Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-97


The episode starts with Ishaani comes down and tells ranveer let us go somewhere alone!! He asks what?? Really!! He comes close to her and he tells now we are alone…. She tells really and removes his one button.. She shouts madhu!! She comes there and sees ranveer and asks it is Hall!! Pls do this in bedroom and she leaves from there and comes to room.

Ishaani laughs and tells this is what happens OK!! He laughs and tells let us go out but where? She tells I have chosen the place but we are going after 2days… He asks why not today?? She pulls him and tells him to wait.. Ranveer tells I need one more child???she asks what? Ishaani calls veer.. He comes there.. Ishaani gives him a task that u should look after him today fully!! He tells challenge???????

Ishaani comes for room and thinks about ranveer and laughs and thinks now what he will be doing? Veer asks ranveer let us play.. He tells sure and veer runs ranveer tries to catch but veer runs.. He gets tired and sits. Veer teases him and runs from there.

Ishaani laugh seeing it and comes to ranveer and tells u lost bet and she laughs…… Mask man and ritika calls goons and tells about plan and they tells we will come on time.. They tells sure…

Ritika tells this time we should kill them and and I need ranveer. Mask man tells OK and they both comes to pub and they both dance suddenly something breaks there they both see it and gets shocked and comes to Milan and tells it..


Hope u all enjoyed the epi

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  1. Ranaji superb superb.after our req u keep ishveer togetherna thank u so much bro.after my mrge we both r in same city so i hope we ll meet soom bro.

  2. Arham dr how r u dr..r u fine a days i reallymiss u dr ur fiance name is superb.ya i talk to my hubby dr but he is very busy so he talk to me only 5to 10 min.u talk to ur fiancena dr.u hv enough timena dr for understanding abt ur fiancena,u r like my own sis dr i wish ur future become very bright dr.

  3. Raji dr i am here dr.iam fine dr what abt u too miss u all r u kna dr,becoz u cry foe me sweet of u dr..todayu saw u2 na ranvee hold ish hand while in operation theatrena wow what an scene a days u r little bit busyna dr.

  4. Keerthi dr what abt ur health dr..r u kn dr.and thank u so much for ur wonderfull news radz love shaktina.but sr ialready toldna i know 100% radz love shakti buti cant understand shaktischarecter dr.u kmowna drradz is little girlna so she doesnt care abt anything she just spoke whatever she thinks in her mind.becoz she is childish and white hearted girl dr.but shakti is matured dr he knew if he praise or talk abt radz means sure what neha carefully spell his words dr becoz he is maturedna.but dr one dayshakti break his silent and confess his love overradz dr.still i hv small hope dr becoz u watchna dr still he is not take single.step for his mrge dr

    1. Radhika said that she feels love for shakti and shakti also want to say that’s why he is blushing but yu kniw the reason of his hesitation

    2. Sathya dear I am fine now dear this month I am on full observation by the doctors so hopefully good things happen…….. Yeah I am sure radz love shakti only problem is with shakti I think he is hesitating because he wants to be loyal or he is afraid of her I don’t know but I think everything will be alright once they meet after 1 and half month gap between those two no some miracle is going to happen can shakti hide his feelings after seeing her as radz is slowly showing more feminine characters which shakti wanted to see in radz ….. So let us see in serial itself ranveer couldn’t leave ishaani do u think when he meets her in real won’t his heartfelt emotions come out and they would meet alone also let us see I am praying God only

  5. Mariya dr where r u dr.i think u r busy in ur studies .pls comcentrate on ur exams dowell dr.and pls post ur ff as soon as possible dr

  6. Mmmmm… don’t show the precap ????……I’m sad yaar…..but ya good one it would be awesome if you added the precap…..

  7. Vyshu dr how r u dr.i miss u all.and dr i nt know what happened after my mrge so i download some videos regardimg shadika dr,i want u ti sew nw video dr”meri aasiqui tumse hi ranveer feelings over ishani” pls see that video dr u fl happy dr.and dr yest radz spoke to shakti na dr who cl.first dr whether shakti or radz dr.what they r talk dr wow they confess their feelingsna dr.

  8. Payal dr i hope after reading keerthi dr comment u fl happyna dr.becoz radz love shakti.and dr oneday our shadika unitw dr.i saw so many shooting videos dr On all that video both face are blussing and there is some gloveness in shakti face.i wrote abt one video.on above comment u too pls see that video in youtube dr ufl.happy

    1. Ok sathya dr but please write title name clearly

  9. Sana dr how r u sis r u fine na dr.Sana dr u r muslimna so ur mrge also happen soon i think so dr.becoz arham dr toldna its ur rulena dr.but dnt worry dr if u studied wellu became doctor oneday dr.dnt worry abt mrge .even after mrge so.any girls acheived in their life u concentrate on ur studiesdr.k na dr

  10. Julia dr i read ur both ff epi superb dr.i like possesiveness of ranvi a lot dr.i love u dr.such a wonderfull story.and concentrate on ur studies sis all the best dr

    1. Tnks sathya akka…. I love u too… I missed u….

  11. Rookers dr how r u.all thebest for ur studies dr.i miss u all now a days dr.eventhough i am busy i ll comment dr.and what is that meaning of rookers dr.u r from tamilnaduna which state dr

  12. Raji dr i posted so many comments here so it takes toomuch time for posring dr.ya me too miss u dr .whenever i fl free sure i ll comment dr..take care dr gdnt

  13. Hafees dr hi .welcome to our family.oh my sweety arham dr intro u na i thik u r her bestie right dr..u r also in oir family dr keep commenting kna dr

  14. Payal dr i think in radz view she love shakti that is she has affectionate on shakti and for arjun she has admired over him d

    1. Mtlb she is in love with shakti romantically and respect arjun that only right sathya dr

  15. Gdnt to u all drs.hv a wonderfull dreams drs

  16. Ranaji gdnt bro.pls do well ur yr u are in 12 so i think u hv special classna u dnt hv that holiday na bro.gdnt bro take care

    1. tk exam over now and 12 will start from apr 4

  17. day by day ur ff getting fantastic s well s very short

  18. WHF….???? Guyss I’m soo angry on the blo*dy colors channel they are f**kers man….I hate them they are BC…MC….AND ALL OTHER BAD WORDS TO THEM which I know…..they are just….oh god…..I just want to pick them up and throw from the cliff or I wanted to murdered them…..doesn’t matter if I have to go jail…….they are really idiot nonsense….. and jaut emotion less people…….first they stopped MATSH…..and now the only way we had that was YouTube…..and they snatched away that also……..they b*t*hers……. they are mental………..

