Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-95


The episode starts with Ranveer comes out and buys popcorn and ice cream for all and comes inside and gives it to veer,madhu and shalini and he brings Coffee for ishaani and gives it to her.Ishaani asks what? He tells u don’t know what is it?He tells coffee..She tells i know why u brought for me?Ranveer laughs and tells i don’t know any ghosts her and i gave it to u only………..She laughs and tells i don’t want it…He tells ok and takes it from here and drinks it…..Ishaani tells him to bring French fries for her..Ranveer denies..Ishaani walks out.Ranveer comes out and calms her down and buys french fries…Movie starts ishaani and ranveer comes to seat and sits and watches it……Movie ends………..Ishaani gets up and sees Amba and kailash and gets shocked..Ishaani tells them to ranveer and tells they are fake…Ranveer comes there and asks who r u? They tells we are……….They runs from there………………..

Milan and ritika comes out in bail and sees police station and they both comes to the place where mask man was killed……Ritika searches for water and she comes to well and takes it while taking she sees blood..She shouts milan asks what??He comes there and sees it and gets shocked..milan takes body out and tries him to wake up but he does not…He calls doctor and he comes there and checks him and tells it is miracle he heart is beating till now…He is alive they both are amused he tells them to not to give any strain to him……Doctor leaves…….Ritika thinks how he got injured and she thinks about it…………….

Raghav and kalpi comes back to india and they see ishaani and ranveer waiting and they all comes to house…Raghav tells ishaani that shalini mom and dad died……..They all gets shocked…….Veer tells ranveer let us take care of shalini from now on………….Ranveer tells u are grown up and tells ok

Ishaani comes to shalini room and sees her crying and calms her down and tells her not to cry anymore and tells i am u r mom from today….Shalini hugs her……Ranveer signs ishaani to come to room…She tells him to go…….But he tells her tp come and comes to room and waits for ishaani..She comes there..Ranveer tells her that milan and ritika came out in bail and mask man is alive..She gets shocked and asks what?? She leaves from there and comes to temple and prays to god that nothing should happen to her family……..Bell sound comes……She turns and sees ranveer there..He tells her not to worry and tells i am with u forever…………..She Hugs him………….Roli comes there and tells them both to have faith on god and she leaves from there………….Apu comes there and prays to god..Moon light falls on her suddenly her body changes into blue…..Ranveer asks what is it??? Apu tells him to watch vishkanya show on zee tv @6.30pm mon-sat and she leaves from there…………

Precap: Mask man opens his eyes and tells that ishaani only tries to kill her…He gets up from bed and tells ritika and milan we should kill them soon within 1 week and he laughs……Ishaani tells Veer to go and sleep becoz it is already late..Veer tells her to tell bedtime story for him and shalini and they both sleep on ishaani lap while she tells story

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  1. Raji vyshu sathya and all fans dears
    I saw radz on live fameapp chat I asked does she miss shakti many asked the same question for which she replied I miss shakti so much ofcourse I miss him a lot I spoke to him yesterday and we are planning to meet up soon??????? when asked favorite co star in matsh she said shakti in onscreen Arjun in offscreen
    And another question Arjun or shakti she said I love shakti and I adore Arjun
    Memories with shakti she said how they used to have fun during eating and how he used to tease her and said there is a lot of memories about shakti I am flying flying????☺️?????☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ When she said I love shakti she put her head down and said so ☺️☺️☺️☺️????????

    1. Keerthi dr i was waiting for you wowwwww i am very happy seeing your comment love you muhhhhhhhh????????

      1. Keerthi dr i was missing you alot i want to be with yu i don’t know but without matsh and shadhija i feel very lonely and depressed and one thing ihow can i think positive???????becoz in my mind only negstivity is there i want to get rid of it dr what to do




      2. Yeah payal dear it’s proved this is the first tym radz said I love shakti in public chat with fans everyone was very happy u should have seen her reaction when she said I love shakti she put her heads down oh my god I was flying wen asked Arjun or shakti she told without hesitation that I love shakti I adore Arjun there is a lot of difference in love and adore love is for shakti only woohoo ???????????

