Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-94

The episode starts with Ishaani asks what?veer was playing with Milan? She shouts how can u be so careless about our son?? Ranveer how I know.. He told now only… Ishaani tells I think u also involved in this and tells him to prove… He tells why? He leaves from there angrily… Ishaani comes to veer room and tells him not to to talk with any outsiders in school and tells him about Milan… Veer tells then he only spoke? He cries… Ishaani asks him not to cry and be happy…???He smiles….:-)

Ishaani comes to her room and sees ranveer is missing and calls him but he does not pick up… Ranveer comes to Milan house and breaks the door and slaps him and tells today I won’t leave u and beats him and brings to police station and tells inspector about him.. He arrests Milan and keep him in cell….. Ishaani calls ranv3ranveer and shouts and tells him to come to house soon… He tells sure and comes there and tells Ishaani that I have arrested Milan… She smiles and tells u are too courage…!!.. He tells from birth I am strong person u know? She tells yes yes and puts cockroach at him. He shouts in fear… Ishaani laughs… Veer sees this and laughs and comes to Ishaani and tells why is it real? She tells it is fake but ur father,??

Ranveer tells I am not afraid? Ishaani tells really!! He tells yes. Ishaani shows tickets for a movie.. He tells sure and they all come to theatre.. Ishaani makes veer and shalini sit on chair and tells madhu to take care and comes to ranveer and tells him u should be courage and not get fear???Ranveer sees Ishaani and thinks now I should maintain my prestige or ??????He sees Ishaani sitting close to him and thinks now I should tell her truth but movie starts… Ishaani laughs at him and tells him to see movie…..

Veer gets afraid and gets into madhu dupatta and hides.. She laughs.. Shalini tells u are fear of ghosts he nods.. Shalini tells him to sit near her and they both watch movie together…. Ranveer gets afraid and hides his eyes. Ishaani laughs and takes a selfie with him??????

Ishaani laughs and tells him u lost the bet… She laughs. Ranveer tells I lost to my wife only and not other ? He tells today I need a kiss from u. He comes close and takes something in-between both seat he was about to kiss her.. But lights on for interval…. He turns aside… Ishaani laughs.. She tells him to go and buy something for her and. Children… He tells okay and asks veer? He tells papa I am not fear of ghosts anymore becoz my friend shalini is here…… He tells what u want? Veer tells ice cream he tells OK…

Precap; Raghav and kalpi comes back to India and tells shalini parents are dead . ishaani gets shocked….Veer tells ranveer let us take care of shalini from now!! Ranveer looks on and tells u have grown up!!!

Hope u all enjoyed today epi!!!


  1. raji

    Sathya dr sorry for reply dr…..
    I was very emotional with ur commands dr …..u know dr after read ur commands i cry hard…..i cant sleep only thinking about u dr …..pls dont use the word unlucky dr ……no one is unlucky in the world dr…..yest night suddenly i thought i want to see u ?hug u immediately dr ……

    Ur mom is always with u dr …..dont think ur unlucky ……i wish ur hubby &ur inlaws r treat u as a friend daughter ….dr …..

    I am always with u as a friend sister well wisher dr ……u know dr i have only limited friwnds df …but iam connected with u emotionally dr …..k can feel it dr …..yest night itself i saw ur commands …but icant reply u dr….only tears comes from my eyes dr ….

    Hope if i have a chance to come trichy &coimbatore na sure a i will meeet u dr ….will u meet me dr ????????????

    U know dr my bros r tease me always raji is an.emotional fool ……but today i am verh proud iam be an emotional fool …i can understand ur feeling …with out see u na ….sathya dr i write it with my teary eyes ……i want to control it but icant dr……

    My bros r correct na really i am anemotional fool na ??????????

    Be happy always ,keep smiling ,think positive dr……hope only good thing r happen to u dr…………

  2. raji

    Keerthi dr i saw ur commands about shakthi ‘ sfame app dr i am very happy after that dr …..thank u dr


    nice but bro pls make ISHVEER unite in YOUNG LOVE epi………….pls bro don’t separate ISHVEER anymore

  4. raji

    Sathya dr i am very emotional that time dr …so i command like that….pls dont upset with my commands dr……..u r mom is always with u &bless u dr….so dont stressed about it…..pls enjoy ur marriage rituals ….thats r memorable one na dr ……i am always with u as a sister ,friend ,well wisher dr ……

  5. raji dr i feel same dr when i read commamds ….
    sathya dr….. sorry for late reply…. dr….when i read ur comments i cried hard…??????????. dr pls dont think like that…. we r vry lucky have a sweet frnd… like u…. ur mom always with u….. she always want ur happy….. so be happy dr….enjoy ur marriage….. rituals….. dr…. be happy dont think like that pls dr…love u dr nd miss u sweet heart….!! be happy always keep smiling…. ?this for u muuah…??????????????????…. miss u sweet heart…???????????

