Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-92 and 93

The episode starts with ishaani talks to ranveer. Ishaani tells him u can’t beat me becoz i am his mom. She tells i am with him for 5yrs.. Ranveer cries and tells i have missed it so much.Ishaani hugs him and tells sorry to him.Veer tells them not to cry and think about my surprise. Ranveer tells let us go dubai next month tk. Veer tells ok…Ishaani comes near photo and prays to god and she comes to market..Ishaani sees someone as same as her and she follows her and comes to house and sees harshad and gets shocked..Ishaani asks harshad who is she?Harshad tells she is ur sister.. Raghav comes there and tells she is my wife kalpi… She tells them where r u this much yrs?? Kalpi tells i was with my step mother. She tortured me alot. But i loved her recently only she died and so only i married raghav….

Raghav asks about ishaani.Ishaani tells i am wife of ranveer and my son veer…That’s it. Harshad requests her to bring veer and ranveer here becoz i need to meet them last time before i die..Ishaani cries and hugs harshad…Kalpi tells ishaani that i am leaving to singapore till that my friend daughter will be alone can u take care of her? Ishaani asks what is her name? Kalpi tells shalini. They both laugh and hifi… Kalpi asks shalini are u happy with going with this aunt? She tells yes ..

Raghav and kalpi bid bye to ishaani and leaves from there…Madhu tells vivian that we need to go to australia to see my mom..Vivian tells no i will send ticket and she will come becoz u need not travel..Madhu looks on with his care..

Raghav and kalpi gets into flight and comes to singapore and tells now shalini will be happy,.We have to finish the work soon and we have to go back..Milan comes to school and speaks to veer and tells him not to tell mom that i came to meet u pls keep as secret ok.Veer agrees..Ishaani brings shalini to house and tells madhu about kalpi,harshad and shalini.Madhu tells ok and they both play with her.

Veer comes there and tells hai but madhu and ishaani plays with shalini..Veer cries madhu and ishaani comes to her and calms her down. Shalini cries otherside both comes there…Veer cries madhu and ishaani tells both need 1 so we can seperate and ishaani comes to veer. Madhu comes to shalini and they all play..

Ranveer comes by walk ishaani looks on amused and comes to him and hugs him tightly……Sanam re plays……Madhu tells i am also here only..Ishaani tells he is my husband…Madhu laughs and tells ok and they leaves from there.Madhu goes to kitchen…Veer gets up and comes to shalini and intrduces himself and they both talk..Veer asks which std u are studying?? Shalini tells L.K.G,… veer tells me U.K.G….They both smile at each other and they both play with toys…………

Veer comes to room and sees ishaani went out and tells ranveer about school incident…Ranveer laughs and tells yes. Veer leaves ishaani comes there. She shows milan pic and asks about him… He tells i don’t know and tells he is playing with veer in school……..

Precap: Ranveer slaps milan and brings to police station and locks him in cell….Ishaani praises ranveer courage..He tells i am courage from my birth…Ishaani puts cockroach on him..He shouts in fear.She laughs and tells it is fake..


  1. raji

    Payal dr u r right dr ….shadhika wants to work together….dr….
    Tat ‘s y both of them still not sign a new lead project……still we cant forget the lqst day shoot of matsh ….how they can dr…this is not possible dr ….u know dr ..i never see this type of co star ….with this closeness …….

    Y ekta mam do this for matsh only ….shadhika also cant accept our show is going of air ….lots of ans still trending matsh2…….

    Many social medias ask the same question…do want matsh season 2 …..??????
    I cant understand really whatis going on ….????matsh was ended in inproper …..but shakthi was in krishnadhashi &radz is inkkk….both r same colors pgms …..

    Ekta mam want audience more interest on matsh that ‘ s y she end it suddenly ya ……?????????? bez still trending is going on ….

