Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-94


The episode starts with Ishaani asks what?veer was playing with Milan? She shouts how can u be so careless about our son?? Ranveer how I know.. He told now only… Ishaani tells I think u also involved in this and tells him to prove… He tells why? He leaves from there angrily… Ishaani comes to veer room and tells him not to to talk with any outsiders in school and tells him about Milan… Veer tells then he only spoke? He cries… Ishaani asks him not to cry and be happy…???He smiles….:-)

Ishaani comes to her room and sees ranveer is missing and calls him but he does not pick up… Ranveer comes to Milan house and breaks the door and slaps him and tells today I won’t leave u and beats him and brings to police station and tells inspector about him.. He arrests Milan and keep him in cell….. Ishaani calls ranv3ranveer and shouts and tells him to come to house soon… He tells sure and comes there and tells Ishaani that I have arrested Milan… She smiles and tells u are too courage…!!.. He tells from birth I am strong person u know? She tells yes yes and puts cockroach at him. He shouts in fear… Ishaani laughs… Veer sees this and laughs and comes to Ishaani and tells why is it real? She tells it is fake but ur father,??

Ranveer tells I am not afraid? Ishaani tells really!! He tells yes. Ishaani shows tickets for a movie.. He tells sure and they all come to theatre.. Ishaani makes veer and shalini sit on chair and tells madhu to take care and comes to ranveer and tells him u should be courage and not get fear???Ranveer sees Ishaani and thinks now I should maintain my prestige or ??????He sees Ishaani sitting close to him and thinks now I should tell her truth but movie starts… Ishaani laughs at him and tells him to see movie…..

Veer gets afraid and gets into madhu dupatta and hides.. She laughs.. Shalini tells u are fear of ghosts he nods.. Shalini tells him to sit near her and they both watch movie together…. Ranveer gets afraid and hides his eyes. Ishaani laughs and takes a selfie with him??????

Ishaani laughs and tells him u lost the bet… She laughs. Ranveer tells I lost to my wife only and not other ? He tells today I need a kiss from u. He comes close and takes something in-between both seat he was about to kiss her.. But lights on for interval…. He turns aside… Ishaani laughs.. She tells him to go and buy something for her and. Children… He tells okay and asks veer? He tells papa I am not fear of ghosts anymore becoz my friend shalini is here…… He tells what u want? Veer tells ice cream he tells OK…

Precap; Raghav and kalpi comes back to India and tells shalini parents are dead . ishaani gets shocked….Veer tells ranveer let us take care of shalini from now!! Ranveer looks on and tells u have grown up!!!

Hope u all enjoyed today epi!!!

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  1. Gdnt u all drs.hv wonderfull dreams becoz today we hear one gud news via payal and vyshu dr(shakti kiss radz im real).and also keerthi dr fame up news abt sweet drms all drs

  2. Dears I have updated what radz said in fameapp in the new ff of ranaji please see there dears I M flying flying radz said I love shakti I miss shakti I spoke with shakti yesterday we are planning to meet up soon so see decries atlast in a public chat radz said I love shakti even last tym she did not tell like that vyshu raji sathya payal mariya and all my dears sisters and brother our dream is coming true radz gonna meet shakti soon dats the reason y shakti was blushing after hearing radz name yesterday ?????????????

    1. Thanks keerthi dr you are my angel send by God to me to keep updating me i am very happy today i know when keerthi comes she always make us feel happy thank yu keerthi dr and
      Always be here with us and comments you have to be there with us yu are already married sobno problem to yu and after child also yu have to give time to us becz we comes first ok my keerthi sis?????????

      1. Sure payal dear I am flying happy happy the three magical words shakti wanted to hear from radz mouth is out today shakti would have definitely been happy and flying today

      2. Yes keerthi dr yes???????

  3. Sathya dr its true thats not shakthi na …..ok &ishveer scenes will come on tomorrow dont miss it dr

  4. Sathya dr now i am cool ….so dont worry dr

  5. Wow sathya….I read early comment and now I come to know about your WEDDING…!!!
    Dear I’m soo happy yaar for you…..pls don’t take stress and be happy for your wedding dear….don’t take tension….we know that shadhika loves each other and will be united soon……FINGERS CROSSED…….!!!! and when the wedding yaar…???

  6. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    oh thax u sisssyy….

  7. Guys where r yu

  8. Now radhika chat links here

  9. Guys please see my all links and read the conversations carefully and we will discuss it in next ff ok guys

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