  6. keerthi dr…. dont no dr….. radz tweet like that…. after her status…. i think she is in madly love with shakti….dr
    she aslo said na dr…. if I madly love with someone….. now i understand that someone is shakti dr…. after that Valentine…. video both faces r dull…. he close to neha i think she cried alot dr…after seeing valentine video….!!
    if he didnt create that valentine…. video radz didnt realized her love for shakti dr….!! but she proposed to shakti 2 times na dr….!! but she didnt openly express dr…..!!

    Keerthi dr….. fame app in playstore dr….i want to download dr….!! today radz …. aslo happy after hearing shakti name dr…!!

    She 2 times tag dr… #RADHIKASHAKTI na dr…. she aslo said husband qualites….copy to. mine…

    MATSH….serial story only to bring shadika love …. dr !!

    i never make stupids mistakes but very clever ones he tweet na dr…!!

    • Payal

      You are absolutely right vyshu dr shakti and radhika both love each other very much it is written in their destiny both month same,both punjabis it is not a coincidence no one can separate them their path crossed each other for this purpose only to become real life partners so God is with our Shadhika their love is true and pure so one day they will surely going to unite becoz SHADHIKA’S SOUL IS CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER right vyshu

  7. Payal

    During milan track,shakti and radhika accidently kissed lip to lip in real becoz on twitter R LOVER they said some people saw it on tv that it was shakti’s back and radhika was adjusting her lipstick
    And you know guys there was a scene in
    november where shakti in golden blue
    sherwani and radhika in blue white saree i think parul’s sangeet or may be when ranveer came back home and he felt that somethibg wrong he was covered with
    bandages in that milan tried to kiss ishani
    so shakti actually kissed radhika
    And some people are saying that this clip was on tv INDIA TV AND SBS SHOWED OLV IN WHICH BOTH SHAKTI AND RADHIKA WERE BLUSHING both not found online MANY PEOPLE SAID THAT THEY HAVE SEEN IT ON TV
    Guys this is such a great news

    • PRINCE

      dude r u sure that SHADHIKA kissed lip to lip to eachother???………..woooow…ya ALLAH pls make SHADHIKA together for lifetime…..

  8. Keerthi

    Shazna dear sure I will write the ff dear …. Was not well and a bit busy so only couldn’t write ll write soon and post it

  9. Keerthi

    Arham dear sure I will take proper care dear this tym I am on full observation…. And I am happy dear after seeing shakti yesterday after he specified radz name I was happy seeing his eyes glowing his face blushed all of a sudden I noticed it keenly

  10. Raji dr thank u so much for ur concern dr.i love u somuch dr.really iam touched..may god give u all happiness dr.i got such a wonderfull frnds here.iam also very emotional type dr.u r not emotional fool dr u r wonderfull and pure hearted girl..after read all ur comments automatically tears roll on my eyes dr.i am very happy i got such a loving frnds here.really i love u drs.u r my soulmate dr.whenever u come to coimbatore pls inform to me dr ya sure i ll meet u dr.once again thank u somuch for ur love dr so sweet of u

  11. Vyshu dr thanks a lot for ur concern dr.i am very happy to see all ur comments becoz u r all such a wonderfull persons.may god gives all happiness in ur life sweet of u dr thanks a lot dr.we r all keep in touch forever dr .once again thanks sweety

  12. Keerthi

    Vyshu dear sure this month I will not take stress dear I already became happy after seeing shakti when he mentioned radz name his face blushing I knew where his heart is actually and with radz tweet I am sure she should have cried a lot after valentine video but one thing u noticed shakti always says radz ur a tomboy behave like a girl I like u more that way and radz is so much changed now she has become very soft spoken person did u see she is transforming more feminine the way she dresses the way she smiles speaks everything is changed did u notice the change dear
    Yes dear now I understand wat clever mistake shakti made to make radz feel his love he published that valentines video after which only shakti’s partner name change everything occurred he stopped posting pics with neha in fb,Twitter ,Instagram even stopped coming to bcl2
    Don’t worry vyshu dear this tym I am on full observation by doctor definitely I will give u all the good news next month but do keep praying for me vyshu dear…… I have got so many little sisters here one brother that’s ranaji so I am happy only when I come and speak with u all so don’t worry or cry God will help me this tym