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice.sorry I am confused.l don’t understand last part.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Tube light apu is the female lead of vishkanya show so I promoted it becoz u all will watch it and there is big family in vishkanya show!!!

      1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

        Ya I got it bro.

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Thank u so much Vyshu didi.I will try tomorrow.

  4. nice ff dude………but when will the villains die?

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Soon as u wish

  5. ranjani chetty

    U belongs to which state

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Tamil nadu!!!!

  6. IshuRV(mast Goa)

    I can’t call this epi good nor bad……but I’m happy that ishveer r together

  7. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    naren bro its realy nice . i love it . u are an excellant writer . all the best .
    hi frnds arham durva prince kavipriya satya sana ranvi vaibav mariya vyshu payal tanvee and alllllll

  8. One thing ravjeet is only a good friend of radhika but please shakti and radhika meet very often so that you both not feel lonely our lovely sweet couple SHADHIKA

    1. Sure payal dear I am flying happy happy the three magical words shakti wanted to hear from radz mouth is out today shakti would have definitely been happy and flying today Even if my baby comes all u sisters and brother are extra special for me dears I love u all so much muahh ???

      1. Thank yu keerthi dr love you you hsve to come daily here not like before few days that now i can understand ok dr

  9. Wow keerthi dear… Awsm news…. wow….I’m very very happy now…. tnk u sooo much

    1. Julina dear I am flying only still after she said I love shakti I miss shakti a lot I called him yesterday spoke with him planning to meet him soon good news na dear yesterday when asked shakti he was shying today radz shied away after she said I love shakti

      1. Keerthi yu not asked about when will radhija sign new show

      2. Reply me to my above comment below julina keerthi dr and tell me?

      3. Below nhi above h srry

      4. I asked her payal dear many fans asked the same question she said she is on a break now as she said I have been cried a lot in the serial for more than a year which is not a joke so I want to take a break…. But I am in talks with some projects but when I am gonna sign some new show will definitely say to fans first…..she was so sweet u know


  10. keerthi dr …. muuah dr.Thank u so much for ur news dr…wow i’m flying dr…. yahoooooooooooooooo…..
    radz said I love shakti…. ???????????….. our prayers coming true……dr…. shadika planning…. to meet up soon….. i think she proposed to shakti….?????? our shadika marriage will happen soon… ?????
    today u made my day wounderful…dr love u dr….. soon we hear shadika proposals dr…. nd their marry will happen soon gud nyt dr….. take care ur health dr…. bye…. dr !! take care

    1. Yes vyshu dr yes i am so happy today

    2. Yeah vyshu dear think about me how much I am happy u know yesterday shakti blushed speaking radz name today radz was shying away telling about shakti as I miss u love u spoke to him yesterday planning to meet soon now I know why he was all the tym smiling after speaking radz name dear shakti would have definitely seen her fameapp chat today he should have been really happy na dear…… Do u remember he always asks ishaani to tell the three magical words in matsh serial but she didn’t tell even once by opening her mouth have u noticed but today oh my gosh she said I love shakti I adore Arjun see love means shakti for her ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️?????????

      1. You are absolutely right keerthi dr

      2. keerthi dr …. u r 100% crt dr….i didnt sleep whole night yesterday drs i’m flying , laughing only ?????????????????icant say how much im happy… yahoooooooo….???????????…. when i hear radz mouth…. i love shakti…. im the luckiest person in the world …. we have celebrate….. drs….

  11. You all guys please see my all links in previous ff and read whole conversations carefully and tomorrow we will discuss here only ok guys keerthi dr,vyshu dr,arham dr,sathya dr,raji dr,ranaji and all my matsh dieheart friends love you a lot more than my life

  12. im sure keerthi dr… shakti was dancing ???????? after hearing i love shakti…. when radz…. said to public… really he done vry great job …..dr that fake valentine video he create…dr. thats why he said I never make stupid mistakes vry vry clever mistakes…dr.. hatsoff to shakti….dr after that radz cried alot she realised her love for shakti… now she saying I love shakti…. dr ?????????????
    I’m the luckiest person in the world ????