    Pls replyme payal ,sathya vyshu drs

    • Payal

      Raji dr please bring back our matsh-season 2 with shadhika both actors are waiting and there fans are also waiting
      I am restless crying only i have no hope leftvon god now

  2. raji

    Sathyab,keerthi ,vyshu,payal drs….shakthi & neha both of them give likes to fans edit pics of shakhi &neha ….y shakthi do this ….????y he cheat us again & again drs…pls reply me drs

  3. Nice epi …. precap is suuperb….
    raji dr…. i’m frm Andhrapradesh…. kadapa district ( proddatur) i ‘m only daughter…. i have no brothers no sisters, i’m studying b- tech 2 nd yr…. CSE branch….!! i want to complete M- tech aslo dr….!! In 2 nd yr no MAThs… subject…. without maths vry boring….!!
    my favourite hero : Mahesh, vijay aslo…. !!
    sruthi hasan i like her in srimathudu movie…
    telly favourite : shakti, radz …. matsh is all time fav serl… !

    in dasara.festival…… Amavarshala temple…. is very famaous….. in proddatur….!!
    1 st Mysore ; 2 nd Amavarshala..dr .!!
    raji dr…. u want my adress i will tell u
    Sri Raghavendhra residency Appartment…
    flat no : 202…
    near sathyanarayana swamy temple
    proddatur ( kadapa district)

    • Payal

      Vyshu currently HOTSPOT SHIELD AND then voot becoz colors have launched it today itself like star plus news and short episodes will be available on youtube but for full episodes download VOOT app it will come soon in play store ok

  4. raji

    Vyshu dr pls reply my above commands dr …i am confused on shakthi ‘ s activies dr …u know dr that fan is very close with shakthi&neha dr …both of them r alredy give like to her edit pics of them ….that s y i am confused dr ….so pls reply me dr…

    Sathya dr where r u ??????

    • Payal

      Shocking some pagal people like that bluddy,b*t*h,ugly,kamini neha also go to hell these people

    • raji dr…. I ‘ m vry sorry for late reply dr….u know…. he loves radz more than himself…. dr !! he shows loyalty to neha… dr …. that day will definitely will come neha leave shakti….. nd shakti married radz …. see that day will come mark my comments….!!
      After seeing….Mmhv…. hosting show ican understand why he is looking dull bcouz he is miss radz so much…. even though he missing radz but he cant say out….. bcouz he wants loyal to neha…..!!
      shadika love is true…. so no one can seperate … them even god aslo …!!

      • Payal

        Marked vyshu dr i wish and hope yu sre right becoz shaktu also dull and yu see radhika no charm and dull both missing each other oh GOD PLEASE UNITE THESE TWO LOVEBIRDS SHAKTI ARORA AND RADHIKA MADAN AKA OUR SHADHIKA LOVE IS TRUE AND PURE

  5. raji

    Vyshu payal dr u can watch colors pgms on voot instead of u tube dr ……fuze productions tweet this dr …..pls see that for further informations….

  6. Arham raji keerthi vyshu sana mariya ranaji rookers dhuruva ishurv And all my frnds My marriage is on 11th april iam little bit busy in that drs eventhough iam busy i commented here becoz i love u all really i miss u guys

    • Payal

      Vyshu now only small episodes and news are available on YouTube like star plus
      Colors have launched their own VOOT APP IN WHICH YOU CAN SEE FULL EPISODES

  7. Anjali

    Hey guys I tried to see the videos of MATSH on Youtube, but they are saying that the videos are private. Any idea about what’s going on? I really want to see a MATSH episode. Please try and let me know or tell me what to do about it…

  8. Payal

    Guys on fame app today is shakti and tomorrow is radhika
    Please ask them about matsh-season 2 becoz most of the fans want it as the story is totally incomplete ok guys

  9. Payal

    Then they will understand how much crazy and serious fans are for MATSH-SEASON 2 WITH SHADHIKA

  10. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Sathya akka a big congrats.u r so sweet.ur hubby is one of luckiest person.miss u also akka.

    • Julina

      Arham dear… I haven’t talked to u…. but I know u…. best wishes for ur marriage also…. have a great life….. I’m also from tn

  11. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    No arham dr my name is sanha.friends call me sithara and arham dr I am in palakkad district.palakkad is in it’s happy to hear and what is ur hero’s name? I know the starting letter is s.