  13. Arham dr thank u so much dr.i love u all,really iam fl happy becoz here i hv such a wonderfull frnds and sisters.ur fiance also very lucky charm dr becoz u r so sweet girlna.once again thanks for ur caring dr

  14. Keerthi dr pls dnt take toomuch stress dr.pls dr healty is very importantna.oneday our shadika unite dr but untillwe r all keep patience dr so pls pla dnt take too much stress dr.and dr shakti interview was awesomena but dr inbetween u mentioned abt neha na what is that dr

  15. Keerthi

    Sathya dear
    Sure dear this tym I ll be more careful dear…. I will not take stress anymore as I saw shakti yesterday live in fameapp yesterday when he started to chat he was dull only as soon as he saw the questions like u miss radhikamadan his face started to blush he was making up saying I am here to eat laughed and then said I miss everyone on the sets and radhika too he specified her name differently giving more importance I saw his eyes glowing because I was sitting with my iPad and watching shakti so I could see clearly after this question na he was all smiles only he became so happy I was typing questions like u miss matsh , u miss radz …. U asked na dear what’s that neha and he spoke that’s nothing dear he was eating some salad I suppose that tym he asked the host if there is any questions she said neha is asking if you are on a diet for which he replied if it’s neha call me to know and then said if it is some neha then my answer is yes I am on a fat diet as I want to put on some weight……

  16. Keerthi

    Payal dear
    Muahhhh ???????????????????
    Really dear give me that link I am flying somewhere u gave me the best news today wow wow I will search and find it that’s y when radz name was mentioned shakti automatically started to blush and he said I miss everyone on sets and radhika too now I got it ?????????????????? y radz tweet so also I got it

  17. raji

    Sathya dr u also my soulmate dr… iam very happy dr …bez of shadhika ‘s news & ur marriage news dr …god give me so beautiful friends here to me dr ….like u ,keerthi ,vyshu ,arham ,payal ,dhruva …….&one bro ranaji
    ….we r not see each other but how much care na ……really i love u guys ….

  18. raji

    Keerthi dr today radz on fame app na pls try to catch her dr…..
    I saw ur commands about shakthi fame app dr ….
    I cant command u properly …sorry dr i was in emotional state ……in morning time dr …..

  19. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Awesome episode bro especially theater part.veer and Ranvi are sweet.

  20. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Arham dr thanks.because of Vijay Anna I know Tamil.l am not well in speaking but I can understand well dr.

  21. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Arham dr I don’t know about flora shop.may be that shop is so far from our place.
    And ur fiance name is suhail cousin name is also suhail.

  22. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Sathya akka what will I say? Ur comment make me cry.don’t say u r unlucky pls.ur my sweet akka.may god bless u.surely u will be in my dua.

  23. Julina

    Wow… Great news Payal dear.,.. I searched in net I couldn’t see that video….. I’m flying toooooo

  24. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    pls keerthi i cryed after that news pls pls take care dear i think some bond is made by god that y etka saw rad and she starts act or else she will be a dance stu . something is bet. shadhika ishveer and us dear dont worry i am resquesting all of to take care of ur health serioisly i am angery with u keerthi akka ….
    mariya dear i am here only and where r u sweety…..
    ranaji suppppeeerrrrr love it keep rocking
    satya akka ur one of the luckiest in world always we r here pls dojt worry akka ….
    arham akka u are just 18 after one year too only 19 . marriage very soon akkk . but y dear ?????
    i am flying after the news mmuuumma payal vyshu keerthi and all thax sooo mmmuuuucchhh dear and shakti telugu super today so many good news ….
    i will pray for all of u sissyssss and naren bro ….

  25. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    oh sana dear i am very very sry dear . i got confused dear pls forgive me dear i am very sry . but dear what ur age ? … hope u will forgive me… sry dear. but ur is so nice

  26. Keerthi

    Raji dear
    It’s ok dear y u getting emotional see after being stressed out my health became bad dear so don’t do it be cool and stay calm is what I am doing now …..everything will be alright…….I was flying from yesterday night only after seeing shakti blushing on hearing Radz name …….so I now have the hope that they will come together soon…….