    1. Definitely vyshu dear he should have definitely been in fameapp chat definitely and to say radz was very cute yesterday and shakti’s tweet today just half a hour back ” believe that you can….. But plan accordingly…………coz it won’t fall in your lap?”?? tagged as #believe # dreams # achieve # goals
      So now it’s clear na wat u say wat planning he did for whom ?

      1. Keethi tumne shakti and radhika ka pura interview dekha hain fame app download kr ke batao please


  14. shakti is engaged to neha. why do you guys want him to cheat her and break her heart?

    1. Yu will not understand he told in an interview when he understood whst love is in nov 2015 where they were shooting for their engagement scene shakti wanted to propose radhika but she would feel vad so he dropped the idea and their offscreen intimacy explains everything and their eyes tells everything not every couple has nor public is mad on them but our shadhika is
      real made for each other this is becoz of that ugly girl only that’s why shakti is hesitating
      But rality is that shakti is in love with radhika even though neha is there in his life becoz she was there with him before matsh and shakti realised what love is in matsh working with radhika and radhika also enjoy his presence very much the way she lookes him wowwww and from their
      Their love story begins our shadhika love story right guys agree with me

    2. neha will only face problem with Shakti as he doesn’t love neha he never realised love at that time as he was gone through another breakup that’s it and in matsh he realise what love is with her costar Radhika
      He directly told in one interview in matsh i realise what love is

  15. Keerthi and friends yu all will laugh at me but i want to tell yu one thing i am really afraid of marriage i am 24 now and told to family i will not marry next 2 years becoz i have done POST GRADUATION MBA COURSE AND NOW I WANT TO DO A JOB I FINISHED MY MBA LAST YEAR ONLY NEXT MONTH WE HAVE CONVOCATION AND I WILL GET MY MBA DEGREE FEELING VERY VERY HAPPY GUYS
    But i am afraid what happen after marriage, how will i manage alone all things,pregnancy and etc etc KEERTHI KNOW ALL THIS VERY WELL I KNOW

    1. Payal dear life has to move on don’t be afraid of marriage….. But if u want to do job then it’s perfectly fine because for our women u know job is very important I know one of my friend who did her masters degree did not go for job and she married how much days she was being harassed by her husband that she is useless and she is sitting and eating oh my god I feel the pain when she cries dats y I am saying be in your own when you are getting married I mean become financially strong by doing a job then marry at the right time……. Payal dear whenever u want u can ask me anything because u girls are all my sweetest sisters here u vyshu raji sathya mariya arham sana rookie dhruva and everyone are my favorites ☺️So don’t be afraid think wisely when taking a decision ok dear and I will be in chennai only now even if I go to USA I will be commenting to all of you ok dears

      1. Thanks keerthi dr but in usa time zone problem how we will comment immediately after your coomment becoz when there is night here is a day

      2. Guys i have taken lot of pain only to tell and believe that accidently
        shakti actually kissed radhika but it was a mistake but it happened in real and in that interview both shadhika were blushing
        And you all are not even seeing previous ff and discuss with me keerthi dr atleast i expected from you,vyshu,raji,sathya

  16. KEERTHI DR YOU ARE SETTLED IN CHENNAI but if you go back to usa then what? Reply me for how much time yu are here in chennai CLEAR MY DOUBT KEERTHI DR PLEASE

  17. ya ALLAH please make SHADHIKA together for eternal

  18. Believe tht u can..but plan accordingly..coz it wont fall in ur lap☺ ?#believe#dreams…

    1. What does this mean vyshu u understood his tweet

  19. Keerthi ,sathya ,vyshu ,payal dr ….I am very happy to hear shadhika’s news ……
    Keerthi dr u told us very very happy news dr …….i love u dr…..

    Wow shadhika meet soona ….i am flying drs ….