  12. Mariya

    Hi sathya di wowww that amazing news dr .
    & sathya di & arham dr as sana says ur hubby is luckiest person that deserve u . & a big big big congratulations for your marriage & god may full fill all ur wishes. Seriously today I am very happy . congratulations once again. Keep smiling drs

  13. Mariya

    Sorry for late replay friends as my exams comes near so I didn’t get time for commenting & writing ff. & there is one week & less that one week for my exams. & I think didn’t comment on tomorrow. & after 20 April I will comment but I will comment on 11 Apr . so bye friends keep smiling & enjoy your life’s. & take care all of you.

  14. raji

    Sathya dr first of all congratulations to u …..i pray to god for ur happy marriage life dr ….whenever u r freena that time pls command dr….i miss u so much dr….after ur marriage also u command here pls i am always waiting for ur reply dr………..Still we r not meet each other …..but we miss …… this is bez of matsh &shadhika ……dr …

  15. raji

    Wow arham dr ….u also engaged na ….congradulations dr ……today i am hear good news only …..
    When ur marriage dr ……..?????

  16. raji

    Vyshu dr i agree with he is loyal with neha &love radz more than himself …
    Only fans r doing this …na not shakthi na ….hope they will unite soon by gods grace dr

  17. raji

    Keerthi dr where r u ???? Today shakthi is come on fame app dont miss him &try to catch him dr….

  18. Arham dr sorry dr.lasta solalam nenachen dr.but ipalam enala regulara comment pana mudiyala athoda en mob repair vera ayiduchu dr.yest only i got my mob dr.unmaya solanumna enaku ithavida shadika join panuna athan rmba santhosam dr.nan unmaile unga elaraum rmba miss panuven ,ungala raji keerthi sana vyshu mariya ranaji dhuruva payal ishurv rookers elarum enaku rmba close ayitinga ,inga enaku nalla frnds anf sisters kedachurukanga unmaile enala comment adika mudilana Rmba fl panuven dr

  19. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Oh sathya akka u r so sweet.akka neenga comment pannalena engalkum romba feel u sis.

  20. raji

    Sathya dr i am here …only but i miss u so much dr …pls see my above commands dr …
    ..i saw that pics on fans twitter page dr @ princessshaz 007 dr …..
    Pls try to command after marriage dr….i miss u so much dr…ur hubby ‘s home town is same trichy or other dr …..pls reply my above commands dr …i am waiting for u r commnds …i am free after 8.00pm pls come that time dr …

  21. Mariya

    Sathya di I little bit understand that you wrote in Tamil . I can’t understand in proper way. Pls comment in English or Hindi. OK let’s forgot that. & wish you you’re happy happy happy married life dr. & I miss you badly dr.

  22. Mariya

    & sathya di jijo’s name is nice. Nice name of your hubby.
    & arham dear pls tell me your hubby’s name dr

  23. Dhruva { A DIE HARD FAN OF ISHVEER }

    Really good episode yaar…..but please ha now no new entry….or I’ll be question mark…

  24. sathya dr My hearty congralations dr…. i miss u so much dr…!! ur hubby is luckiest person in the world… dont forget me…. after marriage aslo try cmment dr….!!
    after ur marriage shadika marriage aslo will happen…dr !! see that day will come it will happen definetly…!! coz i saw radz pic…. her charm gone dr !! if she saw shakti …. then definetly her charm will be back..!!
    once again advance happy married life…. enjoy ur life with ur hero…. bye… dr …..gud nyt sweet dreams with ur hubby n shadika aslo…

  25. Arham dr My hearty congralations dr…. i miss u so much dr…!! ur hubby is luckiest person in the world… dont forget me…. after marriage aslo try cmment ..dr !! when ur marriage dr…coz i saw radz pic…. her charm gone dr !! if she saw shakti …. then definetly her charm will be back..!!. enjoy ur life with ur hero…. bye… dr …..gud nyt sweet dreams with ur hubby n shadika aslo… !!

  26. Mariya

    & sathya dr if you have time then pls read my ff . yesterday I post it. & I will come back after 20 April .
    But I will come to 11 Apr .

