Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever)season-2 epi-191

The episode starts with Ishaani tells shikhar to start wedding work.. Shikhar asks then u r married?? Divorce? She tells I will sign ! Shikhar shows papers.. She gets it and signs it.. He asks her do u did this in anger means pls take it back! She tells nothing like that! He tells her to take care.. I have some imp work! He leaves. Ishaani comes back to her room and sits on bed and thinks about ranveer words and cries.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays.. Ranveer comes to temple and stands before God and asks! What did I do?

Or what me and Ishaani did?? Why u make us suffer even more?? He comes near God and tells him to speak out! He tells this time I will prove that shikhar,randhir and neha plan out and remarry Ishaani!!

Shikhar comes to randhir and shows papers.. He gets it and smiles.. He tells with this I will seperate ishveer!! He smiled evilly!! Sanyu and Joseph tells so we can kill them! Randhir tells not easily!! We should keep them and torture and kill them!! He smiles..

Ranveer comes back and sees shikhar house is decorated and gets shocked.. He asks workers!! They tells Ishaani and shikhar gonna marry!! He gets shocked. Ranveer asks when is it?? Shikhar tells tmr!! Ranveer gets shocked.. Ishaani also comes there and tells the same!

Precap: Same precap.. In last epi.

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    Waiting for their reunion

    1. hey bro sry i want use my whats up here after so plz don”t ask y and plz tell every one

  2. Nice episode dear Naren waiting for their reunion update the next soon ?

  3. Hey bro loved it sooo much loved it waiting for the next epi???

    1. Narendran

      Thnx Duvakshara for the comment!! It is ok!! For what?? I am confused?????

      1. What bro y r u confused

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