  27. Keerthi

    Vyshu dear
    Is it dear u like lord shiva do pray to him dear for our shadhika …..
    After u gave the Twitter link I searched the youtube fully dear I could not find that video but any how I will find it and share it with you …..
    Waiting for 8 pm will catch Radz live and ask her has she signed any new show I already messaged her asking please come soon in MATSH 2
    I am going to ask does she miss shakti let me see her reaction

  28. Keerthi

    Rookey dear
    I am fine now dear everything happens only when God decides na… I am not worried instead I gave the decision to God let him unite shadhika he was the one who twisted both of their fates in one path let him unite them both ……I was literally smiling when shakti said nannu nennu premisthanu he has to say ninnu instead he said nannu …….. And when asked abt Radz his face blushed eyes liveliness u should have seen him dear and when he said some neha I was laughing only …….waiting for fameapp Radz chat today @8pm

  29. Julina

    Sathya akka nd arham dear,,.. Both should come back after ur marriage…. I will waiting for ur comments…. Sathya akka… I have updated my ff…. Coz… U said know….. U can’t read after 8th April…. So only…. I try to update up to ishveer reunion in my ff today….

  30. #fame
    “I did not leave Meri Aashiqui. The show’s TRPs had dropped & we did not want to age on screen or bore the audience.” @shaktiarora
    View details ·
    @LiveOnfame @shaktiarora who told u that v were getting bored???? ??With its end a damn part of us has been snatched from us!! :”'(
    View conversation ·


    @kajal_ishveer @LiveOnfame @shaktiarora exactly my point! We would have loved seeing Ishveer as mummy-daddy! I feel so sad right now.. sighh
    8:23 AM – 29 Mar 2016

    ~ Mahi ~
    @R_ShaktiLover @kajal_ishveer makers had decided to end it..its clear..tbh its useless to ponder now & trying to reason it out too imo..
    View conversation

    @R_ShaktiLover @LiveOnfame @shaktiarora mom-dad,grandparents, n wat not! V would have watched anythinggg if there was ranveer n ishani♥
    View conversation ·

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    Q: Do you miss @radhikamadan01? ‘*laughs* I’m here to eat.. *laughs* Yes, I miss everyone from the set & Radhika too’ – @shaktiarora
    8:31 AM – 29 Mar 2016

    @R_ShaktiLover @radhikamadan01 @shaktiarora just love it when he takes radhika’s name separately?❤❤??
    View conversation ·
    @R_ShaktiLover @radhikamadan01 @shaktiarora I miss Shakti…Want to see Shakti & Radhika back together again in another love story.
    View conversation ·
    Anjala Kumar
    @R_ShaktiLover @radhikamadan01 @shaktiarora if u hav the video can u post it?

  32. raji

    Keerthi dr i am getting emotional bez of sathya ‘s commands ….now i am ok dr …thank u for ur care dr …..

  33. R_ShaktiLoverMar [email protected]_ishveer I wish we could have their joint interview, damn!View conversation · [email protected]_ishveerMar [email protected]_ShaktiLover Well,so many dreams regarding them… waiting for Chamatkar’s to happen! Man mein hai Vishwas XDView conversation · R.@R_ShaktiLoverMar [email protected]_ishveer Hahaha ? I hope a some miracle happens on their birthday and both wish each other.View conversation · [email protected]_ishveerMar [email protected]_ShaktiLover haha! I guess it didn’t happnd last year na? Bt shaktiji should reply radhika atleast as she mentioned on fame she miss him..View conversation · R.@R_ShaktiLoverMar [email protected]_ishveer Maybe they did but not on camera?View conversation · [email protected]_ishveerMar [email protected]_ShaktiLover many things happen off screen XD lets not talk about that! U knw wat i mean…View conversation · R.@R_ShaktiLoverMar [email protected]_ishveer of course I do! ?? Just like that ‘kiss’ rumour lmao ?View conversation · [email protected]_ishveerMar [email protected]_ShaktiLover haha,that during milan sequence? XD did u watched dat olv? I searched but nva got it :/View conversation · R.@R_ShaktiLoverMar [email protected]_ishveer Wait, which olv during Milan track?View conversation · [email protected]_ishveerMar [email protected]_ShaktiLover Don’t tell me u don’t know about that olv! ? During the Milan track? It was d sensation of forum for days!View conversation · R.@R_ShaktiLover @kajal_ishveer I have no idea what you’re talking about. Give me a hint, at least!6:30 AM – 29 Mar 2016 [email protected]_ishveerMar [email protected]_ShaktiLover during a scene where Milan came closer to ishu,shaktians accidentally kissed radhika actually, sbs came with a olv even!View conversation · R.@R_ShaktiLoverMar [email protected]_ishveer do you have that link? I heard it was a rumour and not true.View conversation · R.@R_ShaktiLoverMar [email protected]_ishveer and was it the SR scene of IshLan or that one after Milan’s dance? View conversation · @kajal_ishveerMar [email protected]_ShaktiLover dats wat I told,I nva got d link for it! Rebe told me about that,many ppl saw it on tv,but no one was able to find online..View conversation · @kajal_ishveerMar [email protected]_ShaktiLover that I don’t remember ?View conversation · R.@R_ShaktiLoverMar [email protected]_ishveer where did he kiss her exactly? ? And I still don’t know which IshLan scene you’re talking about.View conversation · R.@R_ShaktiLoverMar [email protected]_ishveer I don’t think we will find it ? but good to know ??View conversation · @kajal_ishveerMar [email protected]_ShaktiLover on lips ?? I am really shocked u didn’t knew till now! But Han twas one of the great knews???View conversation · @kajal_ishveerMar [email protected]_ShaktiLover M too sure,v have to contact patali Devi for that ??View conversation ·