  27. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sathya didi congrats and u r upcoming………… I don’t know what to write in dash?? Husband or fiancy?????sorry didi pls tell me his name and pls comment on ff after marriage and pls don’t forget my ff????If u are free come to Coimbatore and call me. If u want my number I will give u and it is my real no. It is not fake PA??

  28. Keerthi

    Sathya dear
    Congratulations on your marriage news dear….May God bless you with loads of happiness dear……marriage is a special event enjoy every moment of it ………do come in to comment even after marriage dear………

  29. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sathya didi,arham u both are getting married I will miss u both alot and pls keep touch with us through my ff and guys I am going to tell one news to all that this ff is permanent till I complete my +2after that God decide about me!! Na but I am waiting for ur replies….now

  30. Keerthi

    Arham dear
    Congratulations on your marriage news dear…. May God bless you with loads of happiness………

  31. Keerthi

    Raji, vyshu, Payal,sathya,sana,arham, mariya,rookie,ranaji,dhruva dears
    I am very sorry I could not come in for commenting because I was busy with my work dear……and I was totally dejected with shakti’s activities he is confusing me a lot anyway I trust in my shivji he ll do miracles …….my eyes have not deceived me I saw love for Radz in his eyes …….I will write my ff soon dears please give me some time ….I missed u all so much
    Payal dear sorry for not replying soon to ur comments dear…….. Vyshu raji dears sorry na for making u worry about me

  32. raji

    Sathya dr …..i am very happy to hear ur marriage news dr……pls be happy always …bez these days r memorable days of every girls ….na …always be happy ,enjoy ur marriage rituals …..first take proper food ,rest …..&take care ur health…whenever u have possible time pls command ….atleast one command in one day pls dr…

    bez i miss u so much … u r one of my best friend here dr….i wish u once again advanced happy marriage life dr…..

    Keep smile always ………………………


  33. TV heartthrob Shakti Arora,
    who shot to fame as Ranveer of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, is currently enjoying his anchoring stint on
    Sony TV’s Mann Mein Vishwaas Hai.
    And Telly chakkar.
    comdug deep into Shakti’s life to bring you interesting and lesser-known facts about him…
    go on, take a look:
    Shakti was supposed to open a travel agency as he saw a close relative doing well in the business.
    However he decided not to invest and tried his hands at acting.
    He likes honest people…His favourite dish is Butter Chicken.
    His first crush was in standard 9th.
    He loves traveling and is going to Fiji next weekend.How did you like the list? Do share your views.

    • Keerthi

      Raji dear was busy all the day I saw shakti’s interview on fame …
      For ur info shakti’s mom is telugu itseems he spoke ninnu nenu premisthanu instead he told nannu nennu premisthanu means I love myself??
      When asked if he misses Radz
      He laughed and said I am here to eat then laughed again and said I miss everyone on the sets and radhika too I liked the way he specified radhika too? his face was glowing and blushing when he said Radz name
      Overall he was eating and munching ….but I liked seeing him….. little bit dullness was there at the start as soon as Radz name was out he started to show the glow☺️☺️☺️☺️

  34. Raji dr thank u so much too miss u all dr,really we never meet each other but we hv that un said affection between us dr.u know dr after mrge i req my hubby for comment here dr.becoz i love u all.i want u all frndship and affection till my life end dr..raji dr i love u dr i miss u dr..whenever i am free i ll comment dr, till 8th aprill no prblm dr and then i dnt know whether i hv a chance for comment.but sure dr after mrge i try to comment dr.

