shall we keep for the child?? Ishaani tells so… Let us keep ranveer if boy is born! He tells superb and. Asks that much affection on me?????She tells then only I can scold u… In directly!!???He turns his face.. She tells sorry!! He tells it is OK.. She tells so let us keep?? He smiled..

Ranveer tells let us keep as Ishaani if she is girl and boy means ranveer.. She accepts.. She tells it will be boy!! He tells it will be girl.. Veiled lady sees this from far and tells u can be happy.. As much as u can. After this u will suffer alot!!??She smiles evilly and calls someone.. She tells him to kill them soon!! Other side person who speaks on phone asks money?? She tells I will give u.. First finish! He agrees!! Later.. Ishaani asks ranveer let us go and sleep on terrace?? He asks why? She tells I can’t sleep her.. He asks is AC is not good?? Shall I off it?? She tells pls let us go! He tells then u will get cold.. She looks on him lovingly!! Sanam re plays..

She tells pls pls pls pls.. He agrees.. He tells if I say no.. Also u won’t leave… She tells if u know means OK!??They both comes to terrace.. She slowly sits down and sees stars.. He tells me too join!! She tells let us count stars.. Now!! He tells sure. They both starts counting stars.. She misses some part.. He adds that also. She asks did u complete?? He tells yes.. She asks how much?? He tells uncountable!??She smiles and tells me too knew.. It.. She tells I am soo happy after many days.. We are together! Now!! She asks without me how did u croos the days?? He tells without u happily!!??She asks what?? She rolls him.. He comes near stairs and rolls back and comes closer to her.. She asks what r u doing?? He tells romancing with my wife!

She asks him?? U r going to become father! He asks so what?? She tells everyone will see.. This.. He tells u r wife and I am u r husband.. He kisses on her forehead.. He tells her to wait.. He comes down and takes pillow and blanket.. He brings up.. He cleans floor.. And puts blanket and pillow and tells her to sleep! She asks me?? She asks then u?? He tells I will sleep down!

She tells no.. Sanam re plays.. She tells him to keep head on her lap.. He asks then how will u sleep?? She lean against wall and tells him to sleep!! He smiles.. Tum hi ho plays.. He sleeps on her lap.. She also sleeps!!?????

Precap:Ishaani and ranveer comes to room.. He makes her sit and feeds her food!! Allah warriyan plays.. She gets teary eyes..

How is today epi? Is it boring?? Then tell me??

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  1. Siddhi

    Awesome episode bro loved it very much continue soon

    1. Siddhi

      This episode is not at all boring

      1. Narendran

        Thnx siddhi!! What I u r ff name?? Sorry I can’t find it.. Pls share link

  2. Narendran

    How is this epi?? Is it boring? Romance or nice!!????Answer me guys!!

  3. Hey bro it in not boring at all it is nice I loved it sooooooooooooooo much as there was little romance so don’t ever think that your episodes r boring

    1. Narendran

      Thnx duva.. For the comment.. Keep supporting

      1. I will always keep supporting u bro

  4. No. Its not boring.. Its awesome. .keep going…

    1. Narendran

      Thnx Maya Shelly for the comment.. Hope u liked it?????????????????????????????????????????

  5. No Naren it was not boring it was sooooo good I loved it very much waiting for the episode ?

    1. Narendran

      Thnx neelam for the comment.!!.. Keep supporting me.. Thnx again again

  6. Nandana

    Nice episode and i am very happy to see ishveer united 🙂

    1. Narendran

      Don’t worry.. ???There is one more track.. But not now… Soon there will be big twist wait and enjoy it..

  7. Marvelous dude

    1. Narendran

      Thnx Prince for the comment.. Dude what is up!! Enjoying leave?? Busy??

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