    1. Relax dhruva dr actually colors removed all their serials full episodes from youtube not only this but all shows only smal clippings and onlocation and all is there on youtube BECAUSE COLORS LAUNCHED THEIR OWN APP NAME IS “VOOT APP”SO DOWNLOAD IT FROM PLAYSTORE AND ALL EPISODES OF MATSH ARE AVAILABKE THERE
      Colors have voot app and they did like star pkus they have hot star

      1. Really paagal Dr thanks fr ur help… I was madly searching fr matsh videos
        Thanks a lot fr ur help

      2. I am really sorry??????? paayal actually I wrote ur name wrongly it’s my crazy mobile??

  19. Guys I’m badly crying…..pls someone try to search any episode of MATSH on YouTube I’m not able to find it……….pls I beg……..if somebody gets tell me episode no…..guys there all episode are shown as private video I’m not able to see…….I’m soo angry….. and feeling helpless guys……

    1. Dhuruva dr thank u so much for ur wishes .ya after reading keerthi comments over radz fame app chat i am cool dr.and my mrge is on april 11 th dr

  20. Soooper!! Love ishveer romantic nok-jhoks ❤❤❤❤

    1. Hope to see all this in matsh-season 2 with our only and only shadhika right

  21. Awesome!! I love this ff

  22. ya dudes i’m also having same problem in youtube……….these videos are now private………..i am very much helpless………if there is no MATSH……ISHVEER & SHADHIKA……….i am like a living dead

  23. I too can’t find any videos… I was also worried… they are heartless idiots. .. u2 also… it is not coming properly… in net

  24. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode bro.especially veer and Ranvi part.

  25. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Sathya akka I will try my best to study but in my house every girls will engaged in +1 or +2.l don’t know what will happen in my life.we can’t oppose them because what they doing was correct.they trying to make their daughter’s life safe.thanks for ur concern akka.

    1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      But marriage is not before age 18.marriage only happen after 18.

  26. Gdmrng to all hv a wonderfull day.and today is april 1 pls carefull drs

  27. Payal dr shakti hessitate bcoz he afraid abt radz,he wants to be loyal to neha ita not a love dr..evem some fans are supporting shakti and nehana so he hessitate to leave neha.apart from tis shakti loves radz.bcoz i saw so many offscreen videos dr when he is wid radz his face hv that gloveness dr ,If shakti propose to radz then sure radz accept his love becoz she love shakti i am 100% sure abt that.and dr ya radz having romantic relationship with shakti but arjun is her close admirable good frnds dr,and pls search tis video in you tube dr”MERI AASIQUI TUMSE HI RANVEER FEELINGS OVER ISHANI”

    1. Ok you are right sathtya dr

  28. Payal dr sorry shakti afraid abt neha,i wrongly wrote radz name instead of shakti ,and dr that video was ranveer in romantic moodna he wants to reveal the truth of ishani memory loss dramana that scene making over video.ya both r looking very happy in that video dr pls see that u fl happy

  29. Dhuruva dr thank u so much for ur wishes .ya after reading keerthi comments over radz fame app chat i am cool dr.and my mrge is on april 11 th dr

  30. I also do think so that radhika n shakti have feelings for themselves in there heart which they themselves don’t know or may be they know bt becoz of neha they can’t reveal….. U know guys in a candid chat wid shakti and radz shakti told that radhika cried badly when they were shooting a scene in which ranveer jumped in the river…… N then shakti crackle some jokes n then radhika came back to normal…
    N acc to me it was love…
    And guys don’t u know that arjun is married n had a son also…

    1. Yes khushi dr we know it

  31. guys i have sent next epi of all 3 ff i think u will love young love ff and matsh both becoz both are emetional and drama so u will like from to core of u r heart and sorry prince now days my mom asks to whom u are typing it?My mom does not know i am writing ff…….so only short

  32. Khushi dr thank u so much for ur wishes dr..ya arjun hv one son we well known dr.Shakti wants to be loyal to neha that is y he still keep mum.but one day he burst out his feelings dr i hope so.

    1. I also hope so sathya dr,,, wish they reveal there feelings to each other fast …..waiting for that day..???

  33. Sathya dr now i am ok dr ……ya i saw uu dr….i my god ranvi holds ishus hand tightly…that scece is superb na ….especially that falsh back sequenes….dr…..
    We lost the match na ….feel bad dr…

  34. Nice episode ranaji

    1. thnx raji pls guys watch vishkanya show it is suoerb…There is a big family there pls if u are free pls watch it

  35. Guys as paayal said it download voot app frm play store n watch matsh there

  36. sry bro …. my net pack is over romantic epi…. suuperb bro…

  37. Payal sathya vyshu raji and all dearies where are you I am sorry dears I had to go to hospital for putting injection so couldn’t come in for commenting
    Just now came back home

    1. Keerthi dr please reply to my previous ff comment where i have written please do me a favour please keerthi dr it is a request

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