  35. Keerthi dr thank u so much for ur wishes dr.where r u gone dr,really we miss u alot dr..dr u r already got marriedna so i want ur advice a frnd i accept ur advice whatever it may be dr..i already learnt (loyality,true love)lot from our ishveer dr ,and u kow dr whenever our shadika unite means that day is my happiest day in my love dr

    • Keerthi

      Sure Sathya dear whatever you want as advice I will give you …..I think u all as my sisters and brother only……I am happy when I come and see all your comments……enjoy each and every moment of the days before marriage dear…….it’s all precious we don’t get those days again

  36. Vyshu dr me too miss u all dr.whenever i fl free sure i ll comment dr.becoz i love u all dr,Thank u so much for ur compliment dr..u know dr whenever our shafika unite that is my most happiest news dr more than my mrge..whenever i am free sure i ll comment dr

  37. Ranaji my fiance name is viswanathan.and i hv lot of sis and frnds here but i hv only one bro that is u..u r like my own bro becoz i dnt hv younger bro..ya sure i keep in touch with u all even after mrge..and bro my hubby is in coimbatore so after mrge i shifted to coimbatore bro.After i come to coimbatore i ll ask ur num bro.i never forget u and ur ff bro

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Really!!! Then I can meet u didi I will be happy and which place? Pls ask him if I am near then I will try my best to meet u!!! I also don’t have sister but I have a brother college he always fights with me????

  38. Mariya dr i miss u all here .i hv lot of sis and frnds here so i really miss u all.but i ll keep touch with u all dr becoz u r all my soulmates.our shadika and ishveer bring is together we never get apart dr,tis is only i wrote in tamil dr..

  39. Raji dr thank u somuch for ur concern dr.u know onething dr my mother is no more dr.when i was in 12 th std she passed away dr,i love my mom lot dr she is my soul dr,in tis situation i miss my mom lot dr.u understand my feelingsna dr.really in tis time every girl want her motherna,but iam a unlucky girl mother is my god she wishes me for my fortune dr..thank u dr for ur concern love u dr..we r not meet each other but we hv that bonding dr.ya sure dr whenever i am free i ll comment dr

  40. vaishali

    awesome precap was hilarious just loved it congratulations bhai for 100th episode i am wishing in advance me first….

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx vaishali for u r wish but here all ff commentars already told me not to end this ff

  41. Mariya

    Sathya di I miss u now & my heart , brain, & my soul is in only your marriage dr. & not in my studies dr. & you know my all exam tension is gone that hearing this such an amazing new . and di after your marriage you comment na di. I am waiting for your comments . & after you settled in jijo*s house & you get some free time then pls share your all wedding rituals because I didn’t no about any south India rituals & weddings.
    & take care di take proper food & rest & enjoy your wedding. & didn’t think about dieting I know you are look very beautiful & nice in your wedding. Sorry its just jok.
    & I want to talk to you more & more . why is happing I didn’t know. You are my best di . I always pray for you. I miss you badly . take care di.

  42. Uzma BhattiHaha o neha say mar khay ga kiya inky sath a kLike·Report·2 hours agoSonali NayakUzma kasam serial me neha hai..dekhaLike·Report·2 hours agoUzma BhattiNehaaaaa hi o kha say agi us myLike·Report·2 hours agoUzma BhattiLike·Report·2 hours agoUzma BhattiMy nhi dyka ak din b means k usko b kam mil giyaLike·Report·2 hours agoUzma BhattiRuchi Mehrakasam my neha hi kiya???Like·Report·2 hours agoSonali NayakAap dekha serial mai villion ha haLike·Report·2 hours agoUzma BhattiVilln bni hi ??? Sonali Nayak???Like·Report·2 hours agoSonali NayakAaj dekhana jan jaongi hero heroine bicha me villionLike·1·Report·2 hours agoUzma BhattiOh achaaaa hehehe my kha schi my agihiLike·Report·2 hours agoSonali NayakYeah kasam serial me neha charecter hai villion ..maza aagaya indirectly hitting nehaLike·1·Report·2 hours ago

    • Payal

      Ye twitter par comments dekhe vyshu ye khe rhe h ki why shakti is ignoring radhika?
      But let me tell me shakti is not ignoring radhika becoz he feels shigh becoz he know what relationship they both have and he told ki he miss everyone on set and RADHIKA TOO SOMEONE ON TEITTER SAID THE WAY HE SAID RADHIKA NAME SEPARATELY and HE ALSO TOLD THAT HE WOULD WORK WITH RADHIKA AGAIN and becoz of that bluddy,b*t*h,kutti,kamini neha only shakti can’t open up and hesitating and avoiding as he is somewhere shy thst girl neha idiot should die or leave shakti forever then we will feel relax now only pray for our MATSH-SEASON 2 WITH OUR SHADHIKA ONLY RIGHT VYSHU DR REPLY ME FAST