  34. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Vyshu and payal sis pls help me.l don’t get voot app.I want to see matsh episode.there is not that app in play store.what is that app’s name? It is really voot app?

  35. Raji dr u r my lovable frnd pls dnt fl for me dr.if u fl na iam also worried dr..i love u so much dr..if we hv a chance we ll meet dr..i hv lot of good hearted frnds here love u all drs.and dr u saw u2 dailyna dr.when ranvee meet ishani tis week or next dr,if u knowna pls tell me dr.and u keenly watch tis wk epi that shakti was not in all scenes dr.his back side only they show but that was not shakti dr.there is aomw other man act as shakti.becoz in that time i think shakti busy wid nache baliya 7 all shakti scenes are take in one shot and they manage all scenes with someother man.and dr but one scene when ranvi and iahani stood together in riverna while they do for falgunis ash ritualsna that time shakti act dr becoz he want to dis scenes with radz but all other scenes while ish wid shikarna that all scenws shakti was not there becoz he got jealous i think so dr

  36. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sathya didi and arham for u both next epi of young love I have sent it will funny pls don’t miss it becoz I have written before going to my exam with much struggle hope u all will like it

    • Payal

      Vyshu dr first sign and then search show name then mark it in favourites and then see all episodes

  37. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    I am near hope college sathya didi pls ask him where his house was??

  38. I swear I don’t like the Ravjeet related questions at all ?8:12 AM – 30 Mar 2016Love myself :)@[email protected]_ShaktiLovercan u tell me first whatshe tell about call? Did she was telling that she called shakti to tell him that she is missing himView [email protected][email protected]_ShaktiLovershe say thisView conversation·shakti’s [email protected]@R_ShaktiLoverthe first question ws shakti. … n wht ws ans my internet ws weak tht tym plz tell me

  39. Ranaji i already read young love ff and it was awesome and i wrote my comment on that bro.and ya sure bro i ask by hubby soon but now iam not talking to him that much becoz my realtives are all surrounding me so iam little bit uneasy to talk to him.but sure i ll ask and tell u bro.

    • Julina

      I uploaded two update akka… it hasn’t posted yet… I made one change… I think u like that change… u always insists that akka….

  40. Keerthi

    Dears I have updated what radz said in fameapp in the new ff of ranaji please see there dears I M flying flying radz said I love shakti I miss shakti I spoke with shakti yesterday we are planning to meet up soon so see decries atlast in a public chat radz said I love shakti even last tym she did not tell like that vyshu raji sathya payal mariya and all my dears sisters and brother our dream is coming true radz gonna meet shakti soon dats the reason y shakti was blushing after hearing radz name yesterday ?????????????

    • Payal

      Thanks keerthi dr you are my angel send by God to me to keep updating me i am very happy today i know when keerthi comes she always make us feel happy thank yu keerthi dr and
      Always be here with us and comments you have to be there with us yu are already married sobno problem to yu and after child also yu have to give time to us becz we comes first ok my keerthi sis?????????

      • Keerthi

        Sure payal dear I am flying happy happy the three magical words shakti wanted to hear from radz mouth is out today shakti would have definitely been happy and flying today

  41. raji

    Sathya dr its true thats not shakthi na …..ok &ishveer scenes will come on tomorrow dont miss it dr

  42. Wow sathya….I read early comment and now I come to know about your WEDDING…!!!
    Dear I’m soo happy yaar for you…..pls don’t take stress and be happy for your wedding dear….don’t take tension….we know that shadhika loves each other and will be united soon……FINGERS CROSSED…….!!!! and when the wedding yaar…???

  43. Payal

    Guys please see my all links and read the conversations carefully and we will discuss it in next ff ok guys

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