    1. I am already flying only I can’t say in words how much happy I am now when asked the question Arjun or shakti she smiled and without hesitation she said by putting her heads down I love shakti and seeing fans she told I adore Arjun…. Even last tym when she came in fameapp chat u know she just said I miss shakti but this tym she said I miss him off course I miss shakti a lot I called and spoke to him yesterday we are planning to meet up soon ……woohoo ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ And favorite co star in matsh she said shakti in on screen and Arjun off screen memories about shakti she said there are lots she made all ishveer fans happy yesterday my hubby was shocked when he heard radz saying I love shakti he laughed and said now it’s confirmed this much love for shakti distance always brings in more love ahem ahem

  20. Ranaji today ‘ s episode is superb

  21. Yes payal dr i have the same afraid of marriage dr ….u know dr i am 22 now ….but when my family members r talk about my marriage na …….first i am afraid about my future dr……

    1. Same here with me raji dr

  22. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sathya didi pls take time and tell which place!! Don’t hurry be happy becoz I need a smile in my sister face always:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys today I am little busy becoz in my home guests came and today I have exam but I will try my best to upload within night!!sorry

    1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Its ok bro.we will wait.
      All the best for ur exam.

  24. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Raji akka what is Fiji? I don’t understand.

  25. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sana and all matsh fans I have sent next epi of this ff alone I think u will like it so much becoz there is spl in that epi??????????????????Bye guys u all enjoy that epi and I am leaving to school!! Last exam!!!

  26. Sana dr i think that its in japan …

    1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      So shakthi is going there.thank u akka.

      1. sana dear Fiji is an country in The South Pacific ocean nearby New Zealand I suppose I don’t think its in Japan maybe shakti is going there

  27. keerthi . dr !! he is planning for radz dr !! i can understand his feelings…. ystrday he dreams with radz na dr…

    1. Definitely dear he planned for her only after his tweet in the morning I felt like that only I saw neha tweet also the best way to find yourself is loose yourself I don’t understand her tweet the skirt she was wearing was similar to sunny leone skirt which she was wearing during bcl2 launch ….. I don’t understand what is going on ?

  28. whr is sathya dr …. what happen to u…. dr i miss u….. see radz fame app news…. she said i love shakti …. ????????????????????…!!


  30. Payal dear I seriously did not understand anything from that Twitter conversations what they are coming to say so only I couldn’t comment about that dear….don’t take me wrong sissy

  31. Why keerthi kr they are saying that they saw it on tv that shakti kissed radhika actually during milan track
    They were discussing that only some said ki they want to see that video and some said they saw it ob tv and yeah they kissed as it was from back and radhika was adjusting her lipstick and they both were blushing during the interview
    It happened in real darling in india forum also they discussed alot in November 2015 but i came later suta updated that news i wanted to give to a proof that’s why these links

  32. Anyone who understoid the conversations pkease reply VYSHU,RAJI,SATHYA,ARHAM

  33. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Thank u keerthi akka for the information. Which is ur mother tongue akka? Tamil or Telugu?

  34. sry sry ….. vry sorry drs …. i was sleep….. now only I woke up…. dr ystr i didnt sleep when i hear radz saying I love u shakti i’m flying laughing singing tum hi ho song…. whole nght i’m vry happy bcouz of keerthi dr…. news love u dr…. muuah

  35. Sana dr i saw that news on twitter page ….fiji is in japan ….i dont know …is it exactly correct dr ….

    Sana dr today i saw eena meena teena song on tunes 6 dr …that time i remebered u dr …..

  36. Payal dr sorry i cant undersatnd the conversation dr ….if u know na pls tell me dr ….

    1. See my above comment below keerthi dr then tell me ok dr

  37. Sathya ,keerthi ,sana ,arham after 1&half months our ishveer meet face to face epoisode today at 8 .30pm on urave uyire ….dont miss it drs …….

    Wow i am very happy today bez of u keerthi dr …..our ishveer meet on uu & our shadhika will meet soon …..keerthi ,sathya ,vyshu,payal dr soon our wish will happen dr

  38. Sathya dr where r u ??????r u busy with ur work ???????dr ………pls reply my commanda dr ….& today dont miss uu dr …….

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