    • Payal

      This line is Perfectly suits for shakti and radhika aka our SHADHIKA “WE TRY TO HIDE OUR FEELINGS BUT FORGET THAT OUR EYES SPEAKS”

  43. Mariya

    Pls sathya di don’t think that you’re unlucky pls. Even we all lucky to have you in our life. Pls don’t think that . & I feel your pain di but this time u have to act like brave girl na. To see you happy your mom get more happiness. & we all with you always. & your mom is very lucky to have you. & you’re mom have proud on you.

  44. Mariya

    & friends any one tell me how to use emoji in comments . to use symbols like cry loving & laughing pls pls pls tell me . I am waiting pls.

  45. sathya dr..wat u say..don’t feel depressed sis..ur mom is alwayzz wid u..her soul is alwayzz with her cutie daughter…she blessings u in the second world for u..??..u make me crying sis..plzz depressed aavadheynga akka…

  46. sathya dii..jijju’s name is nyc…i miss u very badly..and feel about you very very badly…don’t worry akka ongaloda hubby onga amma place la irundhu ongla paathu paanga..plzz note my day it will happn ..then automatically u thnk my wrds…miss u
    miss u
    miss u
    miss u
    miss u?

  47. Mariya dr thank u so much dr.u r also my bestie dr,and dr now only i read ur ff dr.its amazing ishveet romance are awesome.ya sure dr after mrge i ll explain all rituals that happen in my mrge dr.thanks for ur wishes and prayers dr i love u dr.whenever i am free i ll comment dr.even after mrge i ll comment dr becoz i want all ur affection forever dr.u too concentrate on ur studies dr i hope u acheived more marks in ur exams and u hv bright future dr

    • Payal

      Please i will miss your comnents which are motivating please again come back here after your marriage is over ok sathya dr

    • Julina

      Sathya akka… I can understand ur feeling… every girl needs their amma now…. I’m sure u’ll get her love through ur athai ( motherinlaw) and jiju. …. don’t worry akka… life has to pass on… I too don’t have father… we should not feel depressed…. we should make it our strength. … u’ll feel ur mother’s love in each and every person you cross in ur life…. I’ll pray for it… ur mother will watching u and bless u. … Amma voda blessing ungaluku eppavume irukum akka… amma ungala eppavum pathukitte irupanga… ungalukaga inga ellarum irukom… Unga marriage life la ella situation laiyum jiju um naangalum irukom… don’t worry… aftr marriage ennalam nadanthuchu nu sollunga…. we’ll definitely MISSSS U….
      Love u akka

      Be happy always??????

    • Mariya

      Thanks sathya di for your sweet wishes. & love you di. I can’t forgot you di . love you di.

  48. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    sry sry sry very sry i am busy so i didnt saw ur com. dears today i am realy happy i have so many sis….. and frnds realy i am very happy tears r rolling down… k. 1st mariya yes dear we r in same std . yeppeee
    sanha akka i miss u too much . happy weeding sweet heart i love u…. now u r a tamiluan as u r coming to kovai near my native and naren too. nice dear congrats to u and viswanathan mama . … hole ur hubby will love u as ranvi do the for naasrin akka too love u akka … i cant live without ur com akka . pls com. na ..

    love uuuuuu and what is hubby name arham sweet heart ????

  49. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    sry akka forgive me some typical errors sry sry sry…. and whats ur age naasrin akka and sanha akka ??? can u say me ???

