Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-96

The episode starts with Ishaani and ranveer calls apu and asks what problem? She tells I don’t mom only know about it… She leaves from there…Ishaani and ranveer wonder and they both comes to house and sees shalini and veer sitting and asks why they did not sleep? Veer tells Ishaani pls tell us story… She tells me?? Veer tells yes….Ishaani tells I don’t know any story!!!!!! Ranveer tells I will tell u!! They both sit near ranveer. He tells mokkai story they both runs from there?????

Ishaani takes them both to bed and tells her own life story they both sleeps…. She kisses on their head and makes them sleep and comes to ranveer…. Ranveer stands near door.. Ishaani comes in. He locks the door and comes closer to her and tries to kiss her but she pushes him and comes to window.???????Ranveer comes there and gives rose to her and proposes her.. Ishaani also sits down and hugs him Sanam re plays….. Ishaani and ranveer exchange kiss on cheeks???… Ranveer takes her to bed and kisses on her lips????… Ranveer offs the light….

Ishaani gets up in the morning and comes to bathroom and freshen up and comes to Hall and sees madhu waiting for her and comes to her and sits near her and they both have coffee… Ranveer gets up and sees Ishaani not there and comes to Hall and sees her and comes towards her… Madhu laughs at ranveer… He asks what? Madhu calls Vivian.. He rushes to Hall and sees ranveer and laughs????Ishaani sees his face and gets amused and signs him there is lipstick mark on his face????

Ranveer comes to room and washes his face and remembers the night with Ishaani and smiles….??He comes to Hall and calls Ishaani and asks for coffee… She tells him to take it and leaves from there……..

Mask man gets up and tells ritika and Milan that they should kill Ishaani within 1week and he shares plan

Precap: Ishaani and ranveer goes in Jeep… Ranveer sings aaj phir song… She sits on his lap and kisses him?

Hope u all liked it


  1. Payal dr i hope after reading keerthi dr comment u fl happyna dr.becoz radz love shakti.and dr oneday our shadika unitw dr.i saw so many shooting videos dr On all that video both face are blussing and there is some gloveness in shakti face.i wrote abt one video.on above comment u too pls see that video in youtube dr u fl.happy

    • Payal

      Yes sathya dr radhika told that yesterday only shakti and i i.e. we were talking on phone and we will make a plan to meet or go out very soon

      • Payal

        About their feelings towards each other right guys i am happy that they both talk on phone our shadhika

  2. IshuRV(Pranjali ka mast Goa)

    hey sathya what is this yarrrrr….how can we loose this match yarrrr…..I mean Vankhede stadium is ours than how can they defeat us on our home ground….first that Australia defeated us in semi finals of world cup and now this West indies in semi f of T20 world cup…. I’m feeling very sad yarrr…I just hate that Simmons….when Gaille was out I just jumped out of sofa thinking that WI lost there main power….. than that Charles and simmons… god now I want England to won the finals…and that time WI should cry there…

  3. Ishurv dr ya me too fl bad.india lost tis match badly.they are not played carefully dr.ya aftr gayle wicket i am also jump dr but after that wi played very well they standing after 3rd wk.india not played well dr.simmons out first but its became no ball that time really i wanna kill that bowler dr.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.