Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-92 and 93

The episode starts with ishaani talks to ranveer. Ishaani tells him u can’t beat me becoz i am his mom. She tells i am with him for 5yrs.. Ranveer cries and tells i have missed it so much.Ishaani hugs him and tells sorry to him.Veer tells them not to cry and think about my surprise. Ranveer tells let us go dubai next month tk. Veer tells ok…Ishaani comes near photo and prays to god and she comes to market..Ishaani sees someone as same as her and she follows her and comes to house and sees harshad and gets shocked..Ishaani asks harshad who is she?Harshad tells she is ur sister.. Raghav comes there and tells she is my wife kalpi… She tells them where r u this much yrs?? Kalpi tells i was with my step mother. She tortured me alot. But i loved her recently only she died and so only i married raghav….

Raghav asks about ishaani.Ishaani tells i am wife of ranveer and my son veer…That’s it. Harshad requests her to bring veer and ranveer here becoz i need to meet them last time before i die..Ishaani cries and hugs harshad…Kalpi tells ishaani that i am leaving to singapore till that my friend daughter will be alone can u take care of her? Ishaani asks what is her name? Kalpi tells shalini. They both laugh and hifi… Kalpi asks shalini are u happy with going with this aunt? She tells yes ..

Raghav and kalpi bid bye to ishaani and leaves from there…Madhu tells vivian that we need to go to australia to see my mom..Vivian tells no i will send ticket and she will come becoz u need not travel..Madhu looks on with his care..

Raghav and kalpi gets into flight and comes to singapore and tells now shalini will be happy,.We have to finish the work soon and we have to go back..Milan comes to school and speaks to veer and tells him not to tell mom that i came to meet u pls keep as secret ok.Veer agrees..Ishaani brings shalini to house and tells madhu about kalpi,harshad and shalini.Madhu tells ok and they both play with her.

Veer comes there and tells hai but madhu and ishaani plays with shalini..Veer cries madhu and ishaani comes to her and calms her down. Shalini cries otherside both comes there…Veer cries madhu and ishaani tells both need 1 so we can seperate and ishaani comes to veer. Madhu comes to shalini and they all play..

Ranveer comes by walk ishaani looks on amused and comes to him and hugs him tightly……Sanam re plays……Madhu tells i am also here only..Ishaani tells he is my husband…Madhu laughs and tells ok and they leaves from there.Madhu goes to kitchen…Veer gets up and comes to shalini and intrduces himself and they both talk..Veer asks which std u are studying?? Shalini tells L.K.G,… veer tells me U.K.G….They both smile at each other and they both play with toys…………

Veer comes to room and sees ishaani went out and tells ranveer about school incident…Ranveer laughs and tells yes. Veer leaves ishaani comes there. She shows milan pic and asks about him… He tells i don’t know and tells he is playing with veer in school……..

Precap: Ranveer slaps milan and brings to police station and locks him in cell….Ishaani praises ranveer courage..He tells i am courage from my birth…Ishaani puts cockroach on him..He shouts in fear.She laughs and tells it is fake..


  1. sathya akka i really miss u..ennala adha wrds aala solla mudiya la..but today i pray for u ..naa ennoda allah kitta iniku ongalku pray panne..ongloda futur lyf ku..sure ur futr lyf will be a paradise ka..and my jijju taking care of u lyk our don’t worry sis..this is a tym for keep rocking sis..and miss me..don’t forget me..i am ur frnd ans sis dhanla..

  2. wow sana sis..i lyk ur tamil language..u r a malyalan but u speaks tamil well dr..i luv u yaar?…..hoo palakad is also kerla state na……i am happy to heard abt u r also already visited palakad 2 tyms aunty’s house is there…

  3. dhruva dr..wat is the full form of DB.. u ask me in previous ff..i thnk it’s related to the word fiance hubby..plzz tell me yaar..and anyone plzz who a r know abt tat word na plzz bathao mujhe..

  4. Keerthi

    Mariya dear
    Thanks for your concern dear….. What to do dear I loved them more than myself dear that’s y I was not able to tolerate their separation I love shadhika love is pure but they have not realized still…. But I have left the decision to god now he will definitely do miracles and unite them one day it’s the only hope I have

    • Mariya

      Ya keerthi dear you hope will come true soon dr. We all living in that hope dr. One day they realizes their love for each other . so pls don’t take stress dr & take dr

  5. Keerthi

    Vyshu dear
    Don’t cry dear that’s y I didn’t say anyone the reason I always believe in God right things happen at right time and I think that’s y I wasn’t lucky last time maybe this month don’t feel dear last time I was really stressed shakti’s ignorance towards radz made me feel a lot but after yesterday’s interview I have some hope now their love is pure that one day they will definitely unite…. See dear in fame app Twitter page na yesterday they first shakti photo and said he is on fameapp at 8 pm today and next to shakti photo they put radz photo and said she is fameapp on Wednesday 8 pm u know I was so happy seeing their photo together isn’t this a coincidence…. Did u see radz tweet yesterday after shakti fameapp chat
    ” how many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone ” I don’t really understand what she is coming to say is she saying about shakti that she lost shakti’s care ? I don’t understand she tweeted as soon as shakti’s fameapp interview was over

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Now only I am going to send becoz I was studying for English exam but I will update this ff alone I think becoz I need to study peom appreciation questions

  6. keerthi dr…. dont no dr….. radz tweet like that…. after her status…. i think she is in madly love with shakti….dr
    she aslo said na dr…. if I madly love with someone….. now i understand that someone is shakti dr…. after that Valentine…. video both faces r dull…. he close to neha i think she cried alot dr…after seeing valentine video….!!
    if he didnt create that valentine…. video radz didnt realized her love for shakti dr….!! but she proposed to shakti 2 times na dr….!! but she didnt openly express dr…..!!

    Keerthi dr….. fame app in playstore dr….i want to download dr….!! today radz …. aslo happy after hearing shakti name dr…!!

    She 2 times tag dr… #RADHIKASHAKTI na dr…. she aslo said husband qualites….copy to. mine…

    MATSH….serial story only to bring shadika love …. dr !!

    i never make stupids mistakes but very clever ones he tweet na dr…!!

    • Payal

      You are absolutely right vyshu dr shakti and radhika both love each other
      And what dies this line mean husband qualities copy to mine?

  7. Arham keerthi mariya vyshu sana ranaji julina rookers drs thank u so much for ir concerns dr.i really miss u all..once again thank u somuch drs for ur affection i am very lucky to have such a wonderfull frnds here thank u all

  8. Keerthi dr pls dnt take too much stress dr.pls dr healty is very importantna.oneday our shadika unite dr but untill we r all keep patience dr so pls pla dnt take too much stress dr.and dr shakti interview was awesomena but dr inbetween u mentioned abt neha na what is that dr

  9. Arham dr thank u so much dr.i love u all,really i am fl happy becoz here i hv such a wonderfull frnds and sisters.ur fiance also very lucky charm dr becoz u r so sweet girlna.once again thanks for ur caring dr

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