  50. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    dont worry dear we r here we will do all jobs of u mom yes dear i dont know we can or not but we will try dear … and ur hubby will take take u like ur mom no worries . be happy dear

  51. Keerthi

    Vyshu dear
    U also saw na u saw shakti told his mother is telugu
    And did u see how funny he was when he spoke nannu nennu premisthanu ???
    I was instantly happy as I am also telugu speaking and prayed lord balaji immediately for the Union of shakti and radz
    He did not react much no dear u should have seen his eyes and face I saw it very keen
    Y when everyone asked u miss radhikamadan
    He laughed and said I miss everyone on the sets and Radhika too
    When he specified radhika did u see his eyes it showed everything when they both meet face to face they will realize their love
    When he said he went to Delhi recently I saw his eyes dear happiness happiness only
    And when some neha asked a question he said call me and he said some neha I am on a fat
    I am sure shakti misses Radz to the core tommo I will ask Radz when she is going to sign a new show

  52. Payal

    Where did you saw shakti fameapp interview? And shakti also told he would love to work with radhika again i am happy i saw it on twitter comments who chat with shakti

  53. Payal

    Keerthi dr i want to ask yuvthat yu live in chennai or usa becoz i don’t want to miss your comments so yu have be there with us here always ok keerthi dr

    • Keerthi

      Payal dear I saw in fame app itself from 8 pm I was watching shakti only I became really happy when he said radhika too and this question that he would love to work with radz again I didn’t notice as I busy typing questions for him like does he miss matsh, radhikamadan…….I also miss u payal dear I am busy actually I was in USA till last year I have come back to India on project work relocation I am busy with my work and hospital visits dears because last month I had an abortion due to stress so I have to go to visit doctors on weekly basis they have put me on observation…. With matsh tension my health became very bad dear…. I didn’t want to tell anyone here about this news and make u all feel after yesterday’s fame app interview of shakti I am happy that shakti misses radz a lot and his eyes glowing and the blush he was having in his face after he spoke radz name ahem ahem I am flying only payal dear?????

      • Mariya

        Keerthi dear pls pls pls take care Dr don’t spoil you health dear & take proper rest dr then only you have some free time na then comment dr. Pls dii take care. & don’t think to much about shadika . & don’t take any tension dr. I am also miss you comments dr. But you have to take proper rest & avoid stress & tension dear.

      • keerthi dr….. pls dont think about shadika dr…. nd dont take any stress, nd tension…dr ????????????…pls sleep atleast 8 hours dr…. nd take proper food dr….pls take care ur health dr….. i missing you after seeing …. comments…. iam happy… after u say that news…. i’m crying crying dr…. why u take so much….stress?
        shadika love is pure so no one seperate them even god aslo….!!
        pls take care ur health ….. !!
        today i’m not happy dr… after u say that news…!! i waiting for ur good news…. take dr ur health dr….!!

  54. keerthuu thanx sis for ur wishes…and plzz don’t forgive me also..miss u yaar..aftr finish ur work plzz start ur ff and commenting this page sis..i am really miss u..wat’s ur age dr..i am already asking u this question but u didn’t rply for me..?

    • Keerthi

      Arham I am also missing u so much….. I am 29 now going to be 30 this year dear ……not that I couldn’t reply sis I am really very busy with my work and health issues also dear so don’t take me bad sure I will come to comment as soon as possible by writing my ff again I am happy now after shakti’s interview when he said his mother is a telugite I was flying now I have hope that one day he’ll definitely join together with radz because his eyes told everything…. And as I am Telugu speaking and my native is also Hyderabad I was flying flying ????

    • Mariya

      Ya arham dear I am busy with my studies dr so I didn’t comment regularly. & I think I am visit this page after 20 April . && I didn’t forgot you my sis.&love you sis.

  55. vyshu and payal dr thnx for ur wishes guyzz..and plzz do one favour for me..don’t tak stress abt shadhika’s lyf dr..don’t search any apps links sites..plzz only dua for them a sister na plzz tak my wrdsit’s make ur health spoil make u a unhealthy person yaar..i thnk u scolded me in ur mind coz of i saying lyk this..but plzz try to understand..our search don’t make them unite guyzz..our dua only make them guyzz..plzz if i hurted u na sry guyzz..u as a frnd r sisster to me na then plzz keep my words guyzz…i am also a crazy fans of shadhika guyzz…but wat will day god hear our cryings and prayers tat day he will unite them..tat day is not far it’s too close..plzz try to keep up my words guyzz..and be cool guyzz..☺..if my wrds hurted u na really sry guyzz..

  56. sathya akka i really miss u..ennala adha wrds aala solla mudiya la..but today i pray for u ..naa ennoda allah kitta iniku ongalku pray panne..ongloda futur lyf ku..sure ur futr lyf will be a paradise ka..and my jijju taking care of u lyk our don’t worry sis..this is a tym for keep rocking sis..and miss me..don’t forget me..i am ur frnd ans sis dhanla..

  57. wow sana sis..i lyk ur tamil language..u r a malyalan but u speaks tamil well dr..i luv u yaar?…..hoo palakad is also kerla state na……i am happy to heard abt u r also already visited palakad 2 tyms aunty’s house is there…

  58. dhruva dr..wat is the full form of DB.. u ask me in previous ff..i thnk it’s related to the word fiance hubby..plzz tell me yaar..and anyone plzz who a r know abt tat word na plzz bathao mujhe..

  59. Keerthi

    Mariya dear
    Thanks for your concern dear….. What to do dear I loved them more than myself dear that’s y I was not able to tolerate their separation I love shadhika love is pure but they have not realized still…. But I have left the decision to god now he will definitely do miracles and unite them one day it’s the only hope I have

    • Mariya

      Ya keerthi dear you hope will come true soon dr. We all living in that hope dr. One day they realizes their love for each other . so pls don’t take stress dr & take dr

  60. Keerthi

    Vyshu dear
    Don’t cry dear that’s y I didn’t say anyone the reason I always believe in God right things happen at right time and I think that’s y I wasn’t lucky last time maybe this month don’t feel dear last time I was really stressed shakti’s ignorance towards radz made me feel a lot but after yesterday’s interview I have some hope now their love is pure that one day they will definitely unite…. See dear in fame app Twitter page na yesterday they first shakti photo and said he is on fameapp at 8 pm today and next to shakti photo they put radz photo and said she is fameapp on Wednesday 8 pm u know I was so happy seeing their photo together isn’t this a coincidence…. Did u see radz tweet yesterday after shakti fameapp chat
    ” how many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone ” I don’t really understand what she is coming to say is she saying about shakti that she lost shakti’s care ? I don’t understand she tweeted as soon as shakti’s fameapp interview was over

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Now only I am going to send becoz I was studying for English exam but I will update this ff alone I think becoz I need to study peom appreciation questions

  61. keerthi dr…. dont no dr….. radz tweet like that…. after her status…. i think she is in madly love with shakti….dr
    she aslo said na dr…. if I madly love with someone….. now i understand that someone is shakti dr…. after that Valentine…. video both faces r dull…. he close to neha i think she cried alot dr…after seeing valentine video….!!
    if he didnt create that valentine…. video radz didnt realized her love for shakti dr….!! but she proposed to shakti 2 times na dr….!! but she didnt openly express dr…..!!

    Keerthi dr….. fame app in playstore dr….i want to download dr….!! today radz …. aslo happy after hearing shakti name dr…!!

    She 2 times tag dr… #RADHIKASHAKTI na dr…. she aslo said husband qualites….copy to. mine…

    MATSH….serial story only to bring shadika love …. dr !!

    i never make stupids mistakes but very clever ones he tweet na dr…!!

    • Payal

      You are absolutely right vyshu dr shakti and radhika both love each other
      And what dies this line mean husband qualities copy to mine?

  62. Arham keerthi mariya vyshu sana ranaji julina rookers drs thank u so much for ir concerns dr.i really miss u all..once again thank u somuch drs for ur affection i am very lucky to have such a wonderfull frnds here thank u all

  63. Keerthi dr pls dnt take too much stress dr.pls dr healty is very importantna.oneday our shadika unite dr but untill we r all keep patience dr so pls pla dnt take too much stress dr.and dr shakti interview was awesomena but dr inbetween u mentioned abt neha na what is that dr

  64. Arham dr thank u so much dr.i love u all,really i am fl happy becoz here i hv such a wonderfull frnds and sisters.ur fiance also very lucky charm dr becoz u r so sweet girlna.once again thanks for ur